Committee Meeting 5th January 1981

H.Bothe, T.Pearce, P.Meligan, I.Wilson, G,Duffy, G.Cooke
Open 8.35pm
Apologies J.Gribbon
AWL Vic Sterling, Wayne Bayne
Min Read and adopted
Treas Rep. $285 + $5 Don --- Application Forms CB $ 254.35
PERFECTION Plate Design put com. Re approval Moved G Duffy Badge design + Price accepted sec. G Cooke Moved I. Wilson unnumbered Badges be requested sec. G.Duffy For members wishing more than one badge 20.
Nagambie Fair Replay to Fair com. That at present the ski club is unable to assist.
Family Day River, Suggested that a boat be stationed in the river informing that is closed but are welcome.
Kids To be supplied with free drinks & ice bloks, in effort to attract people.
B.B.Q. Facilities be hired from apex at $10- per Day. Moved G.Duffy sec. P.Meligan
General Meeting
Prop. G.Duffy that the next general meeting be postponed until after the family day Sec. G.Cooke carried
Rowing Club
Prop. G.Cooke that a letter be sent to them detailing grievances by the ski committee over lack of cooperation by the Rowing club. Sec P.Meligan
Meeting closed 9.40 pm

Committee Meeting 2nd.February 1981

Vic Sterling, Ian Wilson , Peter Meligan, Garry Cooke, G. Duffy
Open 8.40 pm
Apologies Nil
AWL T.Pearce, H. Bothe, W.Bayne, J. Gribbon
Min Read Pro. G.Cooke sec P. Meligan Adopt.
Treas Report Bal. $314.35 Outstanding $ 38.20 = $ 276.15
F. Williams - replay Re Badges Acceptance of design Fair Committee-replay Re Assistance Stating that assistance would only be given if consent of council was gained.
Gen. Busni.
Chinamans Bridge That G.Cooke look into possibility of the Ski Club holding rights in order to gain use of boat ramp.
Portable Ramp That I. Wilson enquire into the cost of construction ///// for portable boat ramp.
Family Days (1) The committee try to locate suitable place to be used as permanent right for family day functions. (2) That the next family day be held as soon as practicable, if possible within 1 month.
Meeting closed 9.50pm.

Committee Meeting 9th February 1981

Ian Wilson, Vic Sterling, Garry Cooke, Grame Duffy, Peter Meligan, Trevor Pearce
Open 8.45
Apologies H.Bothe, J. Gribbon
AWL Bayne
Min read Prop I. Wilson sec. G.Duffy
Treas.Rep. $ 284.35 Balance - No Accounts outstanding
Corr. None
Gen Bus.
Family Day Proposed G.Cooke That Family day be held 2-3-81 same as last. Time 11.30 am And sub committee be appointed. Sec. Vic Sterling Sub.- Committee, G.Cooke P. Meligan J.Sanderson Carried
Portable Ramps
Prop. I. Wilson That $ 100 Budget be set with regards to portable ramps. Sec. G.Duffy motion carried.
General Discussion
** Club to be more active ** To approach Angling Club re facilities ** ? into comp days. ** Woolshed Dance Prop. G.Cooke That 2 members be appointed to look into Woolshed Dance. Sec. I.Wilson 2== Vic Sterling & Ian Wilson to report at next com. Meeting. ** Charity --- Ball --- Donation === Pre -School & Kinda
Working bee to be organized 5 pm Start Thursday 19-2-81
Rowing Meeting
Boat Ramp --- Fees ---- Condition --- Who can use it Membership --- Facilities - Rowing course --- Times --- Marking
Moved by G.Cooke That committee members who has been absent from over three meetings be forwarded a letter advising them of situation & point out constitution Query whether the committee is to great work load to any. Sec. I.Wilson carried.
General Meeting
Prop.V.Sterling That “general meeting” dates be decided upon by the committee Sec. I Wilson carried
Meeting closed 9.54 pm

Ski Club & Yatch Club & Rowing Club Meeting,

Matters Arrising
As a result of the meeting with rowing Club + Yatch Club the follwing result.
(1) The rowing course shall be marked by two fixed bouys on the southern side + four fixed bouys on the northern side. By mutual agreement the ski club shall give thoughts to a future date to be set re the waters of lake Nagambie in the following manner. (A) Between fixed hours shall not use the water east of the barges. (2A) When designated flag is shown shall not also use the water spanning the now designated mile course.
(2) The ski club + rowing club shall forward a letter to the council requesting that the members of the ski club be given a 50% cut in launching ramp fees. This would enable the ski club to attract members + thus have more control of power boat users + promote safety on the lake.
(3) The ski club + rowing club forward a letter regarding the possible development of an area for ski boat access. Suggested areas shall be immediately east + immediately west of Buckley Park area.
(4) The ski club with the backing of the Rowing shall request an area upstream of the Barefoot area To be available for skiing by members of the ski club.
(5) The establishment of a liaison between the rowing club + the ski club. In the future at any matter affecting either club.. A member of that club shall be invited to attend the committee meeting such matter is discussed. This will enable such member to voice his club opinion , or if the matter can not be resolved a meeting of both committees shall be called to settle the said matter.
This meeting has much in creating a working compatibility between the two clubs + has had a very beneficial effect on the agitated atmosphere existing by members of both clubs.

Committee Meeting 7th September 1981

V.Stirling, I. Wilson, P. Meligan, G. Duffy, T. Pearce , A.Purbrick
Open 8.15 pm
Minutes of last meeting. Prop. V. Stirling sec T. Pearce Carried
Treasurers Report
A total of 21 Members Saving A/C Balance $ 87.90 Badges Cost $ 196.45 Printing $ 35.65 No A/C Outstanding Prop. A.Purbrick sec. P. Meligan Carried
Correspondence Nil
General Business
(1) Appointment of Secretary Due to the retirement of G.Cooke Nominations A.Purbrick moved G.Duffy sec. V.Stirling No other nomination A.Purbrick accepts
(2) USE OF RIVER refer to letter from the shire secretary of 20th March 1981 Quote” The Council has no objections to your club using that portion of the Goulburn river from a point approximately 500 meters upstream and around the bend in the river from the “ Yallambie Homestead “ to a point approximately 2 miles upstream and opposite the properties owned by Mr Ashdon and Mr Watson. The council has limited this activity to the period ending on the 30th April 1981 to coincide with a meeting with persons and groups with an interest in lake and river zoning and useage” end quote.
It was resolved that the secretary write to the shire secretary to gain a similar undertaking For use of the river in 1981/1982 , or for continued use of the river as specified.
It was resolved that the secretary also find out from the shire secretary what rules and regulation now govern the lake regarding use by waterskiers generally.
(3) Petty Cash Cash allocation to secretary of $ 30.00 moved I.Wilson sec. G.Duffy carried
(4) Newsletter Resolved that a newsletter be send to all members as listed 7.9.91 ( see below) to inform them of : (a) change of committee (b) subscription due by 31.12.81 (c) Annual general meeting on the Mon. 9th November 8 pm in function room Of the Valley Hotel (d) possibility of a Woolshed Dance or some other social function in January. (e) That the committee meets at 8 pm on the 1st Monday of each month and General members are most welcome to participate in these meetings.
(5) Current Members I.Wilson, V.Sterling, G.Cooke, G.Duffy, P.Meligan, J.Gribbon, W.Bayne, H.Bothe T.Pearce, J.Campbell, G.Campbell, M.Bellows, F.Jaudzemis, M.Black, R.Press, K.Johnson, D.Harding-Smith, B.Randsom, S.Ferguson, B.Toman, B.Ewington,
F.Muller, A.Arnet, K.Coustley, N.Watt
25 Paid up Members
(6) Badges that badges be send to all members moved V.Stirling sec. T.Pearce
President Secretary signed A.Purbrick
Next meeting at Vic Stirling’s “ Maranda” 8 pm Monday October 5th

Committee Meeting 5/10/81

I.Wilson, P.Meligan, V.Stirling , G.Duffy
Open 8.30 pm
Apologies A.Purbrick, T. Pearce, G. Gribbon
Meeting could not be held due to lack of quorum
Newsletter send out Monday 12.10.81 September ,1981
1. The club wishes to extend its thanks to Garry Cooke for his services as secretary in the Inaugural year of the Nagambie Ski Club.
At the last Committee meeting it was proposed by G.Duffy and seconded by V.Stirling that Alister Purbrick become Secretary. There being no other nomination, A. Purbrick accepted.
The committee is now I.Wilson President V.Stirling Vice President A. Purbrick Secretary G.Duffy Treasurer J.Gribbon P.Meligan H.Bothe T.Pearce W.Bayne
2. Last year , the Shire Council allowed us the “ Use of that potion of the Goulburn River from a point approximately 500 metres upstream and around the bend in the River from the “Yallambie Homestead” to a point approximately two miles upstream and opposite the properties owned by Mr.Ashdon and Mr. Watson. We are currently negotiating for the use of this portion of the river for the 1981/82 Ski Season.
3. A Gentle reminder that Subscriptions are due by 31st December ,1981
4. The annual general meeting is scheduled for Monday , 16th November at 8 pm. In the function room of the Valley Hotel. All Committee positions will be due for re-elections. All nominations should be in the hands of the Secretary prior to this meeting.
5. The Committee is proposing to hold a Woolshed Dance in January,1982 in order to boost Club funds. Any ideas would be appreciated at the annual general meeting.
6. The Committee will be meeting on the 1st Monday of each month. All members are most welcome to come along and participate.

Committee Meeting Mon 2/11/81

P.Meligan , A Purbrick , I. Wilson , D. Hannam
Open 9 PM
Apologies J.Gribbon
Minutes of last meeting No Meeting
Treasurers Report ------------
Correspondence : 1/ A letter from Judy Block, newly employed as the Goulburn shire recreation officer, explaining her role and asking the club to fill in a questionnaire for her records ( see correspondence) The secretary undertook to fill out the questionnaire and retuned it to Judy Block.
2/ Two letters from Mr Russell Vernon , Shire secretary dated 16/10/81 and 26/10/81 in replay to A.Puebrick letter re Lake Zoning [ refer correspondence and committee meeting 7/9/81] We also received the draft of the motor boating ( shire of Goulburn) regulation 1981 and were asked to make commends as soon as possible . The 2 letters are filed in correspondence.
The committee found the draft regulation to be completely unjust I that a small part of the community [ the rowing club] was favored above the majority of the community.
The secretary was instructed to write the following letter to the shire secretary Mr. Vernon.
General Business
Ian Wilson to see the manager of the “Valley Hotel” Regarding the annual general meeting on Monday November 16th. Moved A.Purbrick sec. P.Meligan
Alister Purbrick to register his signature at the State Bank as soon as possible. Moved P.Meligan sec. I. Wilson
A Ski club weekend away was discussed . Proposed that it be bought up at the annual general meeting. Moved P.Meligan sec. D Hannam
Ian Wilson tablet a pamplet from pro aqua ski school . Proposed that this be discussed more fully at the next meeting. There being nothing more to discuss it was proposed that the meeting close. Prop. I.Wilson sec. A.Purbrick
Meeting closed at 10.30 pm

Annual General Meeting 16.11.1981

V.Sterling, I. Wilson , A. Purbrick, S. Ferguson , P. Meligan, G. Duffy, T. Pierce, H. Bothe N. Watt , S. Meligan, B. Toman , D. Toman
Proxies G.Cooke , J. Gribbon
Apologies G.Cooke , J. Gribbon
Open 8.35 pm
Confirmation of Minutes of last Annual General Meeting, and General Meetings.
Treasured Report Income 21 Members @ $ 15 $ 315.00 Donation $ 5.00 ------------ $ 320.00
Expenditure Printing of Membership forms $ 35.65 Badges $ 196.45 Balance in Saving A/C $ 87.90 ========
President Report.
The President, I. Wilson, reported on the activities of the Club, in particular regulating the Concessions which the Club has gained with Ski access lanes, and permits to use sections of the Goulburn River. Also mentioned past successful social functions and hoped that these would continue with the next Committee. Mentioned the possibility of a Woolshed dance in January 1982, and water ski trips away as a Club. The President on Completion of his report thanked all members of the Committee who had so ably assisted him and declared the meeting open for nominations.
President report accepted.
Nomination for Committee.
President I.Wilson nom. A.Purbrick sec P.Meligan V.Sterling nom. T.Pierce sec. S.Ferguson
Vote == I.Wilson
Nomination for Vice President
V. Stirling nom. I.Wilson sec. T.Pierce P.Meligan nom. A.Purbrick sec H.Bothe
Vote == V.Stirling Secretary A Purbrick I.Wilson P.Meligan
Treasurer G.Duffy B.Toman V.Sterling
The following 5 members were nominated and seconded for general Committee membership. No Vote Reqired
The Committee for 1982 President I.Wilson V-President V. Stirling Secretary A. Purbrick Treasurer G. Duffy
Committee T.Pierce, P.Meligan, H.Bothe, R.Dalfarra, B.Toman
General Business
1. The Committee was asked to have the 1982 stickers done.
2. It was moved V.Stirling sec. I Wilson that 10(d) of the constitution be amended to red as follows : The Quorum requisite at the annual general meeting and any special general meeting shall be 50% Financial Members.
Vote Passed.
3. Woolshed Dance. Ian Wilson suggested that January would be a good time. General discussion on type of entertainment ie. Disco, band, !!!!!!!! etc. Power reqirement would be 5 KVA B.D.Toman has access to 2 generators 1 x 1.8 , 1 x 3.5 KVA
Advertise well before hand .require !!!!!!!!! , and will need Fire Brigade in attendance. Decided to leave to the Committee mov. V Stirling sec. P.Meligan
Vote Passed.
4. Committee to advise all members of the result of the A G M moved A.Purbrick sec I.Wilson
Vote Passed
5. The President advised that Committee meetings will be held the 1st Monday of each month ans all members are welcome. Next meeting Monday 7th Dec.1981
There being no other business, all retired to some well earned beers and conversations.
Meeting closed 9.45 pm.

Committee Meeting Mon 7/12/81

Noel Watt , I.Wilson , A.Purbrick , G.Duffy , P.Meligan , T.Pierce , B.Toman , R.Dalparra. J.Gribbon.
Open 8-30 pm
Apologies -------
Minutes of last Meeting
moved G.Duffy seconded P.Meligan Carried
Treasurers Report Balance $ 52,09 moved T.Pierce seconded P.Meligan Carried
Correspondence Letter from Shire
General Business
Badges _____ Have year clips ( date tags) done ( 50 ) - cotact perfection plate P/L and see Cost and availability , have them done immediately .
Membership Contact Garry Cooke re outstanding membership from last year Garry Cooke 4/495 Hume str. Albury (060)
Also ski club application forms from Garry Cooke which were not paid should be forwarded To the secretary and the club should follow them up. As potential member Graham Duffy Has also some completed forms those should be followed up.
General Discussion
1 Moved that the club should apply to the shire counsil for a permit to January 31st 1982 And that the council specify what buoys and signs are required if any. Moved I .Wilson seconded P.Meligan
Since received permit 17th Dec to 31st Feb.
2 Moved that the club plan to hold a weekend away on W/E 27/28th Feb 1982 at Tocumval. Allister Purbrick to contact the Blights re camping on their beach.
3 Raffle Rosa Dalyarra to come up with some ideas before the next meeting.
4 Bush Dance (1) Approach Council for use of Buckley Park on the long weekend of January for use on Sat 30th January, Detail Hours ,Day ,Liquor , Type of Entertainment.
(2) Approach Bendigo Entertainment Co for a Bush Band on that Date (054)424664 Don Bennett (3) Apply for License All Inclusive $ 10.00 Male $5.00 Female (4) Note power requirement re B. Toman
5. Contact 3 SR Re Saturday morning ski club section moved / Wilson do this
6. Newsletter Moved that the secretary prepare a newsletter mentioning the following
(1) New Committee
(2) Result of annual general meeting
(3) Send membership badges with newsletter and explain that 1982 tag will be send on receipt of 1982 membership fee.
(4) Re new access lane
(5) Social activities eg W/E away, long W/E Dance
(6) Put in a map of our ski area and note that have permit until Feb.30th 1982
(7) Note when meetings are held
7. There being no further Business meeting closed at 10.30 pm

Extraordinary Committee Meeting Monday 14/12 81

T.Pierce ,N.Watt , G.Duffy , I.Wilson ,A.Purbrick
Apologies R.Dalfarra , B.Toman , J.Gribbin , P.Meligan
Open 8.30 Pm
1. Discussion Limited solely to Dance on 23rd January
Decided to Time Sat Jan 23rd 8-12 pm
Venue Buckley Park Nagambie
Cost Men $10.00 Ladies $ 5.00 Children Free
Band Wheels Cost $ 385.00
R.Dalfarra to have 500 Posters done and when done
They will be distributed as follow :
G.Duffy,I.Wilson ----- Nagambie
T.Pierce, N.Watt ----- Seymour
P.Meligan ----- Avenal
G.Duffy , A.Purbrick ----- Murchison
A.Purbrick to confirm the Booking of the Band
2. Trip Away Date changed to the W/E of the 13th/14th February. A.Purbrick to confirm with R.Blight of Tocumval
3. A.Purbrick to do Newsletter immediately
4. A.Purbrick to Apply to the council for the use of Buckley Park that night.
5. With each newsletter send.
(1) Badge
(2) Poster
(3) Application form.

Newsletters 1981