Committee Meeting Mon 4/1/82

G.Chisholm, F.Jaudzemis, B.Giles, S.Corcoran, G.Bellion, N.Watt, D.Hannam, K.Jessen, R.Fedley, P.Renshan, I.Wilson, H.Bothe, C.Smith, M.Purbrick,A.Purbrick, T.Pierce, R.Dalfarra, P.Meligan, G.Duffy.
Open 8.25pm
Apologies J.Gribbon , B.Toman
Minutes of last meeting moved G .Duffy be accepted sec H.Bothe Carried
Treasurers Report Balance $52.09 moved A.Purbrick be accepted sec H.Bothe Carried
General Business :
1. Bush Dance
2. Have applied to council for the use of Buckley park see corrosp. On sat 23rd between 8pm-12pm as yet no reply from the council.
3. I.Wilson will investigate license required and approach the local Hotels to get the best price for kegs of Beer.
4. D.Hannam will contact Greg Mc Farlane of Victorian and New Zealand Insurance? Re Rain Insurance.
5. A.Purbrick to Book the apex B/Bq unless I.Wilson can gain the use of Buckley Park Units for free.
6. I Wilson to approach Council re use of power on the Night.
7. I.Wilson to approach D.Mason re use of Trailer on the Night
8. I.Wilson to notify 3SR,Shepparton Leisure Centre re Bush Dance
. 9. R.Dalfarra to attempt to run the Story in the Seymour Telegraph, Shepp News and Euroa Gazette.
10. G.Duffy to send Posters to Murchison I.Wilson to do Nagambie.
11. Moved that the following Sub Committee be formed to fine tune the bush dance preparation. I.Wilson , T.Pearce , P.Meligan , D.hannam , G, Duffy , A.Purbrick
12. To look at food requirements eg . Meat ,sauce,Salads at next meeting.
Signs on River.
Moved A.Purbrick “ that the following signs be placed, one on the beginning , one on the end of the Nagambie ski club area. See G.Duffy
For the
X2 Red on White

R .Dalfarra undertook to Signwrite
I.Wilson to supply the Material
3. Trip away Confirmed 13/14th February
1. A Purbrick to confirm with property qwner R Bligjht
2. A.Purbrick to have signs made to put on road.
3. B.Toman to supply Generator or failing this R Black
4. A.Purbrick to supply chain saw.
4. Tee Shirts, Slalom Course
General discussion the bush dance a success
New Teeshirts should be made up and if possible a removable slalom course Constructed.
There being no further business meeting adjorned 9.25pm.

Committee Meeting Monday 1/2/82

B.Toman, T.Pierce, P.Meligan, A.Purbrick, D.Kelly, A.Kelly,R.Drew,I.Wilson, G.Duffy, H.Bothe, B.Finington
Open 8.40pm
Apologies R.Dalharra, J.Gribbon
Minutes of last meeting moved be accepted P.Meligan seconded T.Pierce carried
Matters arising out of minutes,
G.Duffy pointed out that Councilor Gorden McMaster has objected to the wording of the ski club sign on the Goulburn River, and is going to bring it up at the next Counsil meeting . Having dicussed this matter it was moved by A.Purbrick “That as the Shire Secretary gave as the wording” (See Correspondence) it is in fact an internal Counsil matter and it would not be proper from the ski club to do anything until approached by the Counsil. Sec P.Meligan Carried
Treasurers report Balance of approx. $1339
General Business
1. The secretary to send a letter of thanks to 1. Bill Holman c/o Railway club Hotel ,Station st. Seymour 2. Des Boyd c/o Valley Hotel High st. Nagambie For their Generous donations of 1x 18 gal Keg, Glasses Temprite and expertise. It was moved that both be made hononary members . Carried
2. Thanks were conveyed to Chateau Tabilk for 25 lts of Wine , Donated and moved that Chateau Tabilk be made an Hononary Member Carried.
3. Thanks were Conveyed to Rosa Dalharra for the article in the Seymour Telegraph
4. Trip away confirmed for the 13/14th Feb.
5. It was noted that the club had 8 Books concerning the rules and regulations of NSW Waterways which were available to club members.
6. Slalom Course. T.Pierce will bring along Slalom Course measurements to the next meetin. I.Wilson has available at no cost 1 Mile 16 gauge Stainless steel cable. I.Wilson to investigate the cost of 18 buoys - will speak to Ludwell ,President of the Goulburn Valley Ski club. A.Purbrick to write to the shire secretary re a permanent Slalom or tempory slalom course . The design of the course was discussed and loose agreement reached that the following be used:
o o o o
o o
                                                    River Bank
o o o o
o o
                                                            Concrete Block
7. A.Purbrick to approach Counsil re Renewing permit from 1/3/82 to 30/4/82
8. T.Shirts B.Tomans to get a design done and quote for small,medium and large Tee shirts before the next meeting.
9. Boat Ramp. Discussed and noted that as a later date pressure should be put on the rowing club to have the Ramp concreted before the next Skiing season.
I.Wilson to approach Mr Llew Fernanwip of the Regional Tourist Authority to put pressure on The Counsil to fix & Concrete Ramp and drop charges altogether il Make a public boat ramp .
10. Newsletter. A.Purbrick and I.Wilson to prepare a newsletter containing the following points
1. Map of area to be used on the W/E away of 13th/14th
2. Have a barbeque for all members on Sunday 7th March, bring own grog, meat etc.
3. Informing of the results of the Bush dance.
4. Map of the Ski Area.
Meeting closed 10.00pm

Committee Meeting Mon 1/3/82

A.Kelly, D.Kelly, H.Bothe, K.Bothe, P.Meligan, R.Dalfarra, C.Smith , A.Purbrick
Open 8.30 pm
Apologies N.Watts , I.Wilson, G.Duffy.
Minutes of last meeting moved to be accepted H.Bothe second P.Meligan carried.
Matters arising out of minutes’
a) Too keep in mind Tee Shirts, B.Toman to get Design / Quote, for small,med,large.
b) Slalom Course--- it was noted that T.Pierce is to bring along slalom course measurements and I.Wilson has 1 Mile 16 gouge cable available at no cost and will investigate the cost of Boys.
c) Design of slalom course is yet to be finalized ( see last meetings minutes.
Treasures report -----
General Business:
1.) A/C for Payments Advertisement $ 8.75
Secretarial cost $ 61.54
Moved to be accepted C.Smith seconded P. Meligan carried.
2.) Correspondence
Letter from the shire secretary. The permit has been extended for the period 1st March to 30th April 1982 for use of a section of the Goulburn River but the length has been altered so that the Southern boundary finishes at “Chatenau Creek” not Majors Creek as before. (see correspondence ) After general discussion of the councils proposed alteration and shortening of the ski course it was moved P.Meligan sec C.Smith that the secretary write to Council and raise the following points:
a.) The river is to narrow for boats to turn safely at” Chatenau Creek”
b.) The shortening of the course by the degree not only gives congestion in a confined space.
c.) Smaller boat users are quite save if they are simple passing through the ski area. The fact is they have the whole of the rest of the Goulburn River to utilize.
d.) Noice it was noted that not only skiers used the area, but also large boats passed thru the area regularly (without skiers) and they to make noise.
e.) Erosion Not only ski boats but smaller crafts cause erosion.
f.) The suggestion was made to extend the boundary further north( towards Nagambie). The secretary should contact the landowners to get their reaction to this proposal eg.Eric Norris, Mr Gaze-Gilgary.Mc gelon Keen, I. Nitsche. The boundary could be “Gundamain Homestead” to “Chatenau Creek.
g.) It was also noted that we have asked for a greater area for safety reasons as the membership has grown rapidly and the current designated area can become quite congested on weekends (let alone the reduced area).
h.) It was also noted that the main skiing season for the club is only January and February not twelfe month of the year.
Correspondence (cont.)
From the miss Australia Quest asking for 2 represent talus to be present to meet the reining Miss Australia Miss Jenny Coupland. Was moved A.Kelly sec. R.Ralfarra that even if represent talus could not be present a donation of $12 be forwarded to secretary 13 Ross str. Nagambie carried.
1.) C.Smith was disappointed that the Nagambie ski club was not represented by committee members at the Nagambie development committee meting last week, so that our point of view of lake,river use,boat ramp facilities etc. could be put. Moved C.Smith “ that members of the ski club committee should attend the next meeting” sec. D.Kelly carried.
2.) W/E Trip away. Moved A.Kelly “ that a letter of thanks and donation of $50.00 be send to Mr.Clem(granapa) Basset -Smith for allowing us the use of his beach for the weekend” sec R.Dalfarra Carried. It was also noted that toilet facilities should be upgraded next time. It was also noted that the group was split. General opinion was that the trip was meant to give all members (old and new) the opportunity to met each other.This was not achieved in full because of the separation although both groups had an excellent time. It was noted that all future trips should be organized in such a way that all members camp in the same spot.
3.) General discussion about affiliation with the sporting complex or rowing club was dicussed.General agreement was reached that affiliation with the rowing club would better serve our members interest because a) Ramp facilities -upgrade b) both water related clubs. It is noted that the secretary or president should approach the rowing club regarding the above matters In early may.
4.) Moved by H.Bothe that all committee members be given a list of current members. Sec. R Dalfarra carried.
5.) Moved C.Smith that all members be given an updated list of members with each newsletter. Sec A Purbrick carried.
6.) There was a suggestion that the club organize another W/E away on 20th and 21th March, at short notice.
Meeting closed 9.40 pm.

Committee Meeting Mon 5/4/82

H.Bothe, K.Bothe, T.Pierce, C.Smith. P.Meligan, N.Watt, I.Wilson, A.Purbrick,
Apologies R.Dalfarra
Open 8.20 pm
Minutes of last meeting moved be accepted H.Bothe sec. N.Watt carried
Treasurers report Balance $ 1529.00 moved be accepted P.Meligan sec H.Bothe
General Business
1.) I.Wilson to look into a club snow trip.
2.) Slalom Course B.Toman has course measurements and talked to experts re prices and setting up.
Also has prices on T shirts and design.
3.) T.Pierce offered the services of any printing service for any printing requirements the club may have.
4.) A.Purbrick to contact M.Aberfield re Concrete for ramp. T.Pierce to contact ECBERT re donate Concrete for ramp.
5.) Letter from Judy Block re club activities and a letter to be send saying we are dormant for now and will let her know about next seasons activities when the times comes --- sent.
6.) Next meeting Monday 6th September - a notice to be sent to all members
7.) During winter May when water down a working bee will be organized to clean ski area.
8.) Discussion re Office bearers not attending meetings eg V.Stirling
9.) Discussed putting a notice in the paper re meetings.
10.) A.P to write to Perfection Plate for more badges --- done
Meeting closed 9.30 pm

Committee Meeting Tues 7.9.82

D.Kelly, Anita Kelly, I.Wilson, G.Duffy, P.Meligan, H.Bothe, C.Smith, N.Watt, A.Purbrick R.Drew, P.Williams, D.Hannam
Apologies K.Johnson, B.Toman, J.Hoddle
Open 8.30 pm
Minutes of last meeting Moved to be accepted D.Kelly sec. H.Bothe carried
Matters arising out of minutes :
Slalom course: Design for slalom course were presented by C.Smith and H.Bothe A sub-committee was duly formed to investigate and install slalom course. Sub Committee is Noel Watt, H.Bothe, I.Wilson, P.Williams, D.Kelly, P.Meligan
Treasurers Report : Balance $1582.73 a/c for payment $103.05 for extra badges Moved be accepted D.Kelly sec Tony Carried
General Business :
1.) Secretary to write to Council re - lengthening of course northwards to Nagambie ( minutes 1.3.82 meeting ) moved A.Kelly sec R.Drew carried
2.) The secretary to write to the shire regarding a permit for the designated ski area to last from September 30th to April 30th ie ski season. Moved C.Smith sec D.Hannam carried
3.)The secretary write and order the 1983 year clips carried
4.) J.Hoddle volunteered to run the membership list through a computer.
5.) A.Purbrick is unavailable for the next 4 month. A assistant secretary was called for C.Smith nominated by A.Kelly sec.D.Hannam carried
6.) Ski Ramp It was decided to wait and see if course was lengthened before looking for appropriate spots.
7.) Functions A. Trip A trip is to be organized for the 4th sat in November (tentative) Members to decide next meeting. Venue to be subject to water levels.
B. Dance Proposed that the Ski club run a dance at Buckley Park on long week end in January 1983.
8.) Nagambie fun festival. Propose that the ski club organize a display - to be decided next meeting.
9.) The club should obtain NSW rule books and investigate whether a NSW examiner would come and examine club members at a club meeting. Moved A.Kelly sec. C.Smith carried
10.) The committee approach the Rowing Club at the next committee meeting to ensure that members of the Ski club be permitted to use the launching ramp with no charge or a lump payment be made on behalf of ski club members. Moved A.Kelly sec. R.Drew carried
11.) The secretary approach insurance brokers re bulk insurance of club members and whether a representative would come to a club meeting. Moved D.Duffy sec. H.Bothe carried
12.) The secretary approach Murchison Faycettes regarding the ambulance officer giving a first aid talk if possible on a weekend so that Melbourne members can participate. Moved C.Smith sec. D.Kelly carried
Meeting closed 10.00 pm

Committee Meeting 4.10.82

P.Williams, D.Kelly, T.Pearce, G.Anderson, R.Anderson, Anderson, N.Watt. I.Wilson, C.Smith
Open 8.30 pm
Apologies H.Bothe P.Meligan
Minutes of last meeting Moved be accepted T.Pearce sec. D.Kelly carried
Matters Arising from minutes
a.) NSW license D.Kelly & C.Smith obtained rule books. License cost is $15.00 and exam is by appointment at a number of centers
b.) Ambulance Officers Talk : A water first aid and safety talk would be given on a Saturday or Sunday when a date is decided by the club.
c.) Ski Permit & Slalom Course : The letter on the preceding page was sent to Council together with a plan (proposed) of the slalom course.
General Business
1.) Slalom Course The sub committee met and approved the design which was submitted to council. This design has been used successfully at Bridgwater. Plans and design were shown to the meeting. The course has been designed by I.Faulkiner & T.Cunningham and the sub committee would approach them re depth. P.Williams raised the point what happens if river drops ? Also if anyone hits the course can the club be sued ? The course was discussed at length and it was decided to approach council re liability after approval was granted for installation. A letter from the Vic. Water ski assoc. regarding an alternative installation was tabled .D.Kelly noted that the buoys were not readily available also that 40mm conduit was to be used and several trade prices should be obtained.
2.) Annual General Meeting. Moved T.Pearce sec. N.Watt that notices be send to all members and that the meeting date be Mon 1st Nov 1982 with all offices to be declared open.
3.) Week end away. Due to falling water levels. D.Kelly reported Yarrawonga was not feasible. T.Pearce suggested Torrumbary weir near Echuca. Moved T.Pearce sec. P.Williams that a return slip be added to the annual general Meeting notice re. Torrumbary on 27&28 November
4.) Waterslide Moved N.Watt sec. D.Kelly that the potion on Sat.30th be taken.
5.) Dance That the council be approached about the date for the dance at Buckley Park - long weekend sat in January 1983 moved T.Pearce sec. G.Anderson carried.
6.) 1983 Year Tags Moved that a/c for 1983 tags be paid N.watt sec. D.Kelly carried.
7.) Fun Festival A tow boat for the barefoot water skiers was required as a backup boat. N.Watt volunteered his boat.
Meeting Closed 9.50 pm

Annual General Meeting 1.11.1982

K.Johnson,G.Bellion, R.Anderson, R.Anderson, A.Kelly, D.Kelly, C.Stray, P.Williams, N.Watt, H.Bothe, T.Pearce, R.Drew, G.Drummond, D.Hannam, B,Toman, G.Gribbon, C.Smith
Open 8.35 pm
Apologies ------------
Minutes of last Ann.General Meeting and General Meeting Moved be accepted B.Toman sec. D.Hannam
Treasurers Report
Treasurer not present but balance as follow Income $ 2140.18 Expenditure $ 726.33 Balance $ 1413.85 =======
Presidents Report
The past president, I.Wilson reported on the activities of the club highlighting the particular successful “Bush Dance” that was held on Sat.January 23rd giving a net of approx $1000.00 after grossing $ 1800.00. A weekend away was held on the 13th&14th Feb. at Tocumval and it was very successful with a good time had by all. The waterslide had been operated on Sat.30.11.82 giving a profit of $ 35.00 . The president thanked all volunteers . The proposed trip away to Torrumbary 27th&28th Nov. was mentioned and the president hoped that as many as possible could come. The permit for skiing on the river wasreceived on dec 17th 1981 and extended on 1st March 1982 to end on 30th April 1982 however when the permit was extended the course length was shortened due to complaints. Since then there has been various correspondence with council and a meeting is scheduled on Nov 8th 1982. A sub committee was formed to investigate the setting up and design of a slalom course. A design was presented to the ski club meeting on 8.10.82 and was accepted and sent to the council. During the year boat stickers and T shirts were discussed however nothing further was decided. At present the club has 65 registered members with approx 60 % financial. 1983 membership is due and new members are welcome. The president in conclusion thanked all members for their help especially the committee members. The meeting was declared open for nomination for all positions.
Nominations for Committee.
President I.Wilson nom D.Kelly sec A.Kelly
Vice President H.Bothe nom G.Bellion sec D.Hannmam
N.Watt nom P.Williams sec D.Hannam
Vote N.Watt
Secretary I.Wilson moved a motion that as well as a secretary an assistant secretary be appointed. Carried.
A.Purbrick nom I.Wilson sec R.Drew C.Smith nominated but declined
Ass Secretary C.Smith nom G.Bellion sec R Anderson T.Pearce nom G.Anderson sec L.Anserson
Vote C.Smith
Treasurer K.Johnson nom R Drew sec G.Anderson Committee Members 1983
P Meligan nom R.Watt sec. N.Watt T.Pearce nom H.Bothe sec R.Anserson D.Hannam nom T.Gribbon sec B.Toman H.Bothe nom G.Bellion sec R.Anderson P.Williams nom R.Watt sec N.Watt
Generaln Business
1.) Slalom Course G.Bellion reported that the Army area commander had approved waterskiing as an army sport and would probably support the installation of a course. 21 const. squadron offered to help install the course with their divers. N.Watt presented a report on the prices of buoys , clips and stainless steel cable. (Attached) P.Williams raised the point regarding public risk liability to the club when the course was installed.
2.) Corrosspondence A letter from Mrs. Fergeson was read . The essence of the letter was to ask the club if it could teach 6 girls to ski over the Easter break. G.Anderson suggested that each boat take only 2 learners and the same learners would stay with that boat . A.Kelly suggested that insurance to cover the club and members be investigated. H.Bothe gave notification of a barefoot tournament on 21st Nov 1982
3.) Safety K.Johnson moved that the council be approached regarding the installation of boards at the ski ramps showing hand signals and safety hints. Sec N watt carried Moved D.Kelly sec C.Stray that the existing notice board at Buckley Park and the Caravan Park ramps be updated. Carried I.Wilson moved that the club approach the owners of the pontoons in the lake near the hospital be approached regarding their salvage and subsequent use by the club at ski course. Se. C.Smith.carried.
Meeting Closed 10.00 pm

Attached mend.
C.H.Smith 550 Flinder st. Melbourne All Prices include sales Tax 5% Discount for cash Buoy Prices: 20” $ 5.60 each 30” $ 15.50 each ( Marker Buoys used at Moomba) Deep water Buoys 8” Diameter Hard Plastic $ 19.50 Clip S.Steel 18mm $ 6.30 each Anchor wetsuits Elizabeth st. Melb
Stainless steel cable 4 mm $ 1.50 per meter Most used size for slalom course 5 mm $ 1.76 per meter 6 mm $ 2.90 per meter
Brass clips with swivel $ 2.50 ( 1200lbs breaking strain)
Small marker buoys 8” Diameter % 5.65

Committee Meeting 5.12.82

P.Williams, P.Meligan, N.Watt, R.Watt, D.Hannam, A.Jaudzemis, T.Pearce, I.Wilson K.Johnson, C.Smith
Open 8.25pm
Apologies H.Bothe
Minutes of last meeting moved be accepted P.Meligan secc N.Watt carried
Treasurers report
Karen Johnson reported that 1. The current balance was $ 1646.85 2. All correspondence should in future be addressed to P.O. Box 92 Nagambie 3608 3. In 1982 there were 41 financial members while there are 15 current 1983 members. Moved that the treasurers report be accepted D.Hannam sec. P.Williams carried
1. Dance-- Letter from council outlining their requirements and given permission.
2. Ski Permit-- Letter outlining council decision and enclosing the ski permit.
3. Pamphlet on “ Southern 80” ski race from Torumbary to Echuca.
General Business
1. Dance--- I.Wison moved that a subcommittee be formed sec K.Johnson carried. Nominated were I.Wilson, A.Purbrick, P.Meligan, A.Jaudzenis ,T.Pearce The subcommittee would look at organizing 1, band. 2,drinks 3, food. 4, bars and BBQ 5, placing ads in local Paper
2. An application for a permit to hold a club BBQ and a water first aid talk by Murchison ambulance officer should be lodged with the shire council.
3. A newsletter be printed and distributed .
4. Insurance with regards to legal liability---- when teaching skiers-club permit D.Hannam suggested the past president from Shepparton ski club be approached Regarding their cover.
5.The cost of teaching skiers was set at $ 5.00 /lesson which would be approx.1/2 hour This is to cover -wet suits + skis - petrol -Insurance-wear and tear Moved P.Meligan sec I.Wilson carried
6. I.Wilson moved that A.Purbrick insert an article in “Nagambie Nattering” regarding club activities and the Dance. Sec C.Smith carried.
7. The letter from council giving the permit hours and conditions was discussed at length I.Wison suggested that the club had two courses of action open to it.
1. write and ask council to reconsider outlining the reason why.
2. The club ask to address the relevant sub-committee.
The meeting decided to write to council and try to get the hours extended to include Saturday rather than the course extended.
It was moved A.Jaudzemis sec.P.Meligan + carried that a letter be written to council asking that hours of use be extended to inl Sat as well Sun 12.00 to 7.00 pm
Also a list of club members who are ratepayers be included. The adjoining landholders ( Chateau Tahbilk & Mr R.Prost ) be approached and letters from them presented also
. I.Wilson on behalf on A.Purbrick asked whether anyone could supply some drums to use as rubbish bins for the area. T.Pearce said he could supply some.
Also a boat named “Turbulance” had left rubbish behind and caused problems with stock.
I.Wilson asked that people exercise responsible and that this be included on the Newsletter.
Meeting closed 10.00 pm

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