Committee Meeting 10.1.1983

Sheryl Cramer, David Cramer, Janine Cramer, Anthony Cramer, Phillip Parton, Hans Bothe, Peter Melican, Noel Watt, Peter Williams, Jan Williams, Owen Mountjoy, Trevor Pearce, Joe Brothers, G.Chisholm, M.Chisholm,D.Latch
Open 8.30 pm
Apologies R.Purbrick
Minutes of last meeting moved to be accepted P.Melican sec H.Bothe carried
Treasurers Report Karen Johnson reported that $ 1000.00 has been invested at 12 % and that there Is at present $ 833.25 in the saving A/C
Matters arising from minutes :
1. Letter from Shire giving the new permit hours was received. 2. The Dance The Band has been booked and the liquor permit obtained. The posters have been printed. 3. BBQ and first Aid talk was to be held on Sat 22 Jan 1983 4. The insurance aspect when teaching skiers was to be chased up at a later date.
A report from the ski clubs operation of the waterslide was received from the council The club grossed $ 64.60 on the waterslide on 2.1.83 of which the club will receive $ 16.00
General Business
1.President I Wilson read the letter that was sent to the shire expressing our opposition To the hours on the permit. The Shire at its December meeting reconsidered the hours and extended them as a result of the letter.
2. H.Bothe raised the question of club T.Shirts etc. The cost of approx. $ 3.00 / T Shirt + $0.50 printing seams reasonable. The screen cost to carry out the printing was approx $ 30.00 however a minimum order was needed. David Cramer from “ VLUG” offered to obtain costs.
3. Ads in local papers for the dance was mentioned however the meeting thought the Cost would out weight the return. 4. A trip away was proposed by N.Watt sec P.Williams on Feb.19th +20th . The proposed site was Barmah and N.Watt was to check out the site and prepare a map.
5. cost would out weight
Meeting closed 9.10 pm.

Committee Meeting 7.2.1983

H.Bothe, A.Jaudzemis,O.Mountjoy, Judy Mountjoy,Jan Williams, D.Williams K.Johnson
Apologies I.Wilson , P.Melican
Open 8.45 pm
Minutes of last meeting
moved to be accepted A.Jaudzemis sec . H.Bothe carried
Treasurers report
K.Johnson reported that the interest on the investment A/C had dropped to 11% The passbook balance was $ 912.75 and the investment a/c had $1000.00
Matters arising from minutes.
The club should write to David Cranen from” VLUG” re T-Shirts cost.
Corrospondence Nil
General Business
Report on Dance--- I.Wilson reported that all a/c at this stage had not been paid however it looked as thought the club would lose money.
SR+WSC --- A verbal request from the SR+WSC to C.Smith asked that someone Empty the bin on the western side of the river. As the bin was not meant to be there The club decided to put it back on the Chateau Tabilk side of the river.
Ski club area + lake zoning H.Bothe suggested the dep of Youth,Sport + Recreation be contacted regarding their Assistance and policy to our club and the need for a training area. This should be done Before writing to the shire council and objecting to non-member boats in the ski club Area.
P.Williams moved and N.Watt sec. That vinyl stickers and manufactures be approached Re price and minimum numbers that need to be ordered.
It was then suggested(N.Watt) if vinyl stickers are feasible that the club write to the Shire regarding policing of the ski club area.
N.Watt moved that we buy some buoys and nylon cord to set up a temporary course within the lake area sec K. Johnson carried
Meeting closed 9.25 pm

Committee Meeting 7.3.1983

K.Johnson , I.Wilson, P.Melican, A.Jaudzemis, F.Williams,N.Watt, R.Watt. Judy Mountjoy, O.Mountjoy, C.Smith, P.Williams
Apologies H.Bothe
Minutes of last meeting
moved that the be accepted P.Williams sec. P.Meligan carried
Treasurers report
Karen reported that the investment a/c had $1000.00 and that the passbook balance Was $ 942.75 The final a/c from Mr Holman had not been presented so the proceeds From the dance was unknown.
Matters arising from minutes
1. The bin has been moved however there is a heap of rubbish still to be picked up.
2. Slalom course----N.Watt bought 12 buoys and 100 m of rope and 12 strap hooks. Some buoys were returned as they were faulty. The total cost was $ 150.00
3. Dept of youth sport + Recreation . The Dept was contacted regarding their attitude To the clubs problems and the rezoning of the Goulburn waterway by the shire. The club was referred to Margrat Crawford Dep of Y S + Rec Shepparton.
4.Karen Johnson has seen vinyl sticker manufacturer and she will obtain a quote Brad Jamison Heidelberg.
1.R.Vernon for the Easter craft market committee has send an application for a site -- Meeting discussed alternatives including a raffle however I Wilson was to approach R.Vernon re skis and gear stall.
General Business
1. Insurance when teaching skiers and general insurance. The club was to contact agents + brokers and a solicitor regarding the necessity Of insurance for the club. Other clubs were to be contacted eg Seymour canoe club GV. Ski club
2. C.Smith presented the guidelines from the dept of Y S +Recreation for running a program and applying for funds re teaching children to ski. Margret Crawford from Shepparton to be contacted for further information.
3. I Wilson was to approach the shire secretary re zoning of the lake and when the meeting would take place.
4. N.Watt proposed a trip to Moomba to watch the skiing on the yarra. Noel and robin volunteered to act as contacts. A minibus was suggested.
5. It was moved that the club obtain a stamp moved K.Johnson sec C.Smith. Carried
Nagambie Ski Club PO Box 92 Nagambie 3608
Meeting closed 9.45 pm

Committee Meeting 2.5.1983

J.Williams, P.Williams, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, J.Mountjoy, N.Watt, R.Watt, C.Smith, K.Johnson
Apologies none
Open 8.30 pm
Minutes of last meeting Moved that the be accepted by N.Watt sec R.Watt
Treasurers report $ 50.00 has been forwarded from the shire for our share from the water slide $ 5.00 still outstanding. $ 100.00 Bond ( from the dance) lodged with shire is still to be obtained. Passbook balance $ 910.75 Investment a/c $1000.00
It was moved that $500.00 from Passbook a/c be transferred to the investment a/c. Moved P/Williams sec. J.Mountjoy . An a/c for the PO Box was presented and passed For payment.
Matters arising from minutes
1. Some buoys were faulty and were replaced at no cost.
2. Margret Crawford of Y. Sport + Rec. was contacted. She agreed that all users should be able to get a fair share und use of the water. She said she would sit in on any council meeting.
3. Easter fair site was not taken up as the club felt it did not have anything suitable to present.
1. SR+WSC wrote a letter regarding the bins and emptying of the bins and keeping the foreshore clean. A letter of replay was to be sent explaining that the club was not responsible for cleaning up others rubbish.
2. Dept of Y.Sport + Rec. sent Guidelines for funding + Grants etc. to initiate a ski teaching program.
General Business
1. A letter was sent asking the council that the club be involved in re zoning or changing of regulations.
2. Insurance For the club to be covered all members boats must be covered by 3rd party. I.Wilson will talk to insurance Agent. A newsletter will then be sent asking for proof before next skiing season.
3. Ian Wilson spoke to Rod Theobold re drafting a submission on zoning Rod acts on behalf of the council… It would be a conflict of interest . Rod will be approached regarding some one else who could do it.
4. T shirts Jan Williams had prices etc. from ANITA Kelly regarding winds cheaters prices etc. $ 900.00 /100 garments regardless of size. Anita would not charge sewing costs. However she needs a design to start
. Meeting closed 9.50 pm

Committee Meeting 6.6.1983

P.Melican, P.Williams, O.Mountjoy, Judy Mountjoy, K.Johnson, N.Watt ,Robin Watt I.Wilson, C.Smith
Apologies J.Williams
Open 8.22 pm
Minutes of last meeting
Moved that they be accepted by P.Melican sec. P.Williams
Treasurers report
$ 500.00 was moved from saving a/c ( $140.75 ) to the investment a/c ( $1500.00 ) to obtain better interest.
Matters arising from minutes.
1.K.Johnson has ordered and will pick up a rubber stamp. It will show club and PO box 92.
2. The emblem for the wind cheaters has been printed and it looks good. Moved I.Wilson and sec. C.Smith that the wind cheaters be purchased from /through Anita Kelly ( 115 in total ). It was moved by N.Watt sec. P.Williams that club members pay nominal cost while the public are to pay $ 15.00 each.
3. C.Smith reported that he had contacted the shire re returning the bond from the dance.
Correspondence Nil
General Business
1. The shire has called for submissions from interested parties with regards to the Review of the Boating regulations. A long and involved discussion followed from which a number of points to include in a submission were raised. C.Smith would prepare a draft and circulate it for comment it would then be redrafted and sumitted to council. ( Copy of submission in File)
2. O.Mountjoy suggested that the club look into a wine bottling function perhaps 4 doz. port or white wine to start.
4. it was moved P.Melican sec. N.Watt that all future meetings be moved to Royal Mail Hotel ( Top Pup)
Meeting close 10.20 pm

Committee Meeting 4.7.1983

P.Melican, P.Williams, A.Kelly, O.Mountjoy, A.Jaudzemis, K.Johnson, N.Watt I.Wilson, M.Purbrick ,C.Smith
Apologies R.Watt, J.Williams ,D.Kelly, J.Mountjoy
Open 8.20 pm
Minutes of last meeting Moved that they be accepted by O.Mountjoy sec. N.Watt
Treasurers report
Investment a/c balance $ 502.96 Saving a/c balance $ 410 .75 To be paid in $ 100.00 (Bond returned from shire) Interest on Investment a/c $ 39.86 Total $ 1053.57
Matters arising from minutes The rubber address stamp was ready.
Inward---Nill Outward 1. A letter (copy in File) was send to SR+WSC correcting the errors in their original letter in relation to the bins.
2. The submission regarding ski area was send to council.
General Business
1. submission I.Wilson reported that he thought Committee B would put their recommendations back to the public for comments after receiving all submissions. The alterations ( after public comments) would be put to council to approve. A long discussion took place as to possible courses of action however as nothing had been received from council no action was decided.
2. M.Purbrick Licensee of the Royal Mail (top Pup) offered the new sportsman bar for club meeting use. Also said the club could put up any notices in this bar area. He suggested club obtain a ski and raffle it by displaying it in the bar area.
3. Anita Kelly told the club the jumpers were all finished but that the club try top make a profit on them They were $ 9.00 ea. To purchase therefore should sell them at $ 18.00 large size and $10.00 small sizes. Anita has been paid and has covered her cost however the sawing of the garments was a donation. P.Williams moved that.
1. Up to incl. Size 8 be $10.00 each 2. Size 10 to 20 be $ 18.00 each sec. P.Melican carried.
Anita also mentioned T Shirts could be ordered from June to Aug. Jumpers are available from K.Johnson.
4.A lack of newsletters to members was raised and it was agreed that a newsletter would be prepared as soon as possible outlining
1, submission to council.
2. Jumpers - can be picked up from K.Johnson or mailed C.O.D.
3. New meeting spot.
5. Ian Wilson saw the National Mutual Insurance re. As he will get back to us re club insurance.
Meeting closed 9.39 pm.

Extra Ordinary Club Meeting

Held Royal Mail Nagambie
K.Johnson, I.Wilson, C.Smith, P.Williams, O.Mountjoy, M.Mountjoy, A.Jaudzemis N.Watt, H.Bothe, M.Purbrick
This meeting was held to discuss the council letter of 30.6.83 outlining the proposed changes to the regulation.
The members discussed and outlined points in relation to the changes. The meeting decided to send a letter of protest to the council outlining the reason against the changes proposed especially points 5 (i) and 6 from the council letter.
C.Smith would draft a letter for comment and send it to the Shire
Letter send 29.7.83
Meeting closed 10.14pm

Committee Meeting 1.8.1983

O.Mountjoy, N.Watt, P.Williams, J.Williams, J.Mountjoy, P.Melican, A.Jaudzemis, M.Mountjoy, C.Smith,I.Wilson, K.Johnson
Appologies Nill
Open 8.27pm
President welcomed members from G.V.Water ski club.
Minutes of last meeting
Moved that the be accepted by N.Watt sec. P.Melican
Treasurers report
Investment a/c $ 674.96 Saving a/c $ 444.90 Cash Membership $ 150.00 -------------- $ 1269.86
Matters arising from minutes.
1. Bins + letter from SR + WSC were discussed--- proposed to move bins to higher ground.
2. Letter to council was hand delivered on 29.7.83 Letter express protest at council action.
Inward----- Bank statement Outward---- Nil
General Business
1. The letter sent to the council should be dealt with at the next council meeting on Aug 22. 1983 N.Watt , C.Smith , P.Melican, O.Mountjoy will attend if possible.
2. Insurance C.Smith reported that D.Wynn quoted $ 500 -- $ 600 for the same insurance that G.V water ski club now has for $ 160.00. This insurance would cover
--- member to member liability eg. Parkingetc.
--- Goods sold eg. At BBQ
--- Not cover anything on water.
It was decided to shop around with other agents and try the Dept. of Y,Sport + REC.
The GVWSC pointed out that all their members carry their own ski and comprehensive insurance for on the water.
3. Colin Smith reported on N.Watt, O.Mountjoys & his attendance at GWWSC meeting . Several interesting items from that were. 1. Ladies Committee 2. Kids Christmas breakup 3. Competition days with other clubs.
4. Roger Gill from GVWSC gave a brief rundown of the club and the proposed competition days.

Committee Meeting 5.9.1983

John Macklin, Peter Melican, P.Williams, J.Williams, N.Watt, Paul Redfern, R.Watt, M.Black, K.Johnson, I.Wilson, C.Smith, L.White, A.Jaudzemis
Open 8.30 pm
Apologies J.Mountjoy
Minutes of last meeting Moved that they be accepted by P.Melican sec. A.Jaudzemis carried
Treasurers report
Passbook a/c $ 809.40 Investment a/c $ 674.96 Cash $ 28.00 ------------- $ 152.36
Matters arising from minutes
1. Bins were not moved and it is thought that they would have been washed away in recent floods.
2. Insurance The National Mutual Rep. Reported there was no insurance available for club members boats etc. on water. The rep. Suggested that all members have extended 3rd party with $ 250000.00 minimum. The meeting decided to look for other quotes and to obtain legal comments re the constitution to disclaim any committee liability Ian Wilson suggested Rod Theobold look at constitution.
1. Council letter of 26.8.83 informing club of council decision.
2. Membership inquiring letter.
3. Drop in center talent quest letter.
General Business
1. Moved K.Johnson sec. C.Smith that 1994 tags be ordered carried
3. Newsletter that the newsletter include copy of the council letter of 26.8.83 summary of insurance necessary and that photocopy must be forwarded to eligible. Moved I.Wilson sec.P.Melican and carried that this motion of $ 250000.00 extended 3rd party boat insurance be necessary and proof be shown to become a NSC member. In the newsletter explain that this protects.
1. Club committee 2. Boat owners 3. General public
4. Trip away was proposed for mid November 19th & 20th to Barmah ( Murray River)
5. The newsletter was to include items for sale eg. Ski boats
6. The NSC windcheaters be mentioned on the newsletter and their prices.
7. Council letter of 26.8.83 was circulated and read by all members present. There was a general discussion . The meeting decided to mark the river bed in lake Burranwra and check the feasibility for skiing. That the council be asked to define the “scour” area and let them know that the club is interested. The council be informed that their reference that facilities be available near social skiing arrears is meaningless as the areas now allowed Kirwan Bridge have no facilities available
Meeting closed 10.00pm

Committee Meeting 3.10.1983

K.Johnson, D.Kelly, O.Mountjoy, N.Watt, R.Watt, P.Melican, C.Smith, I.Wilson A.Jaudzemis, G.Drummond
Open 8.31 pm
Apologies D.Williams, H.Bothe, R.Drew
Minutes of last meeting Moved that they be accepted by O.Mountjoy sec N.Watt carried
Treasurers report
Passbook a/c $ 809.40 Investment a/c $ 674.96 Cash $ 21.06 ---------- $ 1505.42
Matters arising from minutes
1. Use of scour for water ski course. Club agreed that it was positive development however there are reservations about stumps and the depth. A meeting with Council be investigated.
2. Newsletter Club members thought newsletter was good. Cost of newsletter was discussed $ 18.00 for postage --- Typing and paper donated.
General Business
1. Vacant or unlicensed land along the river should be checked with lands dept. with view to use by N.S.C. ie. Road reserves. General discussion took place.
2. Moved d.Kelly sec. O.Mountjoy and carried that Annual General Meeting be advertised in Seymour paper and “Nagambie Natterings”
3. Moved A.Jaudzemis sec. R Watt carried that Ambulance Officer give talk at Annual General Meeting.
4. Secretary to write to “Drop Centre” replay re. Talent quest. Club does not wish to participate.
5. A Bush Dance Moved D.Kelly that no dance be held this year and another function be organized instead. Se. P.Melican. Motion defeated.
Moved O.Mountjoy sec. N.Watt that the club organize a dance for the long weekend in January (28.2.84) Motion carried
B. Dance Sub Committee P.Melican, I.Wilson, Fonz Jaudzemis , O.Mountjoy, N.Watt. Meeting to be held at O.Mountjoy on 24.10.83
6. I.Wilson notified club that a committee meeting would be held 10.10.83 at his house.
7. A crew was organized to attend GV WSC competition day on 6.11.83.
8. It was decided that before the trip away a member would inspect the Muray River at Barmah.
9. It was suggested that the committee look into redirecting some areas of club funds into social activities ic. BBQs , Momba trip etc. This woul help get members involves. It was suggested that members subs be used for club facilities and running etc. While accumulated ( interest in savings a/c) and earned money (windcheaters) be used for social activities.

Annual General Meeting 7.11.83

D.Kelly, A.Kelly, T.Pearce, J.Mountjoy, O.Mountjoy,R.Watt, P.Williams, J.Williams, K.Johnson, I.Wilson, C.Smith
Apology G.Drummond, N.Watt. M.Mountjoy
Minutes of last Annual General Meeting Moved that they be accepted by T Pearce sec. P Williams carried
Treasures report
Nagambie ski club balance sheet 6.11.83
Income Balance as at 11.11.82 $ 1413.85 Membership $ 840.00 Badges $ 10.00 Dance $ 1028.00 Donations $ 50.00 Slide $ 50.00 Windsheeters $ 474.00 Banks a/c int. 82.62 -------------- $ 3948.46
Stationary $ 91.24 PO Box $ 28.80 Liquor License Dance $ 15.50 Band $ 440.60 Dance Exp drinks&food $ 647.00 Marker Buoys $ 150.00 Windsheeters $ 1036.90 ------------ $ 2410.04
Balance Passbook $ 863.46 Investment a/c $ 674.96 Credit Balance $ 1538.42
President report
Ian Wilson made a number of points regarding the year activities.
1. Dance Attendance was disappointing however the organization and set up was good. Public response was poor due to a clash with numerous other events in the district. A loss of $ 151.00 was recorded. It has been decided to have another dance Jan 28th-however more advertising is needed.
2. Loss of River Water. Council has decided that there will be no skiing permits issued this year as the claim the permits were used foe social skiing not competition or practice.
3. Representations of the council & the NSC will meet on 24.11.83 to inspect areas suitable for a ski course.
4. The NSC put forward a detailed submission on the clubs needs and skiers needs generally when submissions on the proposed rezoning of the waterways were called for. The submission was ignored. A follow up letter achieved nothing and much effort has been expended trying to convince council of skiers needs.
5. Trips away. Two successful trips away have been held--- Torrumbury-Barmah Both were well attended and another trip to Barmah is scheduled for Nov. 1984
6. The club has own Windsheeters and thanks to A.Kelly for her effords. 40 have been sold 60 to go.
7. Trip to Moomba A trip to watch the Moomba skiing was arranged - very Successful day .
8. GVWCS Competition day was held early in Nov. and NSC hopes to hold a return day latter in the season in 1984. The GVWSC comp day was an excellent event.
9. The committee has recommended that all members have approx. $ 250000.00 3rd .party/ public liability cover, and that a photocopy will be required for 1984 membership.
10. A seminar was attended with a view to incorporating the NSC to cover any Liabilities.
11. Buoys etc. are available for the slalom course when /if constructed.
12. Recommended that a subcommittee be formed to handle the dance . duly formed
13. Ian thanked all the committee and other members for their help.
All positions declared open. Nomination for committee.
President Ian Wilson nominated A.Kelle sec. P.Melican elected
Vice President N.Watt nominated P.Williams sec. I.Wilson elected
O.Mountjoy “ P.Melican “ A.Kelly
Secretary C.Smithe “ R.Watt “ I.Wilson elected
Ass Sec O.Mountjoy “ D.Kelly “ R.Watt ‘
Treasurer K.Johnson “ I.Wilson “ C.Smith “
Committee Members
P.Melican “ D.Kelly “ I.Wilson “
D. Kelly “ P.Williams “ C.Smith “
T.Pearce “ A.Kelly “ D.Kelly “
Judy Mountjoy “ A.Kelly “ I.Wilson “
Robin Watt “ P.Melican “ I.Wilson “
General Business
1, Shire reply re . Meeting A meeting with council is to be held on 23.11.83 at 4.30 pm 2 boats are to go C.Smith moved that 3 NSC committee members attend sec. J.Mountjoy carried.
2. Dept of Y.&S.& Rec. A brief outline of the seminar contents was given and the club moved that 2 people attend the Benalla venue.
3. The competition day at Waranga was mentioned on 4.12.83
4. Ian Wilson was to check the water level at Barmah for the trip away.
The evening was finished with Derek Pearson giving a talk on first aid and techniques . Derek is the Murchison Ambulance Officer.

Committee Meeting 5.12.83

N.Watt, R.Watt, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy, J.Mountjoy, P.Williams, J.Williams, A.Jaudzemis, I.Wilson, K.Johnson
Open 8.45 pm
Apologies Nil
Minutes of last meeting Moved that they be accepted by J.Mountjoy sec P.Melican
Treasurers report Passbook a/c $ 927.46 Investment a/c $ 674.96 ----------- $ 1602.42
Accounts to pay Perfection Plate $ 34.90 Use of N.Watts boat $ 30.00
O.Mountjoy paid for seminar papers $ 15.00 and use of his boat $ 30.00 for GVWS Comp day.
1. Council letter Dance approved but hours restricted to 12.00 pm. It was noted that The Recreation committee was planning a dance and the club should liaise
General Business
1. Council inspection Shire Engineer & Secretary and 2 councilors and 3 NSC members ( I.Wilson, N.Watt, O.Mountjoy) attended. Council has left NSC to look at suitable areas near scour bridge to try and see if suitable. The club should report back to committee B to get council approval. Council will help to clear some obstacles and will develop banks for spectators. It was thought that a ski take off area should be from the nth. Side of the scour bridge while the sth. side would be for spectators. An inspection/ working bee was arranged for sun.11.12.1983 at 10.00 am at boat ramp
. 2. I.Wilson spoke to R Vernon ( Shire sec,) re closure of Lake from Barge east incl. The ramp to hold competition day. R Vernon did not see a problem.
3. O.Mountjoy was to write & thank Waranga & GVWSC for comp day.
4. A letter to be send to Derek Pearson Ambulance Officer -expressing thanks.
5. A letter whishing Roger Gil & Charlie Brown good luck on skiing down the Murray River should be send.
6. Dept. of Y.S&Rec. be approached re money for teaching people to ski Saturdays.
7. As a result of the seminar on incorporating clubs I.Wilson proposed that R.Theobald go ahead and incrp. Club sec. N.Watt carried I.Wilson suggested the name be altered to Nagambie Water Ski Club.
An appointment was to be arranged with R.Theobold.

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