Weekend Away

Weekend Away

Committee Meeting 9.1.1984

K.Johnson, I.Wilson, C.Smith, N.Watt, P.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, J.Mountjoy, R.Watt, J.Williams, Hans Bothe
Open 8.35pm
Apologies P.Redfern, P.Melican
Minutes of last Meeting Moved that the be accepted by J.Mountjoy sec. O.Mountjoy
Treasurers report Passbook a/c $ 892.56 Investment a/c $ 674.96 ------------ $ 1567.52
Cash in hand for membership and jumpers $ 147.00
A/c to pay Seymour telegraph - Ad for annual meeting
Correspondence Inwards
Southern 80 entry forms Memberships & jumper order
D.Pearson letter thanking him for his safety talk Letter congratulating C.Brown and R.Gill on skiing down Murray River.
General Business
1. The stumps in the proposed slalom course have been cleared by 21th Const. Divers using handsaws----- all except 1 stump will return to remove it. Discussion on course held . Access to course only by water at this time.
2. Colin Smith contact Roger Gill re suitability of March 12th or 18th for competition Day.
3. Members present carried the motion that the Nagambie Water Ski Club incorporate Moved H.Bothe sec C.Smith
4. It was moved I.Wilson sec. N.Watt and carried that the club should seek public liability insurance from CAS Insurances
5. Items for a newsletter were arranged .
6. Trip Away --- Ian Wilson suggested Morgans Beach as there is a ramp and good sandbar 18th& 19th February Chops and sausages for Saturday night be supplied by club.
7. Moomba--- 12th March Rod Ralston bus is to be booked Leave Nagambie 7.30 return 5-6 pm from Melbourne BYO everything Cost $5.00 head members Children free. Others $ 8.00 each
. 8. Owen Mountjoy has constructed a pontoon for mooring in the river .It is now ready to launch.
Meeting Finished 10.30pm

Committee Meeting 6.2.1984

Denis Wheelhouse, Jan Wiliams, K.Johnson,N.Watt, O.Mountjoy,J. Mountjoy, P.Melican, R.Watt, P.Williams,T.Pearce, F.Jaudzemis, P.Redfern, C.Smith, J.Maclin.
Apologies: Nil
Open. 8.35 pm
Minutes of last Meeting Moved that the be accepted by N.Watt sec P.Melican
Treasurers Report:
Total in Passbock and investment A/c $1806.30
Cash in hand $ 96.00
24 Current members ( 1984)
50 Jumpers sold
59 Jumpers left
1. 3 returned Newsletters
2.Letter re incorporation from solicitor
3. C.Brown letter re Waranga practice day 18th March Will abandon ,our day goes ahead.
Outward: Nill
General Business
1. Slalom Course - all stumps have now been removed. Course will be put in.
Ian Wilson has said he will verbaly explain our progress to the council.
2. 18th March Competition day-- Letter to be send reqesting Lake (sole Use) East of the Barge.
Trophies to be arranged. Sub committee formed to arrange comp.day
Ian Wilson, N.Watt, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy, J.Mountjoy, K.Johnson
3. Pontoon- Owen Mountjoy pontoon is in place and any member may use it
4. Fonz. Jaudzemis needs 1 week notification ref, the chops and sausages for the trip away.
5. Rod Ralston has been booked for the Bus trip to Moomba. Bus can take 37 passengers.
6. Ian Wilson will check Morgans beach ref. Water level and the ramp before the weekend.
7. N.Watt raised the point about pressing Concil for area and facilities at Kirwans Bridge. Discussion held on Rver use and setting up slalom course.
8. The SR & WSC should be checked about the ownership of the old house at the old bridge site near Kirwins Bridge
Meeting Closed 10.30 pm Beer $370.00
Meat $ 24.00
Change $ 99.00
Soft Drinks$ 36.50
Band $400.00
Dep Band $ 40.00
Shire Bond $100.00
Admission $ 928.00

Committee Meeting 5.3.84

O.Mountjoy, J.Mountjoy, J.Maclin, A.McKimon, T.Pearce, K.Johnson, D.Kelly, F.Jaudzemis, N.Watt, R.Watt, P.Williams, J.Williams, I.Wilson, P.Melican, G.Damrod, B.Ellis
Apologies C.Smith, P.Redfern
Open 8.30pm
Minutes of last meeting Moved that the be accepted N.Watt sec. F.Jaudzemis
Treasurers report
Total in passbook& investment a/c $ 1911.57
Three new members A/C to Pay F.Jaudzemis meat for trip away Seymour rural equip. Trailer coupling R.V.Theobold Incorporation fee
Total Accounts $ 115.00
Correspondence Inwards
1. CAS Insurance outline premiums for public liability
2. Shire of Goulburn permit for competition day on 18th March 1984
3. R.V.Theobold certificate of incorporation , information booklet , statement of Annual Gen. Meeting accounting report. Model rules for an Inc. association.
Program for competition day to C.Brown Waranga & R.Gill GVWSC
Request for lake to hold comp day.
General Business
1. Planning of ski competition day on 18th March Discussion held
2. Council conditions
3. Insurance cover
4. Notices issued from caravan park
5. Fees $ 1.00 hd/event
6. Hire fee for rowing club
7. Catering inquires
8. Raffle -ski rope
Public liability insurance Cover should extend 12 month , include all club activities
It was moved that CAS policy for $ 500.000 cover would be accepted if a lower premium could not be achieved by N.Watt’s agent prior to 18th March competition Day
Discussion to take [lace with R Theobold regarding model roles at annual general Meeting.
Reminder on water slide Roster NSC on 7th & 8th April
A tentative list of names for the bus trip was drawn up for Moomba Monday March 18 Adults 11 Children
Colin Smith to see boating Officer regarding relocating & painting of pontoon
Council to be approached regarding emergency access lane by water to Hospital at River st. for accident cases.
R.Gill & C.Brown have offered their assistance for comp day at Nagambie.
Discussion was held on article seen by P.Melican which allotted $ 1 Mil to shires for Upgrading boat ramps and promoting boating & water sports in general.
The weekend at Morgans Beach on the Murray River was deemed a success by all who Attended.
Meeting closed 10.10pm

Committee Meeting 2.4.84

K.Johnson, I.Wilson, C.Smith, N.Watt, R.Watt, D.Kelly, B.Ellis, P.Mellican, O.Mountjoy, J.Mountjoy, R.Redfern, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies P & J Williams, Hans Bothe
Open 8.30pm
Minutes of last meeting Moved that they be accepted by O.Mountjoy sec D.Kelly carried
Treasurers report
Passbook a/c $ 1090.61 Investment a/c $ 674.96
------------ $ 1765.57
Competition day financial report Income
Entry fees $ 144.00 Raffle $ 121.04 1 Membership $ 15.00 Windsheeters sold $ 168.00 ---------------- $ 448.04
Trophies $ 139.00 Ski rope for raffle $ 50.00 Windsheeter for raffle $ 9.00
Petrol club boat $ 30.00 Rowing club rooms $ 50.00 Miscellaneous items $ 6.00 Speakers $ 25.00
-------------- $ 309.00
The net income for the day was $ 139.04 however it must be remembered that this is no profit as some of this income has some cost not associated or accounted for eg. Cost of Windsheeters.
Account to pay
1. PO Box a/c $ 20.00 2. Trophies a/c $139.80 3. Rowing club $ 50.00
4. Public liability Insurance $ 245.00 5. Briefcase O.Mountjoy To be reimbursed $ 25.00
Correspondence Inward
1. GVWSC re. Supper dance
2. Letter from Mr t. Livingston re missing windsheeter rep.send 27.3.84
3. Shire of Goulburn-Letter to club re incorporation and public liability insurance
Outwards Nil
General Business
1. Discussion on pontoon - location and removal for winter etc. Owen Mountjoy to arrange day to remove.
2. Ian Wilson moved that the club open a cheque a/c now that it was incorporated Sec. D.Kelly carried
3. Annual General Meeting --- Suggested to move the date forward to allow planning for ski comp.days etc. C.Smith to contact R.Theobold re financial year statement etc. which will affect this.
3. Competition Days---suggested that order of events be jiggled to involve more People quickly ie. A team event before individual event. It was suggested that the course be modified for team events. Club Policy---- It was agreed that the club attitude toward competition days was that they should be a family social day. -Long discussion. Juniors should be catered for as much as possible . Clubs should watch the level of competitiveness and Competitors. Novelty trophies ie. Best fall, or best novice etc. should be awarded to overcome this. Novelty events etc. chair on boards etc. should be arranged.
5, Motion of thanks from club to 1. Hans Bothe 2. Peter & Jan Williams
3.Karen Johnson 4. Noel & Robin Watt for PR 5. Colin Smith and the other committee members who contributed to the successful day.
6. It was noted that Apex were conducting C.P.R. lectures at Teacher Centre in Seymour @ $ 3.00 / session
7. A roster was drawn up to operate the water slide for Saturday and Sunday.
8. It was noted that Nag Water ski club inc did very well at the competition day at Shepparton
Meeting closed 10.30 pm

Committee Meeting 7.5.84

C.Smith, I.Wilson, K.Johnson, O&J.Mountjoy, N.Watt, P.Williams, P.Redfern
Apologies R.Watt, A.Jaudzemis, P.Melican, H.Bothe
Open 8.30 pm
Minutes of last meeting Moved that they be accepted by P.Redfern sec. O.Mountjoy carried
Treasurers report
Treasurers report to committee 30.4.84 Extract of receipts & payments Bank Balance at beginning
At 30.4.84 $ 2063.57       C/F $ 1553.42
Badges       $ 6.00
Membership       $ 390.00
Windsheeters $ 168.00       $ 512.00
Raffle $ 121.04       $ 121.04
Bus Trip $ 84.00       $ 84.00
Int.Club Comp. $ 144.00       $ 144.00
$ 517.04       $ 1257.04
=========       ========
$ 2580.61       $ 2810.46
Payouts Prev report       $ 90.05
Petty cash $ 6.00       $ 55.00
Inccesl $ 97.00       $ 157.80
Trip away $ 77.00       $ 77.00
Moomba $ 160.00       $ 160.00
Raffle $ 50.00       $ 50.00
Comp.Days $ 275.60       $ 305.60
PO Box $ 20.00       $ 20.00
Briefcase $ 25.00       $ 25.00
----------------     ---------------------
$ 710.60       $ 940.45
Balance 30.4.84       $ 1870.01       $ 1870.01
Accs. For Approval
C/A $ 3.20       Income $ 1553.42
P/B $ 1114.85       $ 1257.04
S/musd $ 776.96       $ 2810.46
$ 1895.01       Exp $ 940.45
alt $ 25.00
      --------------------       ----------------
$ 1870.01       $ 1870.01
Correspondence Inwards
R.S.L. Leaflet re the raffle Fonz and I.Wilson attended meeting The N.W.S.C. has 4 weeks 2 weeks in October 2 weeks in February 2 People to go to pups 6 to 8 pm Friday and 10 to 1.30 pm Saturday The Price is a $ 50.00 hamper Tickets 50 cent ea.
Roger Gill telephone call -- GVWSC meeting-discussed joint night ( Dinner Dance) 26th May at Murch East “ Country Lodge” Ring him with numbers ASAP Outwards Replay to F.Block re council letter on insurance and incorporation.
General Business
1. Water slide-operated for 2 days @ 4 hrs/day Gave $ 19.00 clubs share is only a % of this.
2. Incorporated Club -- 2 new stamps made up - address--- common seal Cheque a/c opened Proposed Ian Wilson sec. O.Mountjoy and carried that Saving a/c be closed--- $ 1000.00 be put in term deposit for 4 month--- $ 300.00 be put in Cheque a/c --- Balance into deposit stock. All future banking be with State Savings Bank Nagambie.
3. Moved C.Smith sec. I.Wilson + carried that books close 30th June each year and Annual General Meeting be in November.
4. Moved Ian Wilson sec. P.Refern that a letter be sent to SR&WSC re pontoon licence and clarifying marginal land along the water edge and also asking if any land may be leased for club purposes ie. Similar to Angling Club.
5. Huttons Backwater should be inspected for future use.
6. Inspect the slalom course ,Spectators area for tree planting etc.
7. A letter is to be sent to council re the continuing work at the slalom course area.
Meeting closed 10.pm

Committee Meeting 4th June 1984

P.Redfern, P.Melican, N.Watt, R.watt, T.Pearce, J.Maclin, K.Johnson, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies J.Mountjoy, C.Smith, Jan&Peter Williams
Meeting opened 8.25pm
Minutes of previous meeting Moved P.Redfern that the be accepted seconded T.Pearce carried
Treasurers report as of 4.6.84
Chg. A/c $ 379.03
Term Dep $ 1000.00
Fixed Dep $ 600.00
------------- $ 1979.03
Received Waterslide $ 10.00
Accounts to pay Mooroopna florist + nursery $ 44.00
Inward correspondence
Letter from shire of Goulburn payment of commission from Waterslide roster
Accounts received Mooroopna Florist + Nursery 1a Morrell st. Mooroopna
C2 Wreaths
Outward Correspondence Nill
General Business
Plans were made to study Huttons Backwater and other possible sites for skiing to remove any stumps etc. in the planned slalom course area and river course that could prove hazarders. All to meet at Buckley Park 11.00 am Sunday 17th June
The funerals of R Gill and J.Saville on the 25th May at Shepparton, who were killed in A car accident, were attended by N&R Watt, C.Smith and O.Mountjoy. Wreath were send to both families and a notice was placed in the Shepparton News.
Shepparton News Friday 25th May 1984
Roger and Jeff, Outstanding ambassadors for water skiing.
They will be sadly missed but fondly remembered.
Our deepest sympathy to Jan, Donna and families
Nagambie Water Ski Club

K Johnson was to discuss with A Kelly the possibility of T-shirts.
The possibility of having “ Harry Wilde” as a draw for future Disco/Dane not feasible To be run during winter period.
I.Wilson to discuss with Shire engineer/ Rowing club the need to initiate plans to repair Boat ramp at Buckley Park while water level is down.
Framing of Certificate of the Inc. to be organized by R.Watt
Letter to be written re Queens Silver Jubilee trust Grants
Meeting closed 9.30 pm

Committee Meeting 2nd July 1984

J.Williams, P.Williams, P.Melican, N.Watt, A.Jaudzemis, K.Johnson, I.Wilson O.Mountjoy
Apologies J.Mountjoy, P.Redfern, D.Wheelhouse, C.Smith, R.Watt
Meeting opened 8.25
Minutes of previous meeting Moved A.Jaudzemis that they be accepted seconded N.Watt carried
Treasurers report as at 30.6.84
Extract of receipts @ payments May June
C/F $ 1870.01     C/F $ 1553.42
Receipt Int invest a/c $ 81.70
Int.Passbook $ 27.74
Tfr Invest a/c $ 1600.00
Slide $ 10.00
------------ $ 1719.44     Book $ 2976.48
$ 3589.45     $ 4529.90
Payments S/Gov tax $ .42 Invest stock dep$ 1600.00 Florist $ 44.00 ------------- $ 1644.42     Exp. $ 2584.87
Total $ 1945.03     $ 1945.03
Current Account Bal $ 345.03
Invest Aa/c $ 1000.00
Stock dep $ 600.00
------------ $ 1945.03
Accounts to Pay North central e. Ley Inc $ 259.53
Shepparton News paper $ 9.80
---------- $ 269.33
It was passed that 2 accounts be payed.
Inward Correspondence
Letter from Seymour indoor cricket centre inviting as to nominate a team for 3rd Season commence on 16th July. Moomba water sports club inviting us to annual cabaret 11th August.
Letter outlining planned roaster dates for raffles.
Bill from Shepparton News for funeral Notices CR Gill , J.Saville
The Queen Elizabeth 2 Silver Jubilee trust containing 84 guidelines for Grants & Applications for grants by an organization.
Outward Correspondence
Letter to Queens Silver Jubilee Trust requesting a pamphlet on the guidelines and Application form for organizations and individuals.
General Business
Further information is to be obtained on T - Shirts, approx. cost at this stage is $ 6.00 Other sources were to be followed up by K.Johnson. With possibility of supplying our Own shirts and only having screening done and an additional few for add sale.
Several Photostat copies on Incorporation certificate were made but original still being Framed.
Unfortunately no one attended the fundraising dinner held by GVWSC for the family Of J.Saville on the 30th June at Kialla but several donations were sent by those who didn’t attend.
The area for the slalom course at Scour Bridge Caravan Park has been cleared. Several Stumps in the lake were also marked & trimmed. Work is to continue on Sunday 8th July at 11.00 am to trim reminder . Also Photos to be taken of cleared area to be kept to inform these who were not able to see stumps and cleared area. It was thought that to advertise the use of lake Nagambie in papers like the traveling News outside of the local area would be of detriment to local skiing but instead to adopt a policy of helping to teach people to ski from the area would be of much more benefit to those involved in the sport without the associated problems that would arise at this stage with involving the general public and promoting the sport. If this is to be done there is a need to clarify the parameters of Insurance policy to cover.
1. the acceptance of money for a service.
2. extend of cover eg. In water / out of water.
3. onus on boat owners for insurance cover.
If Money is available from the Youth,Sport & Recreation for teaching / training of Water skiing.
The approach & the necessary information that would be sorted out prior to summer. It was thought that a news letter be send out to members informing them of current attitudes and was has been done. To help cover cost of Newsletter it was thought that sponsors may be sort & given Advertising in Newsletter.
Meeting closed 9.55 pm

Committee Meeting 6.8.1984

J.Williams, P.Williams I.Wilson, K.Johnson, P.Redfern, A.Jaudzemis, R.Watt, N.Watt, O.Mountjoy, C.Smith.
Apologies J.Macklin, J.Mountjoy
Meeting opened 8.30 pm
Minutes of previous meeting Moved that they be accepted N.Watt seconded A.Jaudzemis
Treasurers report
Accounts paid Frame for certificate $ 15.70
Total Balance $ 1675.70
Inward Correspondence
Quotes on T-shirts & screen printing by R. Maloof
Dep of Y,S& Recreation
Map sales centre outlining of prints/ enlargement of lake area
General Business
Robin Watt to follow up quote on T-shirts to see what is available in sizes, colours and what is required in form of the logo.
Letter to be send to map sale centre asking for copies of maps of the lake as outlined in letters of prices and if possible other maps that may become available from shire offices later on also. An outline of costs associated with a teaching program for children over the summer break was provided by J.Block to enable a request for a grant by the Y,S& Rec. to organize a 4 day learn to ski school as one of 4 alternatives available to youth in the area promoting water sports in Nagambie.
Discussion was held on a letter outlining several questions relating to areas possibly available for lease along the river sent to State Rivers.
I.Wilson was to follow up the requirement to hold a raffle with prices of approx. $ 500.00 1st prize colour TV, second Petrol. A similar amount $ 500.00 would hope to be generated for the club. Tickets would be of the value of $ 2.00. It was hoped some sponsorship of prizes may be obtained.
It was discussed with council that the form of marking stumps with illuminated post was not acceptable. It was thought that mooring a 20 Lit. plastic container filled with polystyrene may solve the problem. Unfortunately this appears to be quite expensive and that council would not contribute toward the cost. It was hoped another approach to the council may come up with another alternative.
Several copies of NSW boating regulations were obtained from Melb. Boat show to allow members to study rules.
GV Ski club informed us of the promotion “Sheptember” a part of which involves some display by GV ski club & possible VWSA a show team. NWSC were asked if the would like to contribute to display but thought we had nothing to compare with VWSA show team, only support by attendance.
A date in September has still not been organized to discuss competition details between the interested clubs. Saturday 18th at 10.30 was planned to organize more work to be done in the lake removing logs/ marking stumps & planting trees.
The new works carried out by council on the Lake foreshore of Sandy Cove was thought to create a hazard for children diving from the edge with underwater snags not visible. It was suggested this be pointed out to council.
A request to build a pontoon as a take off / observation point for slalom course is to be written o the council.
Meeting closed 11.00pm

Committee Meeting 3.9.1984

O & J.Mountjoy, P.Melican, A.Jaudzemis, T.Pearce, R & N Watt, P.Redfern, I.Wilson, K.Johnson, C.Smith
Apalogies P & J Williams , F.Macklin
Meeting opened 8.35 pm
Minutes of previous meeting Moved that they be accepted by R.Watt sec. O.Mountjoy
Treasurers report Nil out of accounts Bal. $ 1685.90
Inward 1. Application for raffle from raffles and Bingo board
2. Aerial photos of lake
Outward Nill
General Business
1. T Shirts Cost of screen print for one colour is in the total Price ( see letter) All T Shirts to be light blue with dk blue emblem. If unavailable dk. Blue T-Shirt with white emblem. J.Mountjoy to arrange. Order is for 10 of each size of 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 T-Shirts to be sold @ $7.00 each
2. Raffle will fit in $ 200.00 - $ 500.00 worth of prize category. 1 permit/yr. For any amount of raffles $ 28.00 / permit Prizes -- 1st Colour T.V. 34 cm approx. $ 399.00 2nd Portable stereo - Tape $ 99.00 600 tickets @ $2.00 each to be sold from Nov.5th to Dec. 10th Drawn Saturday 15th December at 4.00 pm at Lake Nagambie. Ticket cost from Seymour and biggs printing shepp to be investigated.
3. Summery of the meeting at Kyabram was given Goulburn-Murray Water ski region set up(see minutes of meeting)
4. Slalom course & Marking of stumps. I.Wilson to let Rowing club know about buoys / drums on stumps especially buoys in centre of rowing course. 14 Willows saplings planted near slalom course. 20 litre drums on steel posts to mark stumps as temporary measure.
5. weekend away Bahrma at the large sand bar ( where held last year) on November 17th + 18th. Other clubs to be let know
Meeting closed 10.20 pm

Committee Meeting 1st .Oct.1984

K,Johnson, A.Joudzemis, O & J.Mountjoy, I.Wilson, P.Redfern
Apologies N & R.Watt, P & J.Williams, P.Melican, C.Smith
Meeting opened 8.10 pm
Minutes of previous meeting were read. Moved J.Mountjoy that the be accepted sec. P.Redfern
Treasurers report
$ 1000.00 Term deposit matured & was reinvested for 6 month
Interest received on cheque account and term deposit $ 12.48 and 37.61 respectively.
Transaction last month int. on cheque a/c $12.48 Tax $ 3.02
Int. on T.D $ 37.61
Renewel of TD $ 1000.00 $ 1000.00
Applic Raffle $ 28.00
Bank Balance C/A $ 79.97
Term Dep $ 1000.00
T.D $ 600.00
$ 1679.97
Correspondence Inward
Moama Water Sports Club ltd Invitation to Barefoot Drags at Southern 80 10th Feb 85.
Minutes of 1st Inter-regional meeting of G.M.W.S.R. 16th Aug.
Application to Bingo & Raffles division to hold Raffle.
General Business
1. K.Johnson to order 50 year tags from “Perfection Plate” for members badges
2. Letter or inquiry to be made to Nagambie Football Club re payment of $ 14.00 for 40 - 1994 year tags sold earlier.
3. Two names to be forwarded to Moama Ski Club prior to Feb. 10th of interested in club nominations to enter individual barefoot drags ( closing date same as ski race)
4. C.Smith has obtainewd 12, 20 lit uv stabilized containers from Cbc- Geig Rep. These are to be used for buoys.
5. N.W.S.C.inc is to hold local Raffle on 6th & 13th Oct. Willy and Fonz to organize with help from others if needed on Friday and Saturday hamper to approx. value $50.00
6. Discussion on screen print for T-Shirt after several alterations printing was O.K.d.
7. Willy gave report on regional meeting on 26th Sept. at Tatura which provided for Barb-b-que. get together at Michelton winery on 4th November
8. Willy was to follow up possible sponsorship offer of prizes and venue by Mitchelton restaurant proprietor.
9. C.Smith to follow up letter to S.R.W.S.C re Pontoon access etc.
Meeting closed 9.05 pm

Committee Meeting 4.11.1984

O.Mountjoy, C.Smith, K.Johnson, P.Melican, T.Pearce, A.Jaudzemis, L.White
Apologies Ian Wilson, N.Watt
Meeting open 8.35 pm
Minutes of previous Meeting Moved that the be accepted by O.Mountjoy sec. K.Johnson
Treasurers report No changes to accounts.
Correspondence Inward
1. Letter from Lake Boga re formation of a zone within the Vic. Water Ski Assoc.
2. Minutes of the 2nd meeting of the Goulburn Murray Water ski region.
3. Shire letter re Water slide roster.
4. Waranga Boat Club newsletter.
1. Letter ordering badges.
General Business
1. Yellow 20 lit plastic drums placed to mark stumps by Owen & Ian
2. Former R.S.L. raffles - huge success & many thanks to Fonz & Ian Wilson
3. Reminder that Waranga competition day on 24th November.
4. It was agreed by all present that the slalom course was the 1st priority to go in A.S.A.P.
5. T -Shirts are being printed at the moment there was a delay in that crew necks were send instead of V-necks shirts.
6. The lack of a G.R & WSC letter of replay was to be investigated.
7. Week end away .-Before going it was agreed that the water level should be checked.
8. It was suggested that the club have a night out before Christmas Possibly Mitchelton.
Meeting closed 9.15 pm

Committee Meeting 3.12.1984

O.Mountjoy, J.Mountjoy, N.Watt, R.Watt, J.Williams, P.Williams,C.Smith, P.Redfern, K.Johnson, I.Wilson
Apologies D.Wheelhouse, D.Kelly, P.Melican
Meeting open 8.25 pm
Minutes of previous Meeting Moved that the be accepted by O.Mountjoy sec. N.Watt carried
Treasurers report Total Balance $ 1842.50
Inward Correspondence
Letter of resignation from C.Smith from secretaries position
GVWSC invitation to BBQ & social Day
Perfection Plate account & 50 year tags.
Moama WSC entry form to southern 80 ( 84 Entry)
Goulburn Murray ski region - Points table for competition day.
General Business
A. Nominations were taken for the position of Secretary O.Mountjoy was nominated C.Smith seconded C N Watt carried.
B. A replay was to be sent to Lake Boga informing them that we feel their standard of Competition is to high for us presently as our interest lies more in Social Competition But to keep us informed.
C. Letters to be sent to GVWSC,Moama,Waranga and shire re Incorporation, to inform them of new Secretary.
D .Slide Roster January 2nd it was noted that it would be difficult to find people Available on that day as it was not a holiday but that an effort should be made to fill This obligation. If it was not possible maximum notice should be given to council.
E. There has been no reply from “State Rivers” but C.Smith to continue to follow up. Members to be notified that membership is now due & would be Valit till 30th June 85 and would continue as June to June to comply with Incorporation.
F. Discussion had taken place between C.Smith and R.Vernon on the following.
1. the possibility of restriction use of slalom course if becoming over used.
2. Council to make available no of yellow buoys.
3. Council to allow use on permit of “ Barefoot” section of River.
4. It was re affirmed that a jetty could be installed in the slalom area.
G. There was concern that the club still had a steel post in the lake but assurance was given that it has been replaced with yellow buoys & marked “ Stump”
The Clubs requested for a permit for the comp. Day should be submitted early to avoid delay from council Christmas recess.
The Boating officers position was to be filled by 3-4 volunteers working on a rotation basis probably working only Sundays if any club member was interested there is a possibility of some remuneration.
It was decided to formulate a news letter informing members of recent and coming events.
A report of the region comp day at Waranga was given results were disappointing as our clubs representation was poor. But those who competed were successful N.Watt & T.Watt
The Regional committee held a meeting following Waranga Comp Day to iron out some current problems.
Fuel money is to be paid to N.Watt for use of boat on comp day $ 30.00
A BBQ/ Social day is to be held on 1st January at Goulburn Park Seymour
Meeting closed 10.50 pm

News Letters