Committee Meeting 7.1.1985

Noel & Robyn Watt, Peter & Jan Williams, I.Wilson, K.Johnson, T.Pearce, O & J. Mountjoy , A.Jaudzermis, J.Macklin, P & L .Redfern, M.Purbrick P.Wileman, R.Young, G.White
Apologies D.Kelly, P.Melican
Meeting open 8.25 pm
Minutes of previous Meeting Moved that the be accepted by T Pearce sec J.Mountjoy carried
Treasurers report
Payments Stamps & Printing ( Newsletter) $ 23.66
Perfection Plate $ 18.10
Final Balance $ 1799.90
Correspondence Inward
1. Waranga Boat club Newsletter
2. Statement of account Perfection Plate
Letter to notify of new secretary to
1. Goulburn shire 2. Moama Water Sports 3. GVWSC 4. Waranga Boat club
General Business
1. Slide was manned on 2.1.85 by R.Watt, D.Wheelhouse, O.Mountjoy. Weather was overcast and eventually rained. $ 34.60 was taken.
2. O.Mountjoy & C.Smith to follow up and meet with State River to look at ski area etc.
3. I.Wilson to pursue a contact to “ Blow” stumps in lake through state Rivers.
4. 82 copies of Newsletter were printed at an approx. cost of $ 30.00 and posted to members.
5. Rowing club requested boats to officiate at regatta but only on morning of regatta. It was explained that this was insufficient notice.
6. P.Redfern was nominated to represent Nagambie at Southern 80 Barefoot Drags. O.Mountjoy would also if there was no other applicant.
7. A reminder of the competition day at Shepparton was given and all members urged to attend and the need to compete.
8. A Slalom course will be installed on Sunday 13th Jan. and a training day held in Scour bridge area.
9. A weekend away is planed for 16th & 17th February to be held at Barmah at the same place as last year unless conditions dictate otherwise.
10. O Mountjoy & C.Smith to discuss possible installation of pontoon.
11. O.Mountjoy is to make further inquires into cost and alternatives of having bumper stickers made by Shep. Screen printing
12. R.Watt to contact Seymour Telegraph regarding possible inclusion of articles in sport section of paper
Meeting closed 10.20 pm

Committee Meeting 4th Feb 85

A.Jaudzemis, T.Pearce, P&J.Williams, P&M.Kaiser, J&O.Mountjoy, I.Wilson, P.Melican, K.Johnson, C.Smith, M.Purbrick
Apologies N&R.Watt , P.Redfern
Opened 8.25 pm
Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Moved that the be accepted J.Mountjoy sec. C.Smith
Correspondence Inward
Replay from Rural Water Commission of Victoria ( State Rivers)
1. Replay to Lake Boga Ski Region.
2. Application to council for Comp. Day
3. Information from Victorian Gov. info centre.
General Business
1. Information was tabled on water skiing weekends at Camperdawn, run by Youth Hostels of Aust. Catering for beginners to bare footers.
2. C Smith provided maps to select sizes for maps of Lake Nagambie and will proceed to complete these maps.
3 O.Mountjoy & I.Wilson are to inspect camp site location for weekend at Barmah 16th & 17th Feb and select site.
4. Discussion took place on the reply from RWC of Vic. And the possibility of leasing Lake foreshore. It was decided that C.Smith, I.Wilson & O.Mountjoy would tour the Lake and river area with RWC Rep. As soon as possible.
5. A motion was moved to order 250 stickers from Shepparton Screen Printing using 2 printing colours . Club colours ie. Red, Blue & Gold(Yellow) to be used. Cost $240.
6. The club has received on loan from the shire seven marker bouys.
7. T Pearce to organize article for Telegraph on Southern 80
8. P.Redfern & O.Mountjoy to finalize nominations and arrangements for Southern 80 Barefoot drags.
9. Plans for Comp. Day on 24th March to be outlined and orders placed for trophies and speakers.
10. Report of the comp day at Shep. On 20th Jan. 1st Waranga, 2nd NWSC, 3rd GVWSC and 4th Moama. Attendance and performance was good
. 11. A Newsletter is to be sent ASAP notifying members of coming events and for weekends away.
12. Another attempt to install slalom course will be held 6.00 am Saturday 9th Feb.
13. It was moved that $ 30.00 be paid to C.Smith for past expenses Moved O.Mountjoy sec. I.Wilson
Meeting closed 11.29 pm

Meeting 4.3.85

N&R.Watt, P&M.Kaiser, D.Wheelhouse, P.Melican, T.Pearce, K.Johnson, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, L.Wilson, C.Smith
Apologies P.Redfern, A.Jaudzemis, J.Mountjoy, H.Bothe, P&J.Williams
Minutes of previous meeting were read moved N.Watt seconded R.Watt that the be accepted
Treasurers report ?
Correspondence Inward
1. Permit for Nag. Comp Day from shire
2. Public liability account
3. Chocolate Basket ( Publicity ? )
4. Peninsula Trophies pamphlet
5. Copy Associate Corporate Act & Reg’s .
1. Newsletter
General Business
1. Disapproval of Council’s approving use of boat ramp on comp day.
2. Committee formed for comp day. I.Wilsom, P.Kaiser, K.Johnson, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy
3. Use of mufflers/water injected over transom pipes approved for comp day if sufficiently silenced.
4. Ski club to run raffle 9th & 16th March
5. Bus trip to Moomba depart Nag. 7 am
6. No official result for southern 80 as yet
7. Nothing organized for bumper stickers yet
8. Slalom course installed
9. Report given on Moama comp day.
10. Region Committee report.
Close 9.35 pm

Meeting 1.4.85

O&J Mountjoy, P.Melican, K&B Johnson, I. Wilson, P.Redfern, P&M.Kaiser,
Apologies N&R.Watt, P&J. Williams, L.Wilson, C.Smith
Minutes of previous meeting read Moved P.Melican seconded P.Kaiser that the be accepted
Treasurers report see attached sheet
Corrospondence Inward
1. Rules comp day “ Burembeet”
2. Club points for Nag. Comp and seasons totals.
3. Peninsula Trophies account.
4. Jack’s Multi services -trophy price list
5. “ “ “ - Account engraving.
6. Waranga Boat Club newsletter.
7. Goulburn Shire Citizen of the year nomination forms.
8. Account from F.W.Parris & Sons paid by C.Smith .
1. Notice to boat ramp users on comp day.
General Business
1. I.Wilson to discuss with shire secretary our objection to gen. Use of boat ramp on comp day.
2. Sign on Lake closure supplied free of charge by Burgess signs.
3. Fee of $ 10.00 charge for use of Rowing club.
4. Letter of thanks to be sent to council for permit and assistance from boating Officer. But expressing concern on use of boat ramp on comp day.
5. Regional Meeting to be held in Kyabram @ 7.30 pm 23 April.
6. Water slide to be run by NSC on Easter Mon. 8th April.
7. G.V.W.S.C Fancy dress bal to be held on 4th May at Kialla.
8. Speaker system on comp day thought inadequate.
9. Trophies received on Regional presentation day. Lisa Redfern & Tammy Watt --- Encouragement.
K.Johnson ----- 2nd Women’s P.Kaiser & O.Mountjoy -- novelty trophies.
10. An effort should be made to arrange a more permanent slalom course in Scour Bridge area.
11. Cost of freight for trophies to be added to account, not jet known.
12. Raffle profit for 9th + 10th March was $ 338.53 total $750.00 for year thanks to Fonz, P.Melican I.Wilson, C.Smith & O.Mountjoy
13. J.Mountjoy to organize a summary article of season for inclusion in Telegraph.
14. I.Wilson to organize possible dates for end of season function at Mitchelton.
15. Need to compile notes for newsletter eg. Comp results, Mitchelton dinner tec.
Close 10.49 pm.

Meeting 6th May 1985

P.Melican, P.Kaiser, P.Redferrn, K.Johnson, C,Barry, A.Jaudzemis, O&J.Mountjoy
Apologies P&J.Williams, N&R.Watt, I.Wilson, C.Smith
Minutes of previous meeting were read : it was moved P.Redfern seconded P.Melican that the be accepted.
Treasurers Report Closing Balance $ 2162.44
Correspondence Outgoing none
Incoming summary of points for Regional comp day.
General Business
1. Slide roster , Easter Monday was a success taking $ 134.00 thanks to P.Redfern , K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy.
2. The Annual General Meeting is to be held on 3.6.85 followed by a general meeting.- discussion on delegates to Regional Committee.
3. Committee to draft newsletter K.Johnso, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy
4. No Correspondence from State Rivers.
5. An end of season dinner to be held at Mitcheltown date to be included in newsletter.
6. Last Regional Meeting-discussion held on next years program.
7. G.V.W.S.C. dinner held at Kialla 6 rep’s went from Nagambie.
8. Next years tags yo be ordered from perfection plate.
9. There was some discussion on future of slalom course
Meeting closed 9.20 pm

Annual General Meeting of Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc. 3rd June 1985

Meeting Opened 8.15 pm
Present N.Watt, R.Watt, K.Johnson, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, L.Wilson, A.Jaudzemis, C.Smith T.Pearce, P.Keiser, P.Redfern
Apologies J.Mountjoy, P.Williams, J.Williams, H.Bothe, M.Mountjoy, D.Mountjoy
Minutes of previous Annual Meeting (7.11.83 were read) It was moved I.Wilson, seconded A.Jaudzemis they be accepted. Carried
Business arising from Minutes none
Treasurers report Statement at 31.6.1985 Balance at date of Inc. (20.2.84) $ 1863.57
Income             Expenditure
Membership subs 620.00   Insurance 2 years 537.59
Entry Fees (comp days) 300.00   Postages 70.94
Proceeds sale W’cheaters 314.00   Badges 18.10
“ “ T-Shirts 259.00   P.O.Box 41.00
„ Raffles 877.00   Incorporation cost 60.00
Donations 42.00   Printing 37.00
Shire slide 10.00   Moomba Trip 210.00
Moomba Trip 84.00   Comp Days 456.8
Receipt from Investment 241.81   Taxes 6.72
--------   Purchase T-Shirts 332.50
$2747.81   Purchase Trophies 325.80
  Raffles 50.00
  Other 187.60
Assets Distribution:
Cheque Account $ 186.33
Term Deposit $1500.00
Investment $ 600.00
$ 2286.33
Correspondence Inward
8 Proxy vote forms from Members
Outward None
Presidents report I.Wilson
Since the last Annual General Meeting the club has become Incorporated thus offering limited liability cover. The formation of the Goulburn Murray Water Ski Region has provided a successful avenue for Social competition for four clubs, G.V.W.S.C, Waranga Boat Club, Moama W.S.C and Nagambie W.S.C. Inc. Our clubs performance has possibly not as successful as the competition themselves from a team point of view with the exception of some promising individual performances. I would like to thank those who have helped to form the Region and participated on the committee with myself,-C.Smith, K.Johnson & O.Mountjoy This years fund raising took a different approach with no dance held due to there being a number held around the proposed date. With this avenue unavailable efforts were turned towards the local “Pub raffle”, this proving most successful. Thanks go to all who assisted especially A.Jaudzemis who organized the hampers. We purchased both club windcheaters and T-Shirts, however the windcheaters have not sold as well due to size allocation but the T-Shirts are almost sold out. The club organized several trips away, the 1st however being cancelled but all the rest were very successful and all those attending enjoyed themselves. Once again as bus trip to Moomba was organized and proved very successful and was enjoyed by all attending. A temporary slalom course was installed in the scour bridge area of the lake after several stumps were removed when the water level was down. It proved to be feasible to install one there but it would require a more permanent style of construction if installed there in the future. Talks are continuing slowly with the Rural Water Commission of Vic. Regarding lease of River foreshore in Kirwins Bridge area. Some progress has been made that looks promising. A letter applying for the lease was drafted outlining proposals for the area and a history of the club , and has been sent. We are sill waiting on a reply. C.Smith resigned as secretary unable to complete his full term of Office and the Vacancy was filled by O.Mountjoy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and assistance over my Term in Office and am assure that with a united effort am sure the club will prosper in the future.
Election of Office Bearers:
Nomination for President P.Redfern Nom O.Mountjoy sec. I.Wilson carried
Nomination for Vice President 1. I.Wilson Nom. R.Watt sec. R.Melican
2. P.Melican Nom. A.Jaudzemis sec I.Wilson
I.Wilson was elected to Office Carried
Nomination for secretary O.Mountjoy Nom. C.Smith sec. A.Jaudzemis carried
Nomination for Treasurer 1. K.Johnson Nom. P.Redfern sec P.Melican
2. P.Kaiser Nom. O.Moutjoy sec. I.Wilson
K.Johnson was elected to Office Carried
Nomination for committee members ( 2 Vacancies)
1 .P Melican nom. C.Smith sec R.Watt carried
2. P.Kaiser nom. K.Johnson sec. I.Wilson carried
Special Business
A resolution to alter “ Model Rules “ as follows was passed.
4. (1) The entrance fee is Nil
4. (2) The annual subscription is $15.00 and is to be adjusted as deemed necessary by the committee and is payable in advance on or before the 1st July in each year. Moved I.Wilson seconded P.Kaiser carried.

Ordinary Meeting Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc. 3rd June 1985

Meeting Opened
Present N&R.Watt, K.Johnson , I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, L.Wilson, P.Melican, A.Jaudzemis C.Smith, T.Pearce, P.Kaiser. P.Redfern,
Apologies J.Mountjoy, P&J.Williams, H.Bothe, M&D.Mountjoy
Minutes of previous Meeting were read: It was moved I.Wilson sec. A Jaudzemis that the be accepted carried
Business arising from the minutes : None
Treasurers report. As per Annual General Meeting.
Correspondence Outward
1. Letter to Council Re competition day at Nagambie
2. Newsletter
1. Waranga Newsletter
2. Waranga Annual Report
3. Vic 150th Anniversary Board
General Business
Discussion was held on letter from 150th committee and phone conversation b/w K.Johnson and 150th rep. , inquiring whether or not NWSC was interested in participating in demonstration/comp at Seven Creeks Estate Euroa for 150th celebrations. Moved K.Johnson seconded T.Pearce that P.Redfern organize inspection of site in relation to suitability for competition, Show exhibition or barefoot drags. Carried
After some discussion it was felt there was a need fo formalize the future an account Would be sent one month prior to the due date (1st July) notifying members fees were due.
It was decided that in the case of this year, there was insufficient notice and accounts were not available so whatever could be done as soon as possible under these guidelines was acceptable.
A meeting was planned to draw up details on information required for the Rural Water Commission, after discussion on actual location of foreshore Lease along the “ Ski Area “ with the Commission on 3rd June. Those to attend : C.Smith, A Jaudzemis, P.Redfern, O.Mountjoy I.Wilson on Wed.7th June 7.30 pm
Meeting closed 10.25 pm

Ordinary meeting Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc. 1st July 1985

Meeting Opened 8.29 pm
Present P&J.Williams, P.Melican, A.Jaudzemis, P.Redfern, K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy
Apologies N&R.Watt, J.Mountjoy, I.Wilson, P&M.Kaiser
Minutes of the previous Meeting were read. It was moved P.Melican seconded A.Jaudzemis that they be accepted carried.
Business arising from Minutes
Nothing has presently been done with the sending of accounts for due memberships or Drawing up of an account form. K.Johnson and I.Wilson was to follow it up and to send some form of notification as Soon as possible prior to end of July informing of due membership.
Treasurers report
: Unchanged from June Balance $ 2268.33
Chq.Account $ 186.33
Term Dep. $ 1500.00
Investment $ 600.00
Correspondence Outward
Inquire for quotation for 85/86 tags Perfection Plate
Association Incorporations Officer notification of O.Mountjoys appointment as Public Officer ( Form a)
Rural Water Commission of Vic. Proposal by NWSC for lease of foreshore area.
Perfection Plate ; Notification of order for year tags
Payment for one Membership
General Business
Seven Creeks Estate 150th Celebration.
P.Redfern reported that the lake was of serviceable nature, it would depend however on What was to be scheduled. It was felt it would depend on whether the VWSA were participating as to what would be most suitable for club promotion. It was moved ( P.Melican) seconded (A.Jaudzemis) that the event be utilized in some form involving the NWSC and possibly Goulburn Murray Water ski region depending on suitability and K.Johnson was to acknowledge on behalf of club depending on VWSA involvement. Carrie
Committee to Goulburn Murray Water ski Region ; three delegates are required to attend each meeting, due to unavailability at times I was thought that four should be nominated. Nomination I.Wilson, K.Johnsom, P.Redfern, O.Mountjoy all four were elected Unopposed. Carried
A motion was put that the details for the secretaries honoraria be available at the Next meeting for discussion moved P.Williams sec. J.Williams carried
General discussion followed on letter to Rural Water commission of Vic.
Meeting Closed 9.36 pm

Ordinary Meeting N.W.S.C.Inc. 5th August 1985

Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present C.Barrie, B.Skinner, E.Wright, P.Blackwell, I.Wilson, J.Maclin, P.Kaiser, A.Mckinnon, K.Johnson, P.Redfern, D.Waite, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy,
Apologies N&R.Watt, P&J.Williams,J.Mountjoy, C.Smith, A.Jaudzemis
Minutes of previous Meeting were read:
It was moved P.Melican seconded P.Kaiser that they be accepted carried.
Business arising from the minutes
Discussion held on letter of acceptance sent to 150th organizing committee. It was Thought installation of a suitable slalom course would be appropriate. Gauging region participation should be done at next regional meeting. A group inspection should take place as soon as possible by P.Redfern O.Mountjoy + P.Kaiser of the site -- moved C Barrie sec. A.Mckinnon carried.
This seasons year tags (85/86) ordered from perfection plate arrived.
Notice of membership renewals & 150th Comp day ( Seven Creeks Estate) Planed but not posted.
Treasurers report
Bank Balance $ 2280.33
Termdep. $ 1500.00
Invest $ 600.00
Cheq.A/c $ 180.30
Correspondence Outward
To Associations Incorporations Office Form 2
1. Statement of Annual General Meeting, including Financial report
2. Special Resolution to alter “ statement of purpose “ or its” rules” amended 4 (1) and 4 (2)
1. Invitation to Moama Water Sports Club Annual Caberet.
2. Year tags and account from Perfection Plate.
3. Shire of Goulburn Water slide commission -- $43.00
4. It was moved P.Melican seconded J.Maclin that the incoming and outgoing correspondence be accepted carried
General Business
1. A motion was put that the secretary receive a sum of $ 30.00 as honorarium for 6 month pro rata. It was moved P.Melican sec. I.Wilson that $75.00 be paid to O.Mountjoy. carried
2. Delegates to attend next regional meeting at Tatura 7th August, those available from I.Wilson,K.Johnson and O.Mountjoy. O.Mountjoy to notify.
3. Discussion held of possible topics at Regional meetings
4.A motion was put that news of the 150th birthday celebration at Euroa and a renewal of membership notice be sent to current mailing list. Moved I.Wilson sec. P.Kaiser carried.
5. Council work has been carried out in Scour Bridge area ; dredged channels to caravan park which could render the area useless for the installation of a slalom course due to over use of area. No details available as yet.
Meeting closed

Ordinary Meeting N.W.S.C.Inc. 2.9.85

Meeting Opened
P.Redfern, C.Smith, O.Mountjoy, P.Williams,K.Johnson, J.Williams, N.Watt P.Kaiser, P.Melican
Apologies J.Maclin, J.Mountjoy, I.Wilson, R.Watt
Minutes of previous meeting : were read it was moved P.Kaiser seconded P.Melican that they be accepted. Carried.
Business arising from the minutes:
1. Seven creeks estate : The site has been inspected and appears to be quite suitable fo a slalom course and barefoot drags. Some organization needed closer to the event. Appears to be good interest for the day within the region.
2. 25 membership renewals from the newsletter/m’ship.
3. Statement of Annual General Meeting returned to be completed and Notice of Special resolution altering model rules accepted.
Treasurers report
$ 270.00 rec’d for membership $ 42.00 “ “ Water slide commission
Bank Balance $ 2687.05 Term deposit: $ 1600.00 Cheque Acc. $ 587.05 Invest. Acc. $ 600.00
Correspondence Inward.
1. Returned Statement of Annual General from Corporate Affairs.
2. Minutes of Goulburn Murray Ski Region Committee meeting held on 6th August.
3. Rules for 85/86 season.
4. Committee Names and Numbers
5. GVWSC Calendar of events.
6. Waranga B.C Newsletter ( July).
7. Kite Write Newsletter (August )
8. Shepptember Fishing Boat Regatta rules + entry forms.
9. Notice of first aid course at Longwood.
Newsletter Re Seven Creeks day/ Membership
It was moved N.Watt seconded C.Smith that correspondence as read be accepted
General Business
1. It was moved P.Williams seconded N.Watt that $400.00 be transferred from cheque account to investment account to utilize opportunity for interest on money held by the club carried.
2. A reasonable response to newsletter re M’ship final notice was received , money received approximately $270.00 .
3.Need to write to council applying for use of lake Nagambie for regional Comp.Day.
4. Report on Regional Meeting outline of rules and regulation as proposed. After some discussion it was moved C.Smith seconded P.Melican that it be brought to the attention of regional committee of the original aims of the region ie. To foster and advance social skiing between the water skiing clubs in this region and that it is felt that there may be a departure from this concept in relation to the “Novice class” and the finless events with to much emphasis on competition rather than being social.
5. Moama water sports club is to hold a family day/ski trails from Echuca to Barmah on 27th October. BBQ supplied $ 20.00 approx/boat prior entries.
6. State Rivers indicated that they might have a reply by the end of September.
7. It was moved P.Melican seconded C.Smith that an approach was to be made to the management of the hotel-M Purbrick; that the club is disappointed with the facilities provided for the meetings. Carried
8. Ski club weekend trips away were planned for .
a. 24th November Barmah b. 23rd February to be decided c. 6th April to be decided
9. It was felt that an effort should be made to hold ski lessons for children over the Holidays Free to limited numbers on the 11th January 1986. Assistance for finance should be sort from Youth, Sport & Recreation; other sponsor eg. Anchor , Rip Curl.
10. It was felt it was time to organize another newsletter and a committee was formed to organize as soon as possible ie. K.Johnson, P.Redfern, I.Wilson, P.Kaiser, P.Melican ,O.Mountjoy.
11. It was felt that there may be some altering of the boating zoning laws relating to the lake area, so a letter notifying council of our interest to be notified of any such discussion or proposals to be send.

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc. 6.10.85

Meeting Opened 8.25 pm
A.Jaudzemis, P.Kaiser, P.Melican, K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy
Apologies J.Mountjoy, N&R.Watt , P.Redfern, I.Wilson, P&J.Williams, D.Waite,T.Pearce
Minutes of the previous meeting: were read It was moved P.Melican seconded P.Kaiser that they be accepted Carried
Business arising from the minutes
NWSC Inc needs to support the Moama Comp day.
Treasurers report. Transaction 2 Membership
Transfer $ 400.00 Term deposit $ 1000.00 Investment Acc. $ 1500.00 Cheque Acc $ 216.74
$ 2716.74
It was moved Fonz seconded P.Kaiser that the treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Out
1. Goulburn Shire Council : Re comp day
2. Corporate Affairs : Statement of Ann.Gen. Meeting. Notice of special Resolution altering Model Rules.
1. Seven Creeks Estate : Guidelines Tickets + info
2. Sheptember Fishing Boat Regatta
3. Corporate Affairs
4. G.M. Ski Region : Minutes
5. Waranga B.C. Aug 1th Sept. Newsletter
6. G.V.W.S.C. sept. Newsletter
7. Membership subs --2
8. State bank - statement
9. State Bank term deposit notice
It was moved K.Johnson seconded P.Melican the correspondence be accepted carried
General Business
1. Motion to transfer monies due on the 10th Oct. in term deposit into fixed deposit Stock ( ie. Invest a/c) to allow quick access. Mov. P.Melican sec. P.Kaiser carried
2. Committee to draft newsletter to met 7.30 10th Oct @ 15 Howe st.
3. Reply from State rivers due approx 2 weeks
4. P.Melican suggested meetings remain at top pup after talks with management.
5. Steps to be taken to follow up Youth,Sport & Rec.Grants
6. possible boat rezoning to be followed up at later date.
7. Euroa Ski Day : notified Reg. Meeting, Format Sat.-Fun Day NWSC Sun -Region day
E, choks + stubbies etc. needed for trophies. Reimbursment for boats used $ 30.00 be split
8. Disc at Reg. Comp Day max 122 cm diam.
9. First weekend away changed from 24th Nov to 16th Nov mov.P.Kaiser sec P.Melican
10. P.Melican to organize Sun BBQ farewell for C.Smith

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc. 4th Nov 85

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
P.Redfern, P.Kaiser, P.Melican, K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy, I.Wilson
Apologies D.Waite, R&N.Watt, P&J.Williams,J.Mountjoy, M.Mountjoy
Minutes of previous meeting were read It was moved P.Redfern seconded P.Kaiser they be accepted.
Business arising from minutes
Yet to follow up Youth, Sport+Rec. grants.
Treasurers report
Transactions Subs $ 75.00 Secretaries Expenses $ 15.00 Interest $ 89.85 Postage $ 10.40
Term deposit Nil Investment a/c $ 2500.00 Cheque a/c $ 356.55
$ 2856.55
Moved P.Kaiser seconded P.Melican the treasurers report be accepted.
Correspondence Out Newsletter
1. Waranga BC Newsletter Oct.
2. GVWSC Newsletter Oct.
3. Bank statement
4. Receipt corporate affairs
5. GM Ski region Minutes
6. Moama fun day 84 km ski entries map
7. Shire of Goulburn replay granting permission for comp day at Buckley Park but does not provide exclusive use of boat ramp.
It was moved P.Kaiser sec. P.Melican the correspondence be accepted.
General Business
1. Seven Creeks day: Day went well numbers limited but all who attended enjoyed themselves . Slalom course went well.
2. Letter of thanks to be send to Sally Beckensalle re Seven Creeks Day.
3. Payment for use of boats $ 10.00 H.Bothe $20.00 to P.Redfern (2 days)
4. Thought advantageous to write to Gabriel ( seven creeks) to seek further use of lake by NWSC in future.
5. Moama comp day cancelled due to unsuitable river conditions.
6. P.Kaiser to seek out requirements on licenses to NSW Marine Board.
7. State Rivers : still no replay.
8. NWSC comp Day
a. enquire if region can supply speakers
b. N.Watt to discuss with D Simpson possible of installation of speakers at Buckley Park if none other available.
c. Trophies.
9. Proposed weekend away 16th Nov
10. Moama fun day : very successful day 2 NWSC boats P.Redfern , C.Berrie

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc 2nd Dec 85

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
P.Redfern, A.Jaudzemis, P.Kaiser, K.Johnson, B.Skinner, O.Mountjoy
Apologies J.Mountjoy, N&R.Watt, P&J.Williams, P.Melican, I.Wilson
Minutes of the previous meeting were read it was moved P.Kaiser sec. K.Johnson the minutes be accepted.
Business arising
1. No letter to Gabriel yet - K.Johnson to follow up.
2. License booklets arrived via P.Kaiser.
Treasurers report
Transactions Subs $ 60.00 Boat payments Euroa $ 30.00 Invest a/c $ 2500.00 Cheque a/c $ 386.55
$ 2886.55
Moved P.Kaiser sec. B.Skinner the treasurers report be accepted.
Correspondence Out Nil
1. GM Region Minutes
2. GMWSC Newsletter Nov.
3. Southern 80 Entry forms
4. Bank statement
Gen Business
1. Trip away v. good attended by Redferns, Mountjoys, + Wilsons
2. Raffle raised $ 155.00 , thanks to those who assisted.
3. NWSC to hold ski lessons, morning session free .K.Johnson to display posters in local shops after Christmas.
4. State Rivers: Land conservations council opposed; but land still open to public; Still processing .
5. Divers in Lake.
6. Funds not available from youth,sport +rec, but allocated by VWSA as the represent governing body in water skiing.
7. NWSC comp went well on 1st dec.
Close 10.20 pm

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc 6th Jan 86

P.Kaiser, A.Jaudzemis, K.Johson, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy
Apologies P.Redfen, I.Wilson
Minutes of the previous meeting moved A.Jaudzemis sec, P.Melican they be accepted
Business arising Nil
Treasurers report Transactions Raffle Monies $ 136.00
Correspondence Out Nil
1. GMWSC Newsletter
2. GM Ski Region Minutes 4th Dec.
General Business
1. Planned learn to ski day Buckley Park 11th Jan. 9.30 am - 12.99 pm Require as many people to assist as possible plus equipment. Boats Avail. SS Nymph, Groucho, Scruffy, O.Mountjoys People Avail. P.Melican. P.Kaiser , K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy ( Poss. C.Barrie, N.Watt)
To be advertised Lake side Garage, Fonz Butcher, Buckley Park Kiosk for one week Prior + 3 SR morning of 11th Jan by Kevin Woods.
3. Regional comp day 19th Jan.

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc 3rd Feb 86

A.Jaudzemis, K.Johnson, D.Waite, P.Kaiser, P.Redfern, O.Mountjoy, I.Wilson, T.Pearce
Apologies P.Melican
Minutes of the previous meeting moved A.Jaudzemis sec, Pkaiser that they be accepted
Treasurers report
Transactions Subs (2)
Invest a/c $ 2500.00 Cheque a/c $ 644.92
$ 3144.92
Moved D.Waite seconded A Joudzemis that the treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Out Nil
1. GV Party hire advertisement
2. Questionnaire for region at GV comp day moved P.Kaiser seconded I.Wilson the correspondence be accepted.
General Business
1. Filled in Questionnaire re format of future had sufficient comp days.
2.Learn to ski day 15 children all skies Mostly from Mel. Some Nagambie + Seymour Shortage of wetsuits for lads.
Payments for boats used to C.Barrie, P.Melican + I.Wilson Tentative date for 15th March
3. Pub Raffle available I.Wilson, P.Kaiser. A.Jaudzemis O.Mountjoy on 7th
4. Region meeting 4th Feb O.Mountjoy, K.Johnson.
5. Club trip away planned for 23rd Feb at Junction of Goulburn + Murray Rivers Echuca Attempt to notify all members.
6. Southern 80 Club represented and locals involved P.Redfern, T.Pearce, D.Muir, M.Black we wish you all well.
7. Invitation day at Burembeet to be held on 16th Feb. poss. Competitors Redferns, K.Johnson, P.Kaiser + O Mountjoy.
8. State Rivers still no news, reply poss.2 weeks.
9. GV comp day successful day.
Successful competitors: K.Johnson L.Redfern ( Women)
L.Redfern ( Subs) P.Kaiser ( Nov)
Boat crew of the day SS Nymph - Redferns.
10. C.Smith farewell held Wed 15th Jan at Buckley Park, presentation of pair Goldie’s Doubles in appreciation ( App.$ 149.00) well attended , we wish him luck.
11. Suggestions that a brief calendar be send out in the form of a newsletter.
Close 10.00 pm

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc. 3rd March 86

O.Mountjoy, K.Johnson, P.Redfern, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies Nil
Minutes of the previous meeting moved A.Jaudzemis sec. P.Melican they be accepted.
Business arising Nil
Treasurers report
New member subs $ 15.00 Interest $ 85.32 Raffle $208.55
Balance $ 3413.77
Correspondence Nil
General Business
1. Insurance paid
2. Learn to ski day 15th March
3. Sponsorship to regional Trophies $ 50.00
4. Bus trip to Moomba planned Number indicated 24 seater Invitation extended to GVWSC

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc. 7th April 86

O.Mountjoy, P.Melican, I Wilson, P.Kaiser, P.Redfern
Apologies K.Johnson
Minutes of the previous meeting moved P.Melican sec. I.Wilson they be accepted.
Treasurers report unavailable
Correspondence Out Nil
1. Mulvala water ski club ltd. Invitation to ski show
General Business
1. Suggestion to advertise meetings.
2. No replay from state Rivers
3. Regional meeting 9th Tatura
4. Region presentation day at Waranga 20th.
5. Learn to ski day canncelled.

Ordinary Meeting NWSC Inc. 5th May 86

Meeting Opened 8.20 pm
P.Melican, P.Redfern, P.Kaiser, A.Jaudzemis, O.Mountjoy
Apologies K.Johnson, I.Wilson, J.Mountjoy
Minutes of the previous meeting moved P.Melican sec. P.Redfern they be accepted.
Business arising Nil
Treasurers report unavailable
Correspondence Out Nil
1. GVWSC April Newsletter.
2. Waranga B.C. May Newsletter
3. State bank April statement
4. Chocolate Basket Advertisement
5. Express Shp. Advertisement
6. Shire of Goulburn Notice of public Meeting
General Business
1. It was moved P.Melican sec. P.Kaiser that a newsletter be send to all members Giving notification of the Annual General Meeting and a special resolution to set Annual + entrance fees.
2. G.M.Region Committee Meeting 14th May NWSC unable to attend.
3. Results Regional comp day 20th April Waranga
Womens 1st K.Jonhnson
2nd L.Redfern
3rd J.Mountjoy
Sub Juniors Boys 2nd B Redfern
Girls 2nd L.Redfern
Aggregate points for season NWSC
Women 1st K.Johnson           Boys 3rd B.Redfern
2nd L.Redfern           Girls 2nd L.Redfern
3rd J.Mountjoy
Encouragement : Kristy Watt
Encouragement : Novice Laticia Macklin
3. It was deemed necessary to organize our presentation to council on the lease proposal to be held on the 14th May. Close consultation with I .Wilson and any Council members to establish proposed aims. It was felt necessary to outline club Aims for the proposed lease site not discuss the suitability or otherwise of the ski area. As many members as possible should be made aware of the current situation and the meeting

Newsletters 1985 86

News Letters 1985 86