News Letters 1986 87

Annual General Meeting NWSC Inc 2nd June 1986

Meeting Opened 8.15 pm
Present A.Jaudzemis, P.Melican, L&P.Redfern, K.Johnson, J&O.Mountjoy K.Ross, N.Watt, I.Wilson
Apologies J.Maclin, M.Mountjoy, D.Waite
Minutes of previous Annual Meeting were read: It was moved P.Melican sec. A.Jaudzemis they be accepted
Business arising Nil
Treasurers report See attached sheet for annual statement
Accounting Report
Statement of Receipts and payments for Nagambie water ski club Incorporated
Previous year 1984                               1985 $ 2286.33
620.00 Membership Subscriptions                      525.00
300.00 Entry fees comp says              
314.00 Proceeds from sale of Windsheeters              
259.0 Proceeds from sale of T Shirts              
877.10 Proceeds Raffles;                                  540.20
42.00 Donations                                                50.00
10.00 Shire Slide                                               43.00
84.00 Moomba Trip                                          40.00
241.71 Receipt from Investment                        212.37
2747.81                                                      $ 1410.57
$ 3696.90
537.59 Insurance                                             278.06
70.94 Postage                                                  51.55
18.10 Badges                                                   18.20
41.00 P.O.Box                                                23.00
60.00 Incorporation Costs                                 36.00
201.00 Moomba Bus Trip                                 41.00
456.00 Competition Days                               200.00
6.72 Taxes                                                       1.29
332.50 Purchase of T Shirts              
325.80 Purchase of Trophies              
50.00 Raffles                                                   40.10
187.60 other Expenses                                     99.00
                                        Secretary                15.00
2325.05                                                         803.20
                                                 1985 Shq.A/C 393.70              
Investment 2500.00
$2286.33                                                       2893.70
Correspondence Nil
President Report :
Commenced the year with an application for lease of section of land from R.W.C.V. at Kirwins Bridge but the latest step was that a public meeting at which the feeling from the council was unfavorable but still awaiting official reply from RWCV. The first few events of the year were.
1. Club weekend away 16th Nov.
2. Ski day at seven creeks estate Euroa.
3. Moama Watersports club Fun Ski Day.
Moama had to cancel the 1st of the regional comp. Days but as the season continued we had some very good personal efforts:
Womens : 1 K.Johnson . 2. L.Redfern , 3. J.Mountjoy
Sub Junior Boys 3. B.Redfern, Sub Jun.Girls L.Redfern.
Encouragement K.Watt L.Maclin
Club overall 3rd only
The round hosted by NWSC went well thanks to those who attended. This year saw the first of our learn to ski days . Also, this year brought the resignation from C.Smith who through waork commitments left the area, many thanks to Col for all his efforts. A send off was held for him. Later in the season some of us were shown some real lane racing at a comp at Lake Burembeet, Ballarat. This was followed by a bus trip to Moomba which again proved to be very entertaining . The Pub raffle this year remained our best source of additional revenue ; many thanks to those who assisted, particularly Fonz, Willy, Peter Melican + O.Mountjoy. I would like to thank those who have assisted me throughout the year and hope that our efforts won’t be lost in our quest for a suitable venue for our members.
Election of office bearers.
President : Paul Redfern nom. O.Mountjoy sec. P.Melican Elected unopposed
Vice President: Ian Wilson nom. N.Watt sec . A.Jaudzemis Elected unopposed
Secretary; Owen Mountjoy nom. N.Watt sec. P.Redfern Elected unopposed
Treasure 1. Karen Johnson nom. L.Redfern sec O.Mountjoy Elected
2.Peter Kaiser nom. K.Johnson sec. N.Watt
Committee ; P.Kaiser nom N.Watt sec. O.Mountjoy Elected
P.Melican nom. P.Redfern sec. N.Watt
L.Redfern nom. P.Melican sec. A.Jaudzemis Elected
Special Business:
1.Resolution to alter “ Model Rules “ 4 (1) The entrance fee is to be $ 30.00 and reviewed and adjusted by committee and members at every annual general as deemed necessary. Moved O.Mountjoy sec. N.Watt amended to be” $ 40.00 “ moved P.Melican sec. P.Kaiser carried.
4 (2) The annual subscription is $20.00 & reviewed and adjusted by committee and members at every Annual Gen. As deemed necessary and is payable in advance, on or before the 1st July in each year. Carried
Meeting closed

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc 2nd June 1986

Meeting Opened 9.20 pm
Present A.Jaudzemis, P.Melican, L&P.Redfern, K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy K.Ross, N.Watt, I.Wilson
Apologies J.Maclin, M&J.Mountjoy, D.Waite
Minutes of previous Annual Meeting were read: It was moved P.Melican sec. P.Kaiser they be accepted
Business arising Nil
Treasurers Report: Chq. A/c $ 393.70 Invest A/c $2500.00
$ 2893.70
Correspondence out Newsletter notice of Annual General
1. Perfection Plate- Notice of trading terms
2. State Bank May statement
3. New membership form
4. Shire of Goulburn - replay to lease submission
5. Rural Water Commission - map upstream chinamans bridge marginal land leases.
6. General - Notice of Public meeting. 2 Press reports of public meeting.
Moved I.Wilson sec. N.Watt the correspond. Be accepted.
General Business
1. It was thought a good idea to investigate the possibility of sending a club junior/ Sub junior to a ski school. It may be decided upon by the encouragement award and other efforts throughout the season . (Lipplegoes Deniliquin).
2. Regional Meeting report: Social night on Sat. 9th Aug at Country Lodge Murchison - poss no’s 12 - 16 avail. Suggestions for coming seasons events.; Lane race- Le mans - 1-2 club teams selected Boat show 10 - 16th July poss. Group trip. New delegates to region be from our committee
3. Ian Wilson to find out whether repairs were carried out on boat ramp by Rowing club ans shire while Lake is at low level.
4. Lease position. Submission sent to RWCV - OK in principle, subject to council approval. RWCV asked for objections from residents, as result objections were lodged with RWCV -- ministerial inquiry.
Public meeting was held : Club hopeful-council replay was no but sympathetic And to hold further discussion.
RWCV -- still in principle satisfied with club request.
Further discussion planned to another proposal to council while water level still down Poss. Location Sandy Creek.

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 7th.July 86

Meeting opened 7.10 pm
Present D.Waite, K.Johnson, P.Redfern, H.Bothe, O.Mountjoy, N.Watt, A.Jaudzemis, I.Wison, M.Mountjoy
Apologies J.Mountjoy, L.Redfern, P.Williams
Minutes of the previous meeting moved A.Jaudzemis sec. N.Watt that the minutes be accepted.
Business arising
1. Social night 9th Aug. Criketers Arm Mooroopna now counter tea 8.00pm 10-12
2. Boat show poss Sun 10 - 16th
3. Boat ramp - some modification done by rowing club.
Treasurers report Balance $ 2893.90 Moved N.Watt sec. I.Wilson the treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence. Out Birth cards I& T Wilson, P&J. Williams
1. Safe Boating in Victoria.
2. CFL Newsletter unused roads & water frontage
3. Norman Bros; advertisement
4. GM Region May minutes
5. WBC Newsletter
6. June Bankstatement
7. C.Smith subs $20.00 ; notice re cobram Shire waterskiing
8. RWCV Replay Kirwin s Bridge
9. Letter to council ; J.Macklin
Moved N.Watt sec. D.Waite that the correspondence be accepted.
General Business
Meeting attended by John Arthor & Gordon McMaster after invitation was extended To discuss situation re ski area. The club proposed the use of a section of river adjoining a RWCV lease site at Sandy Creek. The outlined the council opposition and pointed out that the club needed to satisfy several points.
1. Safety to other river users.
2. Policing & management of area.
3. Land holders opinions.
4. General Safety The club aim is to clarify and satisfy these points for council.

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 4th Aug 86

Meeting opened 8.15 pm
Present P.Kaiser, P.Melican, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, P.Redfern, K.Johnson
Apologies N.Watt, A.Jaudzemis
Minutes of the previous meeting moved I.Wilson sec P.Kaiser that the minutes be accepted.
Business arising Few attended social night at Cricketers Arms Mooroopna
Treasurers report Transactions Subs & Windcheaters
Balance $ 3040.90 Moved P.Melicant sec. I.Wilson the treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence. Out Nil
1. Waranga BC July Newsletter.
2. Letter to council from members.
3. Letter of resignation from committee from L.Redfern.
4. Bank Statement July.
Moved P.Kaiser sec. P.Melican that the correspondence be accepted.
General Business
1. As a result of L.Redfern resignation from committee the resulting vacancy was filled by P.Melican , the only other nominee .
2. Membership forms need to be updated. I.Wilson / O.Mountjoy to pursue.
3. I.Wilson has sought to inform landholders adjoining ski area and to seek their Opinion.
4. O.Mountjoy to seek support from other clubs ie. Angling, Waranga BC etc.
5. K.Johnson to seek letter of support from canoe club.
6. P.Redfern , K.Johnson, P.Kaiser to organize next newsletter.

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 1st Sep 86

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
Present P.Kaiser, P.Melican, , A.Jaudzemis, , K.Johnson, , P.Redfern, O.Mountjoy
Apologies I.Wilson, D.Waite
Minutes of the previous meeting moved P.Kaiser sec P.Melican that the minutes be accepted.
Treasurers report Transactions Out : Newsletter Incrp. Fees
In : Interest W’cheaters Balance $ 3172.60
Moved A.Jaudzemis sec. P.Melican the treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence. Out
1. Annual General Report/ alteration to model rules.
2. Nagambie Angling club.
3. Reject to council to discuss sandy ck.
4. RTA application for registration series.
5. Letter of thanks - Waranga B.C.
6. NSWC Newsletter.
1. RTA Registration No’s 101 -- 199
2. Letters of support for river.
3. GWSC July Newsletter.
4. Waranga Aug Newsletter
5. Financial Report GMWS Region.
6. GMWSR Minutes 13th Aug.
7. Echuca River petition zoning.
Moved A.Jaudzemis sec. P.Kaiser the correspondence be accepted.
General Business
1. After application to council by the NWSC on 20th Aug; I.Wilson, P.Redfern & O.Mountjoy had an opportunity to put forward the NWSC proposal for the Sandy Ck. Site. This was to prove successful on trial basis.
2. K.Johnson thanked Canoe Club for support.
3. Newsletter to outline the current position of the River and conditions & restrictions.
4. Pub raffle due for last weekend in September.
5. Discussion on Boat No’s and design NV 101
check on appropriate dia.
Need to compile letter to RTA to approve members application for No ‘s
Other requirements Insurance $ 250 000 needed proof as well as any other details as required.
6. Still to print new membership forms .
7. Request from Jean Bennett to sign petitions against proposal put forward by Murray River recreational Advisory committee on River use at Echuca.
8. I.Wilson to contact Burgess signs for River section.
9. Applications made to RTA by O.Mountjoy & P.Redfern for no’s 108 & 101 respectively.
10. There is thought that assistance may be sought by council with Boating Officer- those willing to assist- P.Kaiser , P.Melican, P.Redfern, & O.Mountjoy

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 6th Oct 86

Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present A.Jaudzemis, J.Mountjoy, O.Mountjoy, P.Redfern, K.Johnson, R&N.Watt, I.Wilson, P.Melican, P.Kaiser
Apologies P&J.Williams
Minutes of the previous meeting moved I.Wilson sec P.Kaiser that the minutes be accepted.
Business arising from minutes : 1. Pub raffle raised $ 155.74 thanks to Willy, Fonz, P.Melican & O.Mountjoy
Treasurers report Income Raffle : $ 155.74
Membership $ 380.00 Windsheaters $ 64.00
Balance $ 3725.34 $ 500.00 to SIA Moved P.Kaiser sec A.Jaudzemis carried
Correspondence In
1. Waranga B.C. Newsletter Sept.
2. Exemption permit : 1st Sept’ 86 - 31st May 87.
3. Account year tags : Perfection Plate.
4. Shire of Goulburn : re permit - names & meeting
5. Submission by Nag Police re permit
6. Corporate Affairs receipt for annual fee.
1. Shire List club members 29.9.86 with NV No ‘s allocated
General Business :
1. I.Wilson & O.Mountjoy attended meeting held by shire with Boating Authority Local Police 29.9 - as requested NWSC issued list of current financial members & present No ‘s allocated. The need to delay use by new members from time of application to that time when actually registered to do so with appropriate bodies. Ie.Water police etc. The ability of all NWSC members to be identifiable. Restriction of hours of use 12.0 --- 8.30pm Mon-Fri 10.0 --- 8.30pm Sat-Sunday if necessary Mon-Wed poss excluded. Objections by adjoining landowners. Soil erosion problem could result. Need to notify caravan park/rowing club kiosk of area to be used by NWSC only. Meeting should be held with boating authority to discuss differences of opinion.
2. Next Regional Meeting 22nd Oct, Tatura
3. Approach to RWA to lease site should be made.
4. Letter to be drawn up to be sent with applications to RTA to indicate applicant is member of NWSC.
5. Newsletter those available to meet at K.Johnson on the 14th at 7.30

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. Nov. 86

Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present K.Ross, P.Kaiser, N.Watt, P.Redfern, O.Mountjoy, & K.Johnson
Apologies R.Watt
Minutes of the previous meeting were read. moved P.Kaiser sec N.Watt that the minutes be accepted. Carried
Business arising from minutes : None
Treasurers report Membership $ 320.00
Balance $ 4113.16 Moved K.Ross sec. N.Watt that $1000.00 not $ 500.00 be invested
Correspondence out None
1. Waranga BC Oct. Newsletter
2. GVWSC Oct Newsletter
3. Year Tags Perfection Plate.
4. Bank Statement.
5. Déjà vu-- ski school brochure
6. Regional minutes 22 Oct.
General Business
1. Pub raffle--- check with Fonz if NWSC in roster for Nov.
2. Still to make submission to RWGV to lease land.
3. Deja- vu ski school possibility for club day.
4. Proposed date for learn to ski day 29th Nov.
5. Ken Ross application for NV 123

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc.1st Dec 86

Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present P.Redfern, K.Ross, A.Jaudzemis, N.Watt, O.Mountjoy, I.Wilson
Apologies P.Melican, P.Kaiser
Minutes of the previous meeting. moved N.Watt sec K.Ross that the minutes be accepted.
Business arising from minutes : None
Treasurers report Income Raffle $118 $ 76
Expenses Postage $30
Balance $ 3946.93 Ch/acc $ 446.93 S.I.A $ 1000.00
Correspondence out Newsletter
1. Shire of Goulburn draft permit
2. Waranga B.C. Nov Newsletter
General Business
1. Payment passed for boat use at comp Moama: K.Ross $ 10.00 O.Mountjoy $ 20.00 Learn to ski K Ross $ 10.00 O.Mountjoy $ 10.00 Moved N.Watt sec. I.Wilson
Thanks to I.Wilson for use of boat at learn to ski and all those who assisted.
2. Next learn to ski 17th Jan.
3. Proposed date for club weekend away 31th 1./ 1st .2.
4. Thanks to Fonz , Willy, P.Melican & O.Mountjoy for assistance with pup raffle profit $ 118.18.
5. Newsletter has been sent out to members.
6. Moama Comp Day : despite cool conditions & drizzling rain it was a good day at Greens Lake new competitors K.Ross , family& John Plischke some good results.
7. Next comp. 7th Dec. Waranga.
8. Modifications to ski permit, land opposite chateau winery removed-misunderstood ? by council, hour shortened.

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc.Feb 87

Includes Jan Meeting as none was held
Present O.Mountjoy, K.Johnson, P.Melican, D.Sutton, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies Nil
Minutes of the previous meeting read. moved P.Melican sec A.Jaudzemis that the minutes be accepted.
Treasurers report
Correspondence In
1. Waranga B.C. Jan Nwesletter.
2. Minutes regional meeting 26/11/86 & 13/12/86
3. Results regional comp. Waranga 7/12/86
4. Article-- The Guardian Jan 16th 87 C.Smith
5. New body formed for recreational boating.
General Business
1. Weekend away 31th Jan / 1st Feb attended only by Watts, Moutjoys & D.Waite : good weather.
2. Comp results Waranga some events ( mens Le mans & all lane races) were cancelled due to extremely poor conditions.
Womens points le mans 1st K.Johnson & L.Redfern
2nd J.Mountjoy, C.Ross & J.Pratt
First day with Reg Press motor in O.Mountjoys boat very promising
3. we wish all competitors in Southern 80 well especially Redferns.
4. 16th Jan. Burembeet Comp Invitation day at Ballarat Sat & Sunday -- Redferns & Mountjoys.
5. Notice of Nagambie Comp. Day to Kiosk at Buckley Park & Chinamans Bridge to allow sufficient notice for non locals

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 2nd March 87

Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present P.Kaiser, D.Waite, D.Sutton , N.Watt, O.Mountjoy, K.Johnson, A.Jaudzemis, P.Redfern,
Apologies P.Melican, I.Wilson, R.Watt, J.Mountjoy
Minutes of the previous meeting moved P.Redfern sec N.Wattthat the minutes be accepted.
Business arising: Learn to ski day was cancelled
Treasurers report
Income M’ship $ 80.00 Term Dep. $ 3500.00 Chq. Acc $ 643.07
Balance $ 4143.07 Moved N.Watt sec. D.Waite
Correspondence In
1. Region day times Shep
2. Account insurance
3. Region Minutes 19th Feb
4. Brett School ski school.
5. Letter of notice of club comp permit
6. G.V.W.S.C. newsletter Feb
7. Waranga B.C. Feb.
1. Letter to shire re. Delay for info
2. Insurance m’ship list
3. Account photocopies- Dennis Mc Namara
4. Notice of Lake closure
Moved D.Waite sec. N.Watt they be accepted
General Business
1. Payment of insurance renewal provided cover deemed adequate for club needs N.Watt to investigate.
2. Raffle 27/28th Feb profit $ 180.00 , thanks to Fonz, Willy, P.Melican & O.Mountjoy Fonz attended Pub Raffle meeting at RSL rooms 2nd March only information NWSC has raffle draft 26/27th in next 6 month.
3. Letter tablet for signature by members applying for Boat Rego no - to be typed As per draft.
4. Regional comp regulations to change to prohibit competitors and drivers during a competition . Also : to prompt boat owners to install rudder/ prop safety collors. Some opposition to change on belief that major changes to rules should not occur through the season but best prior to season commencing .
5. Burembeet 2 day comp attended by Redferns/Mountjoys-not successful points wise.
6. Mooomba bus trip ; limited people interested so own transport to be provided.
7. Nagambie comp day : permits granted by council but actual permit still to be issued.
a. items to organize : boat to patrol marker buoys
b. Large green buoys Owen
c. Blackboard Karen
d. Table N.Watt
e. P.A.N.Watt
f. Signs from Burgess Owen
g. Trials/ training saturday

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 4th May 87

Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present P.Redfern, A.Jaudzemis, D.Sutton, P.Melican, K.Johnson & O.Mountjoy
Apologies I.Wilson. P.Kaiser
Minutes of the previous meeting moved Fonz sec D.Sutton hat the minutes be accepted.
Business arising: Nil
Treasurers report Transactions P.O. Box rent & Insurance
Balance Term Deposit $ 3000.00 Chq. Acc $ 505.79
$ 4005.79
Correspondence Out Nil
1. GVWSC March newsletter
2. Shire council - require boats no’s issued, thanks for m’ship list.
3. Council permit for comp day.
4. Deya vu advertisement, waterski school.
5. Moama WSC - objection to regional committee’s safety regs. Moved P.Melican sec. Fonz the correspondence by accepted
General Business
1. Region comp held 15th March at Nagambie went well.
2. Region committee meeting held 19th March next meeting 14th May. Presentation day held at Basin 29th March
3. Insurance Premium due to be paid.
4. Payments for boat use P.Redfern ( Shep,Nag, Basin). O.Mountjoy (same) moved Fonz sec. P.Melican.
5. Club to purchase 2 drawer steel filing cabinet for secretary through P.Melican moved P.Redfern sec. P.Melican.
6. Ads to be placed in Euroa Gazette/Seymour Telegraph for 2 weeks prior to annual general meeting.
7. K.Johnson, C.Ross & D.Sutton to draft newsletter.
a. notice of annual general & news events
b. result of comp
c. thanks to Reg. Press
d. notice of Boat no application avail.
e. Change in region safety rules
f. Proposed application for renewal of permit.
8. K.Johnson to draw up form for membership application mov. P.Melican sec.A.Jaudzemis
9. Outline of steps in renewal permit.
10. Committee to canvas Mc Keans and others for support of renewal permit( inside 2 Weeks)
11. Those applying for boat no’s to be followed up.
12. Approach council ASAP followed by RWCV
Close 10.00 pm

News Letters 1986 87