Annual General Meeting NWSC Inc 1st June 1987

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
Present D.Sutton, D.Waite, K.Ross, P.Redfern, L.Redfern. K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy, P.Melican I.Wilson, N.Watt, R.Watt,
Apologies H.Bothe, J.Mountjoy, P.Kaiser, J.Plaschke, P.Williams
Minutes of previous annual meeting moved K.Ross sec. P.Melican they be accepted
Business arising Nil
Treasurers report see attached sheet
Correspondence Nill
President report P.Redfern
We began the season holding discussion with members of council at our club meeting, they indicated the guidelines of the council objections. The club set out to resolve the council request with the support of local and other clubs to satisfy the safety aspects etc. on receiving RTA approval for NV 101 - 199. Council granted approval for trial permit.As the river level was down, an opportunity was taken to ensure the proposed area was safe & I would like to thank those who assisted me; K.Johnson, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy , P.Kaiser. Due to objections from the Boating Authority more restrictions were enforced on permit which the club objected to. Unfortunately the full benefit of the area hasn’t been utilized this season due to delays in application for Boat Rego’s and the limited numbers of boats currently owned by club members. The club has been very successful competing throughout the season. One of the biggest boost to the point came in the form of donation by Reg Press to rebuild engines of two club boats ie. O.Mountjoy’s and my Holden 308. Both boats have now become invaluable in adding points. Many thanks to Reg Press.
The club was placed 2nd overall for the season with individuals placed as follows.
Mens 1st O.Mountjoy
Womens 1st K.Johnson
2nd J.Mountjoy & L.Redfern ( Tie)
Sub Jun. Girls 1st Lisa Redfern
2nd Paula Macklin
Fastest times in Lane race for season: Sub Jun.Girls : Lisa Redfern
Womens Karen Johnson
Mens N.Watt
Boat of the Day P.Redfern SS Nymph ( Twice)
Thanks to all those who contributed to this seasons success. Once again the main source of additional income come from running the local pub raffle. These have been most successful, thanks to Fonz who organized hampers and to those who sold tickets-I.Wilson, P.Melican, O.Montjoy. We held one learn to ski day but unfortunately the second was cancelled. Thanks to those who contributed to a successful day. Several members traveled to Echuca for this years Southern 80 . Brendan Redfern skiing behind SS Nymph finished but was unplaced. I would like to thank those who have assisted throughout the year with boats or support when meeded, in particular K.Johnson, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy , P.Melican, P.Kaiser ,F.Jaudzemis , R.Press. I which the new committee all the best for future development of the club.
Election of Office Bearers.
President Nom Ken Ross mov. P.Melican sec. I.Wilson Elected unopposed
Vice President Nom Karen Johnson Mov O.Mountjoy sec N.Watt Elected unopposed
Secretary/Public Officer
Nom I.Wilson mov N.Watt sec R.Watt Elected unopposed
Treasurer Nom Darren Waite mov O.Mountjoy sec P.Redfern
Committee: David Sutton mov I.Wilson sec N.Watt
Paul Redfern mov P.Melican sec N.Watt
Special Resolutions: 21 ( c) to read as amended
21 ( c
a. President
b. Vice president
c. Treasurer
d. Secretary
e. Assistant Secretary Moved O.Mountjoy seconded I.Wilson Carried
Nomination for assistant Secretary nom O.Mountjoy mov N.Watt sec I.Wilson
A Fee of $ 30.00 honerium be paid to past secretary mov K.Johnson sec P.Redfern
After some discussion it was moved O.Mountjoy seconded I.Wilson that there would be no change in entrance fee or membership subs but in future revision there may be some justification to differentiate between single & family members.
Meeting closed 9.30 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 2nd June 1986

Meeting Opened 9.20 pm
Present A.Jaudzemis, P.Melican, L&P.Redfern, K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy K.Ross, N.Watt, I.Wilson
Apologies J.Maclin, M&J.Mountjoy, D.Waite
Minutes of previous Annual Meeting were read: It was moved P.Melican sec. P.Kaiser they be accepted
Business arising Nil
Treasurers Report: Chq. A/c $ 393.70
Invest A/c $2500.00
$ 2893.70
Correspondence out Newsletter notice of Annual General
1. Perfection Plate- Notice of trading terms
2. State Bank May statement
3. New membership form
4. Shire of Goulburn - replay to lease submission
5. Rural Water Commission - map upstream chinamans bridge marginal land leases.
6. General - Notice of Public meeting. 2 Press reports of public meeting. Moved I.Wilson sec. N.Watt the correspond. Be accepted.
General Business
1. It was thought a good idea to investigate the possibility of sending a club junior/ Sub junior to a ski school. It may be decided upon by the encouragement award and other efforts throughout the season . (Lipplegoes Deniliquin).
2. Regional Meeting report: Social night on Sat. 9th Aug at Country Lodge Murchison - poss no’s 12 - 16 avail. Suggestions for coming seasons events.; Lane race- Le mans - 1-2 club teams selected Boat show 10 - 16th July poss. Group trip. New delegates to region be from our committee
3. Ian Wilson to find out whether repairs were carried out on boat ramp by Rowing club ans shire while Lake is at low level.
4. Lease position. Submission sent to RWCV - OK in principle, subject to council approval. RWCV asked for objections from residents, as result objections were lodged with RWCV -- ministerial inquiry.
Public meeting was held : Club hopeful-council replay was no but sympathetic And to hold further discussion.
RWCV -- still in principle satisfied with club request. Further discussion planned to another proposal to council while water level still down Poss. Location Sandy Creek.

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 7th.July 86

Meeting opened 7.10 pm
Present D.Waite, K.Johnson, P.Redfern, H.Bothe, O.Mountjoy, N.Watt, A.Jaudzemis, I.Wison, M.Mountjoy
Apologies J.Mountjoy, L.Redfern, P.Williams
Minutes of the previous meeting moved A.Jaudzemis sec. N.Watt that the minutes be accepted.
Business arising
1. Social night 9th Aug. Criketers Arm Mooroopna now counter tea 8.00pm 10-12
2. Boat show poss Sun 10 - 16th
3. Boat ramp - some modification done by rowing club.
Treasurers report Balance $ 2893.90 Moved N.Watt sec. I.Wilson the treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence. Out Birth cards I& T Wilson, P&J. Williams
1. Safe Boating in Victoria.
2. CFL Newsletter unused roads & water frontage
3. Norman Bros; advertisement
4. GM Region May minutes
5. WBC Newsletter
6. June Bankstatement
7. C.Smith subs $20.00 ; notice re cobram Shire waterskiing
8. RWCV Replay Kirwin s Bridge
9. Letter to council ; J.Macklin
Moved N.Watt sec. D.Waite that the correspondence be accepted.
General Business
Meeting attended by John Arthor & Gordon McMaster after invitation was extended To discuss situation re ski area. The club proposed the use of a section of river adjoining a RWCV lease site at Sandy Creek. The outlined the council opposition and pointed out that the club needed to satisfy several points.
1. Safety to other river users.
2. Policing & management of area.
3. Land holders opinions.
4. General Safety
The club aim is to clarify and satisfy these points for council.

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 4th Aug 86

Meeting opened 8.15 pm
Present P.Kaiser, P.Melican, I.Wilson, O.Mountjoy, P.Redfern, K.Johnson
Apologies N.Watt, A.Jaudzemis
Minutes of the previous meeting moved I.Wilson sec P.Kaiser that the minutes be accepted.
Business arising Few attended social night at Cricketers Arms Mooroopna
Treasurers report Transactions Subs & Windcheaters
Balance $ 3040.90
Moved P.Melicant sec. I.Wilson the treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence. Out Nil
1. Waranga BC July Newsletter.
2. Letter to council from members. 3. Letter of resignation from committee from L.Redfern.
4. Bank Statement July.
Moved P.Kaiser sec. P.Melican that the correspondence be accepted.
General Business
1. As a result of L.Redfern resignation from committee the resulting vacancy was filled by P.Melican , the only other nominee .
2. Membership forms need to be updated. I.Wilson / O.Mountjoy to pursue.
3. I.Wilson has sought to inform landholders adjoining ski area and to seek their Opinion.
4. O.Mountjoy to seek support from other clubs ie. Angling, Waranga BC etc.
5. K.Johnson to seek letter of support from canoe club.
6. P.Redfern , K.Johnson, P.Kaiser to organize next Newsletter.

Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 7.9.87

Meeting opened
Present K.Ross, D.Sutton, N.Watt, P.Kaiser, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy, I.Wilson, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies P.Redfern, D.Waite, J.Plasche, K.Johnson
Minutes of previous meeting; moved N.Watt sec. D.Sutton That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report Income Nil
Expend: 1. Corporate Affairs Annual Fee $ 22.00
Special Resolution Fee $ 17.00
2. Bank A/c Tax $ 0.45
3. Perfection Plate Year Clips $ 21.95
$ 61.40
Cheque A/c Balance $ 702.32
Term Deposit “ $ 1000.00
Invest. A/c “ $ 2500.00
Total $ 4202.32
Moved D.Sutton sec N.Watt Treasurers Report be Accepted
Correspondence inwards
1. Corporate Affairs Receipt for Annual Fee + Special Resolution
2. Shire of Goulburn River Permit
3. GMWSR Inc Minutes AGM
4. GMWSC Inv Newsletter
General Business
1. Lake Nagambie Boat + Water Safety Expo Inquire into Progress with Delegate P.Darbyshire.
2. River permit : Query Nov 1st Commencement Date with Shire .- Previous Year was 1st Sep Signs to be relocated to southern boundary of C.A. 41 B , Parish of Bailieston Prop. K.Ross ; that a log be kept by permit users of times , Dates ETC, of River usage Sec. I,Wilson motion carried.
3. Request-Shire of Goulburn-for a letter of support for lease of Land at Sandy creek.
4. Discussion on GMWSR Inc minutes of AGM The general feeling was to retain original format + add a 3rd Novelty event. NWSC Inc Position to be argued at next meeting Tatura 9.9.87
5. Pub Raffle Next Raffle 25/26 Sept. Future Raffles Nov 27 / 28th Feb 26 /27th March 25 / 26th
Next meeting to organize roster Feb 29th 1988
6. That a club calendar for 87/88 events be worked out + Discussed at next meeting.
Meeting closed 10.50 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc. 5.10.87

Meeting opened
Present P.Redfern. D.Sutton, O.Mountjoy., K.Johnson, I.Wilson
Apologies D.Waite,
Minutes of previous meeting; moved K.Johnson sec. O.Moutjoy That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report Income $ 117.77 Interest Term Deposit
Cheque A/c Balance $ 819.74
Term Deposit “ $ 1000.00
Invest. A/c “ $ 2500.00
Total $ 4319.74
Moved P.Redfern sec D.Sutton Treasurers Report be Accepted
Correspondence inwards
1. Waranga Boat Club Newsletter.
2. Nagambie Rowing club Re. Nagambie Water Sport Expo.
3. Goulburn Murray W/Ski Region Minutes Meeting held 9.9.87.
Outward Nil
General Business
1. Lake Nagambie Water Sports Expo Suggested to contact Eddy Brewer P/C + offer Assistance check Expo program re NWSC involvement.
2. Goulburn Murray Water Ski Region : Report on meeting held 9.9.87 / 30.9.8 P/liability Insurance discussed- Agreed no need for extra P/C Insurance needed for region comp days. Standards Approved Life Jackets be bought by NWSC for use at Comp. Days erc. 4 Jackets ( 2small, 2 large ) to be supplied by I.Wilson
3. Weekend away Proposed 1st weekend December location to be decided
4. Discussion on learn to ski day.
Meeting close 10.20 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc 7.12.87

Meeting opened
Present K.Johnson, D.Waite, K.Ross, O.Mountjoy, A.Jaudzemis, D.Sutton
Apologies I.Wilson, P.Melican, J.Plaschie, P.Kidd, C.Anderson, N.Watt
Minutes of previous meeting; moved A.Jaudzemis sec. D.Waite That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report
Income Membership $ 580.00
Expenditure Retro Tape $ 349.00
Cheque A/c Balance $ 1208.35
Term Deposit “ $ 1000.00
Invest. A/c “ $ 2500.00
Total $ 4708.35
Correspondence inwards
1. Minutes Water Sports Expo Meeting held at Nagambie Rowing club 24.11.87
2. Membership Renewals
Outward Nill
General Business
1. Report Region Meeting held at Kyabram 24.11.87
Points Noted
a. Need to tighten up Scruteneering
b. 3rd event to be notified prior to comp day-to be run on new course-to be allocated Points.
2.Pub Raffle : Thanks to F.Jaudzemis, I.Wilson, P.Melican, O.Mountjoy-Amount not yet known.
3. Rural Water Commission -Re Lease site : Recent Discussion indicate Value of the site would be Approx. $ 20000.00 . Lease cost per annum calculated at 5% of Valuation per Annum : $ 500.00 per Annum Discussion indicate Project going ahead but nothing official.
4. Region Day : Payment for Boat use to be increased to $ 50.00 / Day Moved F.Jaudzemis sec K.Johnson carried November Region Day P.Redfern $ 18.00 O.Mountjoy $ 18,00 K.Ross $ 14.00
Meeting closed 10.45 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc.11.1.88

Meeting opened
Present A.Jaudzemis, P.Redfern, L.Redfern, O.Mountjoy, K.Johnson, D.Sutton, D.Waite, K.Ross, I.Wilson, R.Watt, N.Watt
Apologies J.Plaschke, C.Anderson, P.Kidd, P.Kaiser
Minutes of previous meeting; moved O.Mountjoy sec. A.Jaudzemis That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report
Correspondence inwards
1. Dept Youth Sport + Rec. Press release, Program + Posters RE: Water Sports Expo
2. Two memberships
3. Bankstatement
Outward Nil
General Business
1. GMWSR Meeting to be held at Tatura 14-1-88 - Delegates to move a motion to object to rule, Re having to ski at First two region days to qualify for last 2 comp days. Moved I.Wilson sec K.Ross passed.
2. Discussion on activities for Sports Expo.
3. Petrol Money for greens Lake comp. O.Mountjoy $18.00 P.Redfern $18.00 K.Ross $18.00.
4. Rural Water Commission Re lease - No replay.
5. That a letter be sent to Goulburn Shire Requesting permission to close lake for comp day 28.2.88.
6. Next pub raffle approx. end feb.
7. Contact Don Simpson Re P.A. System Hire for comp day
Meeting closed 10.45 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc.1.2.88

Meeting opened
Present D.Waite, P.Melican, A.Jaudzemis, N.Watt, K.Johnson, O.Mountjoy
Apologies P.Kaiser, I.Wilson, K.Ross, P.Redfern, R.Watt
Minutes of previous meeting; moved P.Melican sec. A.Jaudzemis That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report
Income : Membership
Retro Tape
Expenditure : Fuel Comp Days
I.Wilson Club Lifejackets
Chq. A/C $ 1159.15
Investment A/C $ 2500.00
Term Deposit $ 1000.00
Total $ 4659.15
Moved N.Watt sec P.Melican that the report be accepted
Correspondence inwards
1. Results of GMWSR comp Days Green Lake - Shepparton
2. Minutes of GMWSR meeting held at Tatura 14/1/88.
3. Membership renewals.
4. Notice of Pub raffle roster meeting 29/2/88
1. Letter to council Re permit for comp day List of members + Boat rego Numbers
General Business
1. Pub Raffle W/end 26--27/2/88
2. Report on comp day at Shepparton + Results
3. Report on Expo day Lake Nagambie
4. Boat money for Shepp. Comp day P.Redfern $ 10.00 K.Ross $ 10.00 N.Watt $ 30.00
5. Boat Money for expo day O.Mountjoy $ 10.00 P.Redfern $ 10.00
6. K.Johnson to send out Newsletters.
7. Report on GMWSCR 14-1-88 by K.Johnson motion by NWSC defeated re Eligability to ski last 2 comp days.
8. Report on preparations for comp day 28-2-88.
9. Rural water commission re lease site O.Mountjoy, P.Kaiser, Shalle Mc Drath (RWCV) Inspected site RWCV Requested NWSC Survey site to define actual area
Meeting closed 10.20 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc 7.3.88

Meeting opened
Present K.Johnson, D.Waite, I.Wilson, A.Jaudzemis, O.Mountjoy, P.Kaiser
Apologies P.Melican, K.Ross
Minutes of previous meeting; moved O.Mountjoy sec. A.Jaudzemis That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report
Moved P.Kaiser sec O.Mountjoy that the report be accepted
Correspondence inwards
1. Permit for comp day 28.2.88
2. Dept. Sport + Rec. Summary of water sports Expo held 17/1/88
3. Shire of Goulburn re water sports expo.
4. 2 M/ship renewals
5. Copy of Insurance re. J. Brothers
1. Shire of Goulburn Re Request for Comp day 28-2-88
2. Newsletters
General Business
1. Moved O.Mountjoy sec. A.Jaudzemis that P/L insurance be paid $ 310.86
2. Report on comp day 28.2.88 Nagambie won the day. Prepare article for Seymour Telegraph
3. Payment for comp day boats. O.Mountjoy $ 15.00 ,P.Redfern $ 15.00 , N.Watt $15.00 , Ken Ross $ 5.00
4. Expenditure for comp day Refreshments $ 10.00 Cups and spoons $7.60 P.A.System $ 50.00 Thanks to Hans Bothe for patrol works + others that contributed.
5. Raffle Dates 30.9.88 26.8.88
6. A Bus to be organized to Moomba if enough interest.
7. Next Region meeting 15.3.88. Presentation day Waranga 27.3.88
Next pub raffle 25/26th March
Meeting closed 10.45 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc 11.4.88

Meeting opened
Present P.Refern, K.Johnson, N.Watt, K.Ross, D.Waite, O.Mountjoy
Apologies I.Wilson P.Melican, R.Watt
Minutes of previous meeting; moved K.Johnson sec. N.Watt That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report
Income Memberships $ 40.00
Retro Tape $ 19.00
Raffle $ 136.68
Expend. Boat use money $ 50.00
Comp Day $ 79.60
P/L Insurance $ 310.86
Chq. A/C $ 1001.87
Invest A/C $ 2500.00
Term Deposit $ 1000.00
Total $ 4501.87
1. A Letter be sent to member Geoff Smith Re. To show reason why M/Ship should not be terminated due to his behavior. Moved K.Ross sec. N.Watt Passed.
2. Motion moved that Person requesting M/Ship must attend, along with nominator + seconder, A meeting prior to application being accepted .Moved K.Ross sec. P.Redfern motion passed.
3. Proposed Social B/B/Q 1.5.88
4. O.Mountjoy expressed concern on Secretaries workload Suggested specific duties be carried out by sec ASS. Sec + Committee members-to be discussed after A.G.Meeting.
5. $ 800.00 be transferred to invest A/C moved K.Johnson sec. N.Watt --passed.
6. O.Mountjoy reported No further action on lease site.
Meeting closed 9.50 pm
Special General Meeting NWSC Inc 9.5.88

Meeting opened
Present N.Watt, T.Watt, K.Ross, D.Waite, D.Sutton, O.Mountjoy
Apologies I.Wilson ,K.Johnson, R.Watt, P.Redfern
Minutes of previous meeting; moved N.Watt sec. D.Waite That Minutes be accepted
Treasurers report
Income Memberships $ 50.00
Retro Tape $ 50.00
Expend. Nil
Balance Chq. A/C $ 1051.87
Invest A/C $ 2500.00
Term Deposit $ 1000.00
Total $ 4551.87
Moved P.Melican sec. D.Waite that report be accepted
Correspondence Inward
1. 3 Bank statements
2. P/O Box Renewal A/C
3. Application for M/Ship N.Katgert
Outwards Nil
General Business
1. Application by N.Katgert for M/Ship Discussion Re Confusion about need for Rego Numbers being needed to ski in Clubs area. Agreed the case was one of Genuine misunderstanding. A Copy of the permit be send to all Financial member clearly outlining their Responsibilities. Moved K.Ross sec O.Mountjoy - passed
2. Social Calender Further Discussion to take place at B/B/Q Mountjoy’s woolshed 29.5.88
3. Annual General Meeting Ken Ross to approach Ian Pollard (Boating Officer shire of Goulburn) to speak prior to A.G.M- suggested topics Boating Authorities Role Re Local Waterways-up coming changes to Marine Act. Advertising of A.G.M in local Paper + Newsletter to all Financial members
Meeting closed 10.45 pm

News Letters

News Letters
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