Annual General Meeting 5.6.1989

Annual General Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present T.Watt, N.Watt, O.Mountjoy, D.Waite, M.Ure, P.Redfern, P.Melican, H.Bothe, B.Turner, K.Ross, K.Johnson, J.Brothers, B.Goodwin, A.Jaudzemis, N.Katgert
Apologies I.Wilson, B.Duncan, D.Sutton, P.Kaiser
Minutes of previous meeting A.G.M Moved K.Ross sec P.Melican that minutes of the previous AGM be accepted
Treasurers Report Year ending 30.6.89
Carried forward $ 5175.79
Income Membership 760.00
Bank int 357.16
Raffles 1020.99
Windsheeters (old) 50.00
Windsheeters ( New) 1120.00
Retro Tape 105.00
$ 3413.15
Expenditure Petty cash 3662.04
Badges 47.00
Insurance 310.86
Bank Taxes and charges 12.55
Competition Days 57.00
Chq A/C $ 1629.49
TD 1 $ 1000.00
TD 2 $ 1000.00
Inv $ 870.00
$ 4499.49
$15.00 o/Stand
Bank Balance $ 4484.49
Moved K.Johnson sec N.Katgert that the Treasurers report be accepted
Inward Nil
1. Newsletter
2. Payment to V.G.P.O. for copy of Government Gazette
General Business
Nomination for President
1. O.Mountjoy nom N.Watt sec C.Ross Elected unopposed
Nomination for Vice President
1. N.Watt nom A.Jaudzemis Declined
2. D.Waite nom P.Melican sec H.Bothe
Elected unopposed
Nomination for Secretary
1. T.Watt nom C.Ross sec A.Jaudzemis
Elected unopposed
Nomination for Assit. Secretary
1. P.Melican nom K.Ross sec H.Bothe
Elected unopposed
1. C.Ross nom K.Ross declined
2. J.Brothers nom B.Goodwin sec N.Katgert
Elected unopposed
2 Committee Members
1. N.Watt nom L.Redfern declined
2. P.Redfern nom H.Bothe sec N.Watt
Elected unopposed
3. K.Johnson nom P.Redfern declined
4. N.Katgert nom P.Melican declined
5. K.Ross nom P.Melican sec N.Katgert
Elected unopposed
Incoming President O.Mountjoy Thanked out going office Bearers + Committee
Meeting closed 9.00 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 5-6-1989

Meeting opened 9.10 pm
Present T Watt, N.Watt, O.Mountjoy, D.Waite, M.Ure, P.Redfern, P.Melican, H.Bothe, B.Turner K.Ross, C.Ross, K.Johnson, J.Brothers, B.Goodwin, A.Jaudzemis, N.Katgert
Apologies I.Wilson, B.Duncan, D.Sutton, P.Kaiser
Minutes of previous meeting
Moved K.Ross seconded K.Johnson that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income
New Windcheaters
Balance Cheque Acc $ 1629.49
Investment Acc $ 870.00
Term Deposit $ 2000.00
$ 4499.49
Moved N.Katgert seconded N.Watt the Treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Inward
1. Burrumbeet Ski Club Newsletter.
2. Bank Statements- State Bank
3. Accaunt for Nagambie Comp Day Mr. Don Simpson
1. Newsletter
2. Payment to Vic. Government Printing Office
General Business
1. Inspection of Hutton’s Back Water was carried out by a few members on separate occasions and some conclusions were drawn.
a. The expense of getting the area to a workable level will be great.
b. The size and depth of the area is a problem. It isn’t all that wide, once cleared it would still only accommodate two boats safely.
Another meeting on site will be arranged and at the same time some will go up river to ski area to trim some of the dangerous snags while the water level is down.
2. N.Watt reported that he had been in touch with the Rural Water Commission and the contact there is Mr. Gordon O’Brian. All business is through Tatura.
3. Raffle prizes -- O.Mountjoy is to arrange with Wayne Ritchie and Prize winners , the collection of such.
4. The club asked for a volunteer to take on the Newsletters. Non one come forward at the meeting so it is to go to committee
5. Social Calendar this year will be arranged by P.Redfern and D.Waite
Meeting Closed 9.45pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 3-7-1989

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
Present D.Sutton, D.Waite, M.Ure, O.Mountjoy, B.Turner, T.Watt
Apologies N.Watt, J.Brothers, P.Kaiser
Minutes of previous meeting Moved B.Turner seconded D.Waite that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report
$ 60.00 Membership
Expenditure Nil
Balance Cheque Acc $ 1689.49
Investment Acc $ 870.00
Term Deposit $ 2000.00
$ 4559.49
A recommendation to change all Ski Club’s Finances over to an ANZ V2 Account. This is to the Club’s advantage, an extra $ 300.00 per year.
Moved D.Sutton seconded B.Turner the Treasurers report be accepted and that the Recommendation be approved.
Correspondence Inward
1. Application for Membership M.Ure
2. Treasurers report with banking data
1. Newsletter
2. Corporate Affairs Fee and return.
General Business
1. The 1989 Boat Show is being held on the 6th July 1989
2. No report on how the business with Rural Water Commission is progressing.
3. The top Pub made mention to O.Mountjoy that they may be interested in the Sponsoring of the club’s juniors. At this stage until more ideas are discussed it would be best for them to hold on to their money until we could do something that would be of benefit to the Pub as well as the Club’ juniors.
4. Social Club should meet at some stage to put together a calendar for next season, as it isn’t far away.
5. Pub Raffle - next to be held in October
Meeting closed 9.45 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 7-8-1989

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
Present N.Watt, P.Melican, T.Pearce, P.Redfern, A.Jaudzemis, T.Watt, J.Brothers, Ron Chapman
Apologies O.Mountjoy, I.Wilson, D.Waite, M,Ure, K,Ross, D,Sutton, P.Kaiser
Minutes of previous meeting No one present at meeting able to accept the minutes
Treasurers Report Income
Interest $ 39.28
Expenditure $ 120.18
Balance Cheque Acc $ 1738.94
Investment Acc $ 870.00
Term Deposit $ 2000.00
$ 4608.94.
Moved AJaudzemis seconded P.Melican the Treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Inward
1. Euroa Gazette-Account reminder
2. Seymour Telegraph-Account reminder
3. State Bank-Bank statement
4. Newsletter-Burrumbeet ski club
5. Waranga Boat Club-New chairman being Mr. Don Hinz
Outward Nil
General Business
1. Moved P.Melican seconded P.Redfern that Mr. Murray Ure become a financial member of the N.W.S.C.
2. Region Meeting-This season 89/90 Shepparton ski club have withdrawn from the Region leaving Waranga and Nagambie as the only club’s in Region.
Our Club’s feeling is to stay in the Region this year with Waranga and to even consider inviting some other club’s to join Region.
P.Redfern is going to contact Rochester Marine, Jo Brothers is going to contact Melton Ski Club and A.Jaudzemis to contact Mulwala ski club.
3. End of season Raffle-Adrian Ross and Hans Bothe can pick up their wetsuits anytime and a cheque for $ 50.00 to Cheryl Ross for the purchase of a life jacket at Wayne Ritchie.
4. Social Calendar for 89/90 season.
Asking for suggestions to help P.Redfern and D.Waite to fill our season. The club is also wanting to have a get-together to open the season. One suggestion was to have a Chinese meal then to Wayne Ritchie again, considering there was a terrific response to this last year.
5. Rural Water Commission Report- John Stewart and Gordon with N.Watt, O.Montjoy and Jo Brothers to meet on site. The survey of the land is to go ahead.
6. Newsletters-K.Ross has volunteered to write the newsletters for this year.
7. Memberships-Renewal forms are to be completed with full names and telephone Numbers.
8. Year Tags-This year’s tags are to be ordered.
Meeting closed 9.15 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 4-9-1989

Meeting opened 8.20 pm
Present O.Mountjoy, T.Watt, J.Brothers, B.Goodwin, P.Melican, P.Redfern, M.Ure, D.Waite, David Hackney, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies N.Watt, I.Wilson
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved P.Melican seconded P.Redfern that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income Nil
Expenditure $ 50.00 Cheryle Ross- Ski Vest prize
$ 6.70
$ 15.60
Balance Cheque Acc $ 1666.64
Investment Acc $ 870.00
Term Deposit $ 2000.00
$ 4536.64
Moved D.Waite seconded M.Ure the Treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Inward Nil
Outward Aletter to B.Duncan regarding Membership
General Business
1. Wayne Ritchie evening put off until end of October, early November due to the snow Season.
2. Opening Function for the season will be a BBQ on the Major Mitchell Cruise on the River, being the 7th November 1989 ( Saturday) If unable to arrange, the club will go to Mitchelton Winery for a meal.
3. Discussions about the 89/90 season of the Region and a report by O.Mountjoy and T.Watt about a meeting held with Waranga Boat Club on 3rd September 1998. Proposed dates to be confirmed at the Region Meeting on 20th September 1998 at the Top Pub Nagambie are 26th November 89 Waranga Day, 4th March 90. the Nagambie Club are proposing a Day on the River for a BBQ and inviting Waranga to join us. Waranga are also proposing an open “ Fun Day” to try to encourage new members to join our clubs.
4. Events for Region Day Competitions are suggested to be Le Man- Doubles , Single + Disk and Lane Race. Also suggested that a Novelty event be put together for these days as well.
5. P.Redfer and T.Watt to be appointed to Region Representative for Nagambie.
Meeting closed 9.40 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 2-10-1989

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
Present O.Mountjoy, M.Ure, D.Waite, P.Melican, A.Jaudzemis,G.Jaudzemis, P.Redfern, C.Ross, K.Ross, Brian Galvin, T.Watt
Apologies N.Watt,P.Kaise, I.Wilson
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved A.Jaudzemis seconded M.Ure that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income
Membership 140.00
Interest received 96.28
$ 236-28
Bank Charges 0.73
Address labels 33.30
Corporate Affairs 25.50
Year Tags 51.80
$ 111-33
Balance Cheque Acc $ 1670.70
Investment Acc $ 870.00
Term Deposit $ 2000.00
$ 4540.70
Moved K.Ross seconded A.Jaudzemis the Treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Inward
1. Waranga Boat Club - Newsletter
2. Euroa Gazette - Account overdue reminder
3. Seymour Telegraph Account overdue reminder
4. Burrumbeet ski club-17th + 18th February 1990 - open Day
5. Pub Roster 17th + 18th November 1989 26th + 27th January 1990 30th + 31th March 1990
6. Waranga Boat Club Newsletter and Calendar
7. State bank Savings Booklet
8. Application for Membership - Brian Galvin
1. Newsletter 22/9/89
2. Newsletter
3. Application for membership
General Business
1. Region Meeting - 20th September was not held, due to lack of attendance by Waranga Club. The next date has been set on 18th October 1989.
2. Thanks is to be extended to O.Mountjoy, P.Melican, M.Ure and A.Jaudzemis for Attending to the Pun Raffle held on 29th + 30th September 1989 Aprox. $ 185.82 was raised.
3. The Club has arranged for another evening at Wayne Ritchie’s on the 28th October 1989. A Bus will be leaving Nagambie at 3 pm and stopping in Seymour at the Police Station at 3.30 pm We will be going to Wayne’s first then having a Meal after. Contact DarrenWaite on 057942481 or paul Redfern 057085240 for catering numbers at the Chinese Restaurant ASAP.
4. The Mayor Mitchell has been booked for the 27th January 1990 Recommended numbers 40 to 45 people.
5. Ski Scholarship-Arrangements are to be made by P.Redfern with Brett Sands.
6. Learn to ski Days-The first to be held on 4th November 1989 with a BBQ lunch afterwards.
7. Weekend away for the club - Date ser at this meeting was 23rd, 24th + 25th February 1990. The venue at this stage has not been set, one suggestion was the Barmah Forrest on the Murray.
8. November Meeting - The Club is going to invite the Boating Authority to attend to clarify a few points before the permit for the River starts this season. Ie;-- identification of club members for the use of the River.
9. Colin Smith was in contact with I.Wilson and there is a possibility that he could arrange the land survey on the land through Soil Conservation Commission.
10. O.Mountjoy is going to pursuer the possibility of sponsorship for our club juniors by the top Pub. A suggestion being towards a piece of equipment for the club.
Meeting Closed 10.20 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 6.11.1989

Meeting opened 8.30 pm
Present O.Mountjoy, T.Watt, J.Brothers, P.Melican, D.Waite, B.Turner, A.Jaudzemis, K&C.Ross, N&R.Watt, M.Ure, Doug Neil, Shane Delaney, Corrine Galvin, Brian Galvin, Rod Armitage
Apologies Nil
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved K.Ross seconded M.Ure that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income
Membership 160.00
Raffle 187.82
Interest received 11.26
$ 359.08
Wetsuits 100.00
Federal Tax 0.72
$ 100.72
Balance Cheque Acc $ 2799.06
Investment Acc $ 1000.00
Investment Acc $ 1000.00
$ 4799.06
Moved M.Ure seconded D.Waite the Treasurers report be accepted
1. Membership - Renewals
2. De ja vu - Catalogue
3. Wayne Ritchie Catalogue
4. Australian Mutual- Insurance information
5. Burrumbeet Boat Club - Newsletter
6. Corporate Affairs - Sent Annual General Forms back .Apparently a discrepancy of dates
7. Bank Statement
8. Postage Account for postage of Newsletter
9. Postage Account for Membership postage
1. Newsletter
2. Membership Receipts
General Business
1. The Chief Boating Authority Officer was invited to attend this meeting, but has unfortunately has failed to do so.
2. Wayne Ritchie Evening held on 28th October was reported on by N.Watt. 5 families went down on the Bus and a couple of families from Melbourne attended. After going to Wayne Ritchie they went to the Chinese Restaurant for a meal. Moved N.Watt seconded A.Jaudzemis that $ 20.00 per family that went on the bus be paid to R .Rolston and the club pay $ 50.00 .Total for the bus trip was $ 150.00.
3. Safety Expo at Chinaman’s Bridge Caravan park was reported on by J.Brothers who attended on Sunday 5th November. The Expo was basically to cover all safety aspects of safe boating. All safety equipment required was discussed. The expo was beneficial for those that attended.
4. Learn to Ski Day 1st date being 4th November was cancelled due to non- publicity and members unable to attend. Discussions however have been informally been carried out with the State School in Nagambie to have an age Group eg. Grade 6 Students for an afternoon. The Club discussed this concept and decided this coul be advantageous for both the Students and the club. The number of students proposed to be educated on the afternoon has been set at approximately 15. If numbers are only small at each school, both school’s will be held on the same day. J.Brothers suggested that an Agenda be made, detailing the points to be discussed and so forth. J.Brothers and P.Redfern are to draw this up. The date for this day has been set at the first or second week in December. Actual date not set jet.
5. Region Meeting- D.Waite reported on discussion at this meeting held on 18th October 1989. The events have been set for the 2 Competition Days.
These being 1st event-- Slalom Lane race-- No falls all age groups.
2nd event-- Lemans-Men’s, Women’s , Juniors and Subjuniors
( Finless Doubles and Disk) 2 Skiers per team
Tadpoles-Doubles or Board to middle Buoy 1 fall or miss start all classes
3rd event Lane Race on trick ski’s Men’s, Women’s, Juniors and Sub Juniors
Tadpoles-Board to top Buoy and back
Timing for events is to be precise to keep the day running smoothly. 2 minutes between finish and start of each heat.
Timing of heat will be Boat nose to boat nose in each event.
Scrutineering will be 9.30 am
Briefing 10.00 am
Start 10.15 -- 10.30 am
6. Brian Galvin reported on a letter sent to the club about Insurance. He said the amp rep in Seymour is Derek Boyd and that he can offer reasonable prices for insurance for club members boats. He would have to quote on each individuals boats. A copy of the letter and application is to be included in the next Newsletter.
7 . Moved A.Jaudzemis seconded P.Melican that a cheque for postage of newsletters be paid to C.Ross for $33.00 in advance to cover two issues of Nwesletters at a time.
8. Reminder of Pub Raffle 17th + 18th November 1998 Asking for volunteers. N.Watt - Friday Night only Fonz,Brian Galvin, M.Ure O.Moutjoy C Ross Saturday morning on the street.
9. Neil Ritchie-Ski Scholarship on the 11th + 12th December 1998 for Kristy Watt Details for this year are $ 100.00 per day which includes meals and accommodation. Moved M.Ure seconded J.Brothers that the money be forwarded to Neil Ritchie.
10.J.Brothers brought up at the meeting that if there are any interested persons wanting to arrange accommodation at Robinvale or the Southern 80 , if they could contact Raelene Brothers and she can give details.
11. Land Site on River-N.Watt reported that he had been talking with a Surveyor and John Stewart from Rural Water Commission. N.Watt ,O.Mountjoy and J.Brothers are going to meet with John Stewart on site on the 14th November 1998 to discuss the prospect of this site before it is surveyed.
12. A Member has written to ask for another tag as he has lost his. The club has recommended that this be carried out.
13. Brian Galvin’s membership has been accepted by the club.
Membership for 18 year old’s in Families. N.Watt brought this to the attention of the club The club has decided that children under family membership who turn 18 will become a single member in their own right. No entrance fee is to be charged as they are continuing membership.
14. Permit for the River began on the 1st November 1998 again and O.Mountjoy read the conditions of the permit to all present to refresh memories. A Copy of times and conditions are to be included in the next Newsletter.
15. Red Armitage-Membership application has been received and wwill go to the Committee to be decided at next meeting.
Meeting closed 10.16 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 4.12.1989

Meeting opened 8.30 pm
Present O.Mountjoy, J.Brothers, K.Ross, B.Galvin, A.Jaudzemis, N.Watt, T.Watt, P.Melican. D.Waite ( arrived 9.55pm) R.Armitage, Ken Moore
Apologies P.Redfern, M.Ure, C.Ross
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved K.Ross seconded N.Watt that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income
Membership 220.00
Bus Trip 60.00
Raffle 266.20
Interest received 76.88
$ 623.08
Govt Charges .60
Bus fee 150.00
Stamps 8.20
Postage 33.00
Scholarship 200.00
$ 391.80
Balance Cheque Acc $ 3040.34
Term Deposit 1 $ 1000.00
Term Deposit 2 $ 1000.00
$ 5040.34
Moved N.Watt seconded P.Melican the Treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Inward
1. Bank Statement + Investment Statement State bank
2. Eric Salter - Quote for Surveying of proposed land
3. Rural Water Commission Tatura - letter
4. Burumbeet Newsletter
5. Shire of Goulburn- minutes of meeting
6. A Sutton + Assoc. Quote for printing stationery
7. Membership Applications - two
1. Information to Goulburn Shire re : Insurance + Membership
General Business
1. Monies owing to the Club regarding Wayne Ritchie evening trip . A reminder
2. Corporate Affairs return; send back with amended dates.
3. Pub Raffle held 17th+18th November Thanks extended to K.Ross, C.Ross, A.Jaudzemis, N.Watt, I.Wilson, B.Galvin, O.Mountjoy. Next Raffle 26th + 27th January 1990.
4. Next Ski Club meeting to be held one week later than normal making it on the 8th January 1990.
5. Letter to be sent to Goulburn Shire applying for closure of half the Lake for the 4th March 1990 Nagambie Comp.Day.
6. K.Ross mentioned that “Mortgage” had been skiing up and down our area.
7. O.Mountjoy presented to the club two quotes for printing of club stationery. Goulburn River Printing 500 2 colour letterhead $143.00 + 28.60 Sales tax == $ 171.60
A.Sutton + Associates- Print Brokers 1000 2 colours letterhead on 80 gsm bond 137.60 price inclusive of sales tax and delivery.
Club wanted 70 gsm bond on colored paper.
Moved J.Brothers seconded N.Watt that we go ahead with the printing with A Sutton + Assoc.
8. Learn to ski Day being held on 8th December 1989 at 12.30 pm
9. A Suggestion of a junior of the club submitting an article in the newsletter for “ Kids Korner”
10. Advertisement to go in newsletter for 1 Connelly Shadow Slalom at $ 450.00
11. Membership-N.Watt put to the club that application of memberships, the person applying has to be nominated by 2 members that have been members for at least 12 month. The applicant must also attend a meeting with both nominators. Moved N.Watt seconded A.Jaudzemis. Put and carried
12. Rural Water Commission-N.Watt reported. John Stewart, N.Watt and O.Mountjoy met on site up the River. John Stewart had a few queries; 1. Sewerage where it will be disposed of if Club house is build.
2.Flood levels, road access
After some discussion about these queries, it was suggested that a portable toilet system could be used so that it could be disposed of elsewhere.
John Stewart suggested that a portable club house could possible be used if a permanent building was not suitable. Some major works are needed by the club members to make an access by road to the site. Suggested working bees to be held. John Stewart said to go ahead with the surveying.
A quote was received by Eric Salter. This included the survey of rear boundary lines of allotments 41D,41E,96,41G and 41F in the parish of Bailieston. Survey pegs will be placed at each title corner, where possible, and at intermediate points along each boundary for line of sight from peg to peg. Included in the cost a level survey of the area to establish the location of the 100 year flood level along the total length of the area in question. A level height from a datum point in the vicinity is included.
A Plan will be produced showing the location of pegs placed as well as the location of the River bank and the position of the flood line. Total Cost to the club will be $ 3500.00 Moved P.Melican seconded A.Jaudzemis That the club receive a second quote and if not either cheaper or in some way not covering all required, that the club go ahead with Eric Salter’s quote and that N.Watt have discretion on this matter. Put and carried
13. Region Meeting to be held 6th December1989.
One of the greatest problems uncounted this year is that nobody has taken on any Committee positions for the running of the region days. A Question put to the club members is whether they want to continue to participate in the region. Everybody in attendance wanted the region to continue. Discussion on the running of events, such as time limits between each heat was that some disagreed with have such stringent times as 2 minutes between heats. The feeling of the days to be run as in previous years was more along the lines of what people wanted. Flexibility was discussed and that the 3rd event was to be optional on the day. Discussion on the set events for the days or are they to be decided at a meeting previous to the day was discussed and to be put to the region meeting on the 6th December. It was decided that it was most important to have a club captain at the days to keep the days running smoothly, to organize teams,boats and fees. O.Mountjoy suggested that J.Brothers, K.Ross , T.Watt attend region meeting Emergency for J.Brothers is B.Galvin. Brian Galvin, Rod Armitage and possible Ken Ross would be interested in being on the Committee for the region.
14. Club’s weekend away was discussed and the date was to be changed to either 20th + 21st January 1990 or 2nd and 3rd February 1990 due to a few members other commitments on the 24th and 25th February 1990
The date for this weekend away is now the 20th and 21st January 1990
Meeting closed 11.30 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 8-1-1990

Meeting opened 8.45 pm
Present O.Mountjoy, B.Turner, D.Waite, A.Jaudzemis, G.Jaudzemis, H.Bothe, M.Ure, P.Redfern, R.Watt, R.Watt, J.Brothers, P.Melican, T.Watt, Peter Dean
Apologies None
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved A.Jaudzemis seconded P.Melican that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income
Membership 100.00
Bus Trip 20.00
Interest 49.57
$ 169.57
Junior Scholarship $ 200.00
Postage 33.00
Bank Charges 1.33
$ 234.33
Balance Cheque Acc $ 5178.68
Moved N.Watt seconded D.Waite the Treasurers report be accepted
Correspondence Inward
1. Shire of Goulburn- Replay to application of closure of lake for competition day 5th March 1990 A decision on the hours for permit up river has been deferred to next season.
2. Letter of thanks to the club from the children from the primary school regarding learn to ski day.
3. Bank statement - state bank
1. Newsletter.
2. Letters to shire for lake closure comp day 5th March 90.
3. A.Sutton + Assoc. - Printing of Stationery for club.
4. Memberships John Kean.
5. Membership acceptance - R Armitage
General Business :
1. Fun Day-- 1 pm start up River, lunch the social events. D.Waite, Mure and T.Watt to organize Waranga club are invited.
2. Weekend away on the 3rd and 4th February 1990 Venue to be decided suggestion is a site near Echuca. Club members agreed . A map to be included in Newsletter.
3. Learn to ski day boats used Groucho-K.Ross Bloodshot-B.Galvin, Cactus -B.Turner all to receive $ 15.00 to cover petrol cost. Competition Day boats used at Waranga SS Nymph-P Redfern , Firefox -- N.Katgert to receive $ 10.00 for petrol cost.
4. Learn to ski Days-Suggestion to have two sessions a year . The club is going to write to the Rotary Club for funding of buoyancy vest for the use on these days. Three(3) to be asked for. The point to be gained by the children is safe skiing and boating and to gain knowledge of a sport in their local environment.
5. Pub Raffle 26th and 27th January 1990 as many volunteers- most profitable . Same weekends as Mayor Mitchell Cruise.
6. N.Watt reported that he had only verbal contact with second surveyor and is waiting on written quotation. $ 4500.00 maximum.
7. K.Watt Scholarship weekend away. Kristy submitted a written report on the events and thanked the club for a very beneficial scholarship to junior members of the club.
8. H.Bothe mentioned to the members present that Tubes up the river are very dangerous and that a mention in the newsletter to all members to refrain from the use up river.
9. Region meeting 21th January 1990 a committee is needed urgently. Committee meeting in December was poorly attended by members.
10. Membership Tags - Should there be a fee for replacement tags ? No charge as there aren’t many requests for such.
11. Volunteer to take numbers for attendance on the Major Mitchell Cruise. Georgie Jaudzemis volunteered and the phone no 057-942 256 Deadline is Monday 22nd January First in First served.
Meeting Closed 10.10 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 5-2-1990

Meeting opened 8.30 pm
Present B.Galvin, N.Watt, P.Melican, H.Bothe, K.Ross, C, Ross, B.Goodwin, B.Turner, A.Jaudzemis, O.Mountjoy, Peter Bailey, T.Watt
Apologies J.Brothers, M.Ure, D.Waite, P.Redfern
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved H.Bothe seconded B.Turner that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report In the absence of the Treasurer there is no report
Correspondence Inward
1. Bank Statement - State Bank
2. Neil Ritchie catalogue.
3. Burrumbeet ski and boat club invitation to members to attend a fun Day on the 17th and 18th February 1990.
4. Membership applications
1. Letter to rotary club asking for assistance to purchase three buoyancy vest for learn to ski days.
2. Corporate Affairs- send back corrected dates.
3. Printing confirmation- two shades of blue on white paper for letterhead.
4. Eric Salter - confirmation of surveying job.
General Business
1. N.Watt reported on surveyors situation, saying that the other surveyor’s quote - written , was never received so Eric Salter was asked to go ahead. He will be beginning on Thursday or Friday, 15th or 16th February 1990.
2. Region Meeting-O.Mountjoy reported on the meeting held 31st January 1990 Committee - temporary until next AGM in June.
President O.Mountjoy Vice President P.Lychatt Secretary C.Ross Ass.Secretary T.Watt Treasurer R.Hepworth
Region Competition day to be held on 4th March,1990 will have the normal events, such as 1st Le Mans - single, doubles and doubles finless. 2nd Slalom Lane Race
For Tadpoles 1st Board to first buoy 2nd Board or skis to top buoy.
Trophies are going to be awarded to Tadpoles, Sub Juniors and Juniors only
Fees for the day will be region memberships only and no entrance fees to events.
Scrutineering will be done by M.Ure and R Hepworth .
Now things to be organized for the day within our club. Paul Redfern was nominated Team Captain by P.Melican seconded N.Watt and all agreed by all present. 7 am start to set up course ,etc.
C.Ross to organize afternoon team. To contact K.Johnson for details.
J.Brithers is to asked about 200 liters plastic drums for marker buoys for the course. Drums that haven’t had toxic contents. K.Ross to organize with Rowing Club the use of the front of the club house for the day.
3. Mention of some competitors from the club going in the southern 80 on the 11th February 1990.
4. B.Goodwin introduced Peter Baily to the members present and asked for application forms for Peter to apply for membership.
5. H.Bothe mentioned that he had been talking to the captain of the Mayor Mitchell Cruise and that the captain had said that he felt that boats passing the cruise whilst it had passengers should be aware of boat washes as the rock the boat and he fears someone nay get hurt whilst on the top deck.
Meeting closed 9.27 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 5-3-1990

Meeting opened 8.25 pm
Present O.Mountjoy, H.Bothe, C.Ross, N.Watt, C.Galvin, B.Galvin, M.Ure, J.Brothers, T.Watt, R.Armitage, I.Wilson, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies P.Melican, K.Ross, D.Waite, I&L Bagly
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved N.Watt seconded C.Ross that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income Pub Raffle $ 251.50
Expenditure Fuel $ 25.00
Bank Charges $ .30
Fuel $ 30.00
Federal Tax $ .23
Balance $ 5374.50
$ 110.00 Cash on Hand
$ 5484.50
Also a reminder of monies outstanding for new Windsheeters
Moved H.Bothe seconded N.Watt that the Treasurers Report be accepted
Correspondence Inward
1. Membership renewal-Mr & Mrs M.Dyson
2. Insurance Policy Renewal $ 305.86
3. DE JA VU Invitation to Cocktail Party
4. Post Office Box Renewal Notice
1. Letter for funding assistance from the Shire of Goulburn
1. Public Liability $ 305.86
2. Post Office Box Renewal $ 30.00
2. Cherlyl Ross Reimbursement for Postage and Afternoon tea comp day
3. Don Simpson Payment for use of PA System for competition day.
Moved M.Ure Seconded H.Bothe that the above accounts be passed for payment
Payments for Fuel on Competition Day
Boats used Wildthing $ 10.00 Firefox $ 10.00 SS Nymph $ 10.00 Bloodshot $ 10.00
Moved M.Ure seconded R Armitage that payment be passed
General Business
1. Competition Day 4th March 1990 O.Mountjoy thanked all involved with the organization of the day.
Letters of thanks to go to the Rowing Club, Shire of Goulburn and Claude Piper and Lyn Mc Donald at the kiosk.
The Presentation dates that were discussed are as following
Priority date is the 7th April 1990 if not able to have that date the 31st March 1990 or 21st April 1990. The actual Presentation Day is preferred to be on the Saturday starting in the afternoon and a spit with BYO Salads to start events about 1pm/2pm. A Region meeting is to be arranged for Wednesday 14th March, C.Ross to contact R.Hepworth.
2. O.Mountjoy mentioned that he had verbally replied to Burrumbeet boat club that no one was able to attend and thanked them for the invitation fun day.
3. N.Watt reported that the surveyor ,Eric Salter has commenced the surveying job.
4. The club has submitted a letter to the shire of Goulburn applying for some financial assistance through a grant of $29000.00 available to sporting Clubs in the shire. The grant is for capital Works and will pay up to 2/3 of the cost.
Some lobbying of councilor has been done by O.Mountjoy and I.Wilson and some feed back is that the presentation was not quite adequate. Thanks is to go to I.Wilson, N.Watt and T.Watt for the writing of the letter and B.Galvin for delivering the letter.
5. Memberships-application for NV No’s by the Bayly’s.
6. Printing of Stationery O.Mountjoy reported that the company lost the first lot of printing in transport strike but have assured him the 2nd lot will be received by the end of this week.
7. Pub Raffle Dates are 30th & 31th March , 31st August & 1st September and the 28th & 29th September 1990. Thanks to I.Wilson and A.Jaudzemis for attending the meeting. Next meeting for raffles is 3rd September.
8. Nagambie Nattering no longer operates, but Yea newspaper is now producing a paper, free delivered to the locals. Some items to go in will be the Competition Day, Robinvale Competitors, and learn to ski days.
9. Learn to ski Day.-the next day is to be set for the 23rd March, Friday. Some thinks needed for the day will be at least 1 Boat and a person with a bronze Medallion acquired within the last 12 month. A Suggestion would be to try and contact the local Swimming Instructor, to see if he is available on that day. His Name is Bob Cooke and resides in Chinamans Bridge Caravan Park..
10. J.Brothers has offered the club a house at a cost of the removal and placement on the site on the permit area by June this year. J.Brothers is going to check the house out structurally, to see whether it is feasible and able to be moved. He will report back before the next meeting if okay.
Meeting Closed 9.35 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 2-4-1990

Meeting opened 8.30 pm
Present T.Watt. I.Bayly, H.Bothe, P.Redfern, K.Ross, R&J.Brothers, O&J.Mountjoy, A.Jaudzemis
Apologies N.Watt, C.Ross, M.Ure, I.Wilson, P.Melican
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved H.Bothe seconded J.Brothers that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income
Windcheaters $ 162.00
Memberships $ 80.00
Fuel $ 30.00
Postage $ 110.67
Insurance $ 305.86
Competition day $ 80.00
Bank Charges $ 1.32
$ 527.85
Balance $ 5088.65
$ 66.00 Cash on Hand
$ 5154.65
Moved K.Ross seconded P.Redfern that the Treasurers Report be accepted
A Reminder to go in Newsletter to those still owing money on Windcheaters
Correspondence Inward
1. A.Sutton + Associates - Account for Stationery Printing.
2. Rotary Club-Replay to our application for donation of Money to Purchase Buoyancy vests. Unfortunately already financially committed.
3. Shire of Goulburn - Replay to our application for monies grant under sporting clubs - $1000.00 has been granted.
4. R.Press - Newsletter return - wrong address
1. Letter of thanks to Rowing club re. March 4th comp day.
2. Letter of thanks to Shire of Goulburn re. March 4th comp day.
3. Letter of thanks to kiosk Buckley Park re. March 4th comp day.
4. Club Newsletter.
General Business;
1. Shire of Goulburn replay to our application for grant money to go towards the cost of Surveying the land on the permit area. $1000.00 was granted to the club and will be drawn at the April Finance Committee.
. 2. Pub Raffle Approx. $ 237.00 was raised on the 30th + 31st March 1990 Thanks to J.Mountjoy, B.Galvin, A.Jaudzemis, N.Watt, C.Ross , K.Ross, O.Mountjoy.
3. Stationery Printing most reports have been pleasing with the final product.
4. Learn to ski day held on 23rd March 1990. K.Ross reported that it was a very successful day and more children attended this time. Assessment by teachers as to the children’s ability for the next day to be held in December this year. Thanks go to J.Mountjoy, K.Johnson, C.Ross, K.Ross, N.Watt, B.Galvin + O.Mountjoy. Boat used on the day as follows. Bloodshot Groucho $10.00 Wildthing $ 10.00 NV 108 $ 10.00.
5. J.Brothers-reported on the house situation, hasn’t seen the house at this stage, but says if we don’t want to take the entire house we may be able to take what materials we want unless one of the other Directors of the company heave had on offer for the removal of the entire house , which of course will take priority over us. Joe will report to next meeting..
6. Presentation night Raffle-K.Ross to bring 1 old windcheater and O.Mountjoy will organize something else. Food is also to be organized ie. No’s for Waranga to cater for the meat- a rough estimate is 35.
7. Land survey O.Mountjoy reported that he had spoken to N.Watt and he said the survey was completed. A very large area had been covered and one of the finding was that the highest Water mark is 18 inches above highest point on the land. O.Moutjoy had also spoken to a Councilor who had said a Planning permit should have been obtained before we went ahead with the survey. So within the next week a few people within the club will get together to submit a planning permit application, this includes a rough plan of future developments on the land. There apparently have been some objections to us going ahead with the lease of the land, but seem to be no problem.
8. Congratulations is extended to Darren and Lisa Waite on their recent marriage.
9. J.Brothers reported on the Robinvale 100 weekend. He said that the team from our club had some falls during the race, one putting his team out of the Race, the other teams being NV 108 and crew and Stress and crew finished. The weekend was quite well set up with one critism, there was no medical facilities and no Doctor in Robinvale for the casualties.
The next race is the Mildura 100 held over Easter weekend and from Nagambie we have D.Waite’s boat towing Leisa Redfern and partner; J.Brother’s boat towing Neil Katgert and Paul Redfern; O.Mountjoys boat towing Kristy Watt and Judy Mountjoy; and Breden Redfern and partner will be towed by Trevor Pearce. Good Luck everyon.
10. Pub raffle - A.Juadzemis said that the first prize winner hadn’t come forward to collect their prize and K.Ross and himself tried Saturday afternoon to track them down ,all efforts failed. It was suggested that the meat tray be donated to the Nagambie hospital and if the winner comes forward, they be given the equivalent money..
11. Presentation trophies have been organized and purchased. A reminder to P.Redfern to take the Perpetual Trophy for aggregate points for an individual as this had been overlooked.
Meeting Closed 9.40 pm.

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 7-5-1990

Meeting opened 8.29 pm
Present O.Mountjoy, P.Redfern, B.Turner, N.Watt, R.Watt, A.Jaudzemis, K.Ross, P.Melican, J.Brothers, M.Ure, D.Waite
Apologies C.Ross, I.Wilson, B&C.Galvin, T.Watt
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved K.Ross seconded A.Jaudzemis that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Income Windcheaters
Memberships $ 303.12
Expenditure Fuel $ 30.00
Bank Charges $ 0.54
$ 30.54
Balance Cheque acc: $ 5361.23
Moved D.Melican seconded P.Redfern that the Treasurers Report be accepted Correspondence Inward
1. Reminder account from E.Salter - Surveyor
2. Goulburn Shire Cheque $ 1000.00 Grant
3. PO Box renewal receipt
Outward Payment to E.Salter- surveyor $ 3500.00
General Business
1. A report to the meeting was made by P.Redfern on the Mildura 100 Easter weekend 4 crews from the Nagambie entered, 3 finished well in their class and one unfortunately did not. A most enjoyable weekend was had by all in perfect weather conditions.
2. President , O.Mountjoy informed the meeting that or AGM has been put forward to July instead of June as previous years. This is to comply with Corporate Affairs requirements as regards to closure of club books . An advert to same will be placed in local paper.
3. Congratulations to Anne + Neil Katgert on the birth of Kate. Welcome to our newest member.
4. Our presentation night at Waranga Basin was again an enjoyable affair and well attended by both clubs. The basin unfortunately didn’t put on it’s best weather but members made up for that by enjoying the merriment in the club House. A great meal was put on and thanks go to all those families that contributed to same.
5. The trophies presented to winners and tryers were most impressive. Thanks to Cheryl, Tammy and helpers for organizing them so well.
6. O.Mountjoy spoke to the meeting about the region. It seems it is in grave danger of collapsing if members are not willing to take on key positions and participate .Owen urged that we all consider the future and decide if we are able to contribute in any way. It was discussed that other clubs be contacted and invited to join the region as this will bring more people to be involved and extend the competition R.Watt asked the meeting if the Tube race be one event brought back as it is a fun race. It will depend on numbers competing as it is time consuming to set up and slow to run.
7. Joe Brothers reported that the house is not suitable to move as a whole but has offered it to be stripped. Kitchen windows timber ect. Are salvageable Joe said this would need to be done by the end of June at the latest. A crew is to be organized to go on a weekend to be set.
8. OMountjoy has had further feedback from local schools on our very successful learn to ski days. The teachers have suggested that a progress report kept on the children. J.Brothers suggested a certificate of participation be given.
9. Progress on the land available for club site: Survey has been completed. The planning permit has not yet been presented to Council as it has temporarily been misplaced. The next step is to be a meting with Rural Water Commission. I.Wilson, N>Watt, O.Mountjoy to organize for second week May. N.Watt gave a brief report to meeting on the survey and presented the survey Map to the meeting. A brief discussion abaut the site and future buildings, Road access be made smoothly in regards to our objections ( ie Keens) Avoid any confrontations.
10. Ken and Cheryl Ross were requested to summarize the club acrivities for the season and put an article in the “Nagambie Natterings”
Meeting Closed 9.59 pm

Special General Meeting N.W.S.C. 4-6-1990

Meeting opened 8.30 pm
Present D.Waite, I.Bayly, T.Watt, O.Mountjoy, Shane Delaney, B.Galvin, M.Ure, B.turner
Apologies N.Watt, J.Brothers, I.Wilson.
Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved D.Waite seconded M.Ure that the minutes be accepted
Treasurers Report Due to Treasurers absence, their was no report.
Correspondence Inward
1. Copy of 1990 ski permit, from the shire of Goulburn
2. Burrumbeet Newsletter
3. State Bank Bank Statement
Outward Membership application to Shane Delaney
General Business
1. O.Mountjoy reported that there may be an invitation to the ski club by Rotary to attend a function - O.Mountjoy will report when more details are on hand.
2. End of year function for the club will be discussed at the Annual General in July to set a date and venue.
3. M.Ure to chase up J.Brothers in regard to the Stripping of the hause. B.turner has offered a shearing shed close to the house for storage, if needed.
4. Local Newspaper- K.Ross is to put a summary of the Club’s activities in the local as requested at last meeting.
5. Report on land at the permit area- O.Mountjoy reported that a letter had been drafted by himself, N.Watt, I.Wilson + T.Watt to go to the Conservation and Environment dept. this was progressing well.
Meeting closed 8.55pm