Committee Meeting 17th November 1980

Grame Duffy ,  Trevor Pearce,  Peter Melligan,  Vic Stirling,  Hans Bothe,  Garry Cooke, 
Meeting open 8.15 pm
Wayne Bryce,  Ian Wilson, 
Discussion 1 Constitution
Constitution read & amended as.
Subscriptions due 1/1/81.
1-- Interim fees to be paid within one month.
2-- 5b 1th July to 31th June
3-- 5e 31th June
4-- Vice President to be admitted.
5-21 b to charitable institution.

Moved that the constitution by put to annual meeting for adoption. Vic Sterling sec Hans Bothe carried.
(2) Membership fees : Fees be $15.00 inclusive .Prop. G.Duffy sec. Vic Sterling
(3) Meetings : Prop. By V.Sterling that another meeting be held one week prior to general meeting & that such meeting be held once per month from 1/11/80. Once every two month from 1/5/80. Meeting for committee to be held first Monday of every month & general meeting to be every second Monday of each month. Sec . Hans Bothe motion passed.
(4) Publicity Proposed that the secretary inquire into publicity for the club in the form of information & application Slips for the Caravan Park, to be issued to Patrons of the Caravan Park
(5) Boxing Day Regatta Prop. G.Cooke that the Club makes available their Boats and labour on the Day. Sec G .Duffy Volunteers asked for and listed -- Hans Bothe , G. Duffy , G. Gribbon , I. Wilson , G. Gamble W. Bayne , P. Meligan.
(6) Discount for Club Prop. G.Cooke that the committee approach businesses firms with a view to sponsorship or discount. Prop. J.Campbell that the Club wait until better established. To be discussed at a later date.
(7) Family Day Prop. J.Cambell & T. Pearce that a family day be held the Sunday following boxing day as a social gathering. Venue to be looked at. Sec G Cooke Motion carried.
(8) Insurance Mater of insurance to be investigated so in the event of accident injured person & boat owners covered. RACV don’t have VFL $20 to $50 Marine Hull $45 $ 100 Agreed that boat used on family days should be covered by such policy.
(9) Fees Duffy prop… that the fees be $15 per annum single / family include family under 16 years Vote --- Motion passed
(10) Skiing Prop. G.Cooke that persons wishing to ski pay an amount to cover cost of Petrol ext. Argred.. That the amount be up to the individual & and no set should be set. Vote …. Motion defeated.
(11) Constitution Constitution put forwarded for discussion--- No Questions Vote adopt Carried.
(12) Shed Thursday Prop. G. Cooke that a working B. be held Thursday afternoon at the shed to clear away rubbish Vote -- carried
(13) Colors Prop. By Ian Wilson that adopt Nagambie football sec by Fonzi. Prop. By G.Cooke that one color is cheaper & that should be thought of. Colors suggested by members red/white/black red/black red /gold Vote Red / Gold carried
Meeting closed 10.15 pm


General Meeting 24th November 1980

COM. Present G.Cooke, H.Bothe, T. Pearce, W.Bayne, G.Duffy, I Wilson
Total Present 12 Members
Meeting open 8.15 pm
Apologies Peter Meligan, Jim Gribbon
Min Read Prop. G.Duffy sec. Ian Wilson
Correspondence Sect. Letter to Rowing Club, Angling Club, Council informing them of the formation of the Club. Letter to Keith F Williams re design & quote for badges.
Gen Business
Boat Ramp Sec. After discussion with council they had agreed to make extensive changes to boat launching Ramp at Buckley Park.
Application forms Sec. Applications forms were being printed by P. Hoskin free of charge & would be ready 25th or 26th November.
Boat Shed Prop. That the boat shed at Valley Hotel be utilized as club rooms G. Cooke sec. G .Duffy carried. Shed to be free of charge by Valley Hotel.
Family Day Venue - B.BQ. Boat Ramp, 3.30 pm Chinaman’s Bridge . Prop. G.Cooke sec. J Campbell carried.
Meeting Prop. T.Pearce that Meeting be held on Sunday as many people who would like to attend unable. Prop. By G.Duffy that the next meeting be held on Sunday 7th.12.80 at 10 am. Sec G Cooke carried.
Application Forms Proposed forms submitted by G.Cooke and accepted.
Bank A/c to be opened by G.Duffy at the S.S.B Nagambie Letters by the secretary to all local clubs advising of the formation of the “ Nagambie Ski Club” & to Council re Signs regarding joining.
Badges Badges adopted for the Club be included in the membership fees.
Identification for Boats That the secretary inquire into Cost of identification badges of a self adhesive type for boats.
Next meeting be held on 1th/12/80 committee only
Meeting closed 10-05 pm.

Committee Meeting 1/12/80

Com.Present G.Cooke, T. Pearce, I. Wilson, P. Meligan , G Duffy, J.Gribbon
Meeting open 8.29 pm
Apologies Nil
Min, Read prop. G.Duffy sec. P Meligan
Treasure Report Balance $ 150.00 No Accounts due
Correspondence (1) Rowing Club Disc. Re Regatta Voted that the Letter is acceptable & up to the Rowing Club to replay.
(2) Shire of Goulburn Re Signs. Voted & Accepted
(3) Clark Lane & Assoc. Re Stickers Voted that other Quotes be requested.
Gen Disc. Family Day Sunday Boxing Day 18/12/80 Advertisement Notices be put in shop windows Some form of Radioed sheet be put out. Prop. By Duffy that the event be held at a later date. Prop. By Duffy that the date be tentative at 18/1/81 sec. J Gribbon Question raised as to the venue for event. Suggested by I.Wilson that Ray Turner be approached as to use of his property. Brought up . P.Meligan that sking is illegal in that section River. Prop. By T .Pearce that the council be approached as to using section of river for such day Se. G.Cooke
Proposed P.Meligan that event be B.Y.O sec Duffy
Meeting closed 9-52 pm

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