Welcome to the Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc.
While the Goulburn River is the clubs major boating venue we must be aware that the river is not solely for our use. Whilst we have sole use of the river for water skiing the river can be used for thorough traffic in the form of fishing boats, canoeists, rowers and personal water craft.
In recent years in Victoria, there have been no fatalities involving boaters wearing life jackets and over 50% of boating fatalities have involved people boating alone. I would encourage boaters to make sure that life jackets are within easy reach, and that people wear them at the first sign of any safety concerns, particularly when boating alone.
Please read this guide carefully and enjoy safe boating.

1. Members Rights
2. Members Responsibilities
3. Classes of Membership and Fees
a) Full Member (restricted/unrestricted)
b) Annual Fees
c) Meetings
d) Work and Fund Raising Activities
e) Fee Credit Waiver
4 River Use
a) Rules of Use
b) Obtaining a River Permit
c) Allocation on NV numbers
d) Annual Renewal
e) River Log
f) Members River Privileges
5. Age limits for power boat operations
6. Scholarships
a) Competitors Assistance
7. Club Committee
a) Committee Positions
8. New Members


As a member you have certain rights, entitlements and privileges.
You have a right to attend general monthly meetings.
. You have a right to attend and participate in club functions and activities.
You are entitled to use the club amenities at the Goulburn River site.
You have the right to apply to the club for a permit and club boat registration number allowing water skiing use of our site on the Goulburn River.
As a member juniors become eligible for club scholarships.
You have the right to nominate or be nominated to the club committee and to stand for election at Annual General Meetings.
If elected you have the right to hold a committee position within the Club.


As a member you are responsible to familiarise yourself and your associates with the rules of the club and abide by them.
You are required to remain a financial member and ensure all dues, permits, fees etc, are paid promptly and within the specified time.
As a member you should represent the club in a manner not unbecoming and to actively promote and foster the sport of water skiing.


Full Member
- All voting rights and privileges.
Guest of Member
- Guest must be signed into the river area by a full member and may use the river facilities on that day only. Guests are allowed a maximum of six visits in any financial year. Those guests are welcome to apply for membership. At the end of each season the guests log will be used to offer memberships to those visitors.
Annual Fees Family or Single $50.00

Members meetings will be held at Nagambie at various times designated by the committee and advised in the calender of events. These meetings are a forum for members to exchange idias and provide an opertunity for new and prospective members to meet existing members
Working Bees and Fund Raising Activities
The club holds working bees, raffles, and learn to ski days, in addition to other activities each year.
It is an economic reality that any club, in order to survive and flourish requires the input of its members with both time and money. For those members who cannot offer their time a financial input is needed. In order to keep the cost of membership down we need the active financial and physical support of all members in either work assistance or supporting raffles and functions etc.
If evertone does their bit the Club will prosper well into the future.


The club has worked for many years to improve an area of the
Goulburn River specifically for the use of the Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc Members..
It has been an extremely difficult task to achieve. Now that the club has secured the site, it is equally important that we keep it.
There are a number of important rules, which apply to the use of this area. It is important that all these rules are strictly adhered to by both members and their guests. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that the area is protected and maintained for the future.

Rules of Use
Safety if the number one priority.
Only NV series registered boats are allowed to park boats in the permit area..
Do not ski past the signs indicating the start and finish of the permit area..
Use of the permit area is permitted 365 days per year from dawn to dusk..
Respect the privacy and property of all land owners within the club area..
Respect the foreshore and the environment and remove all rubbish..
Ensure your boat is fitted with all appropriate safety equipment and is sea-worthy. Pay particular attention to noise levels..
Stickers must be displayed prominently on the transom of the vessel and be current for the year of issue.
Registration numbers must be clearly and prominently displayed in accordance with Victorian Boating Regulation.
Each skiing party using the club facilities must contain at least one full member of the NWSC at all times.
Boats engaged in waterskiing may proceed at speed within 50 metres of another boat also engaged in water skiing.
Boats engaged in water skiing must slow to 5 knots when passing within 50 metres of a transiting boat.
Be extremely careful and do not spray passing boats and people on the bank. What may seem like a joke to you may result in loss of permit.
Abide by all local Boating Authority Regulations and directions of Boating Authority Officers.
All skiing activities must be within the guidelines of the Victorian Motor Boating Act.
Any member of guest who operates a boat under the influence of alcohol or is operating in an unsafe manner will have their River Permit revoked. The legal alcohol limit is .05.
Respect the property of the club and other members.
Please make sure if using the BBQ that it is properly extinguished and the lockable lid is replaced when leaving the site.
Tubes are not permitted down at the river site due to the safety factor.
Please be courteous to other skier's needs when they are running through the slalom course or barefooting.
Do not drag ropes through the slalom course.
Any breach of these conditions or use by a member or any guest of a member may result in permit cancellation
Car and trailer is not permitted on our site area. Cars and trailers can be parked on the surveyed road leading down to the site. Please consider access for others when parking
The Club gear is for the use and enjoyment of all members. Do not remove property from the site and ensure all gear is replaced in the container at the end of the day.
The Trampoline may be erected by members. Please ensure children are properly supervised.
At the end of the dayif gear is left out whether you used it or not is your responsibility to make sure it is put away.This includes the trampoline.

Obtaining a Club Boat Registration

To obtain a river permit a number if steps must be followed;

A member can apply to the club for allocation for an NV series number after acceptance as a member.
The member will be asked to sign a declaration to the club, acknowledging the rules and conditions of NV registration and pay the club the following;
. Security Deposit $50.00
. The club will provide two Vic Roads applications for change of vessel number and a letter of confirmation from the club allocating an NV number.
. Both Vic Roads applications must be endorsed by the member. One of these signed applications must be returned to the club indicating the vessels original registration number. The club will hold this application on file along with the members security deposit In the event of the sale of the boat. or the member leaving the club and failing to change the registration, the club will submit the signed application to Vic Roads using the security deposit to cover costs.
. The remaining vic Roads application and letter of confirmation from the club may then be presented to Vic Roads for processing.
. When the new registration certificate is received, a copy must be sent to the club along with a copy of insurance policy with skiers liability extension for at least $5 Million dollars.
. On receipt of the new registration certificate and insurance policy the club will advise the local boating authority.
Each year boats must be scrutineered by the club to comply with standard safety requirements
. NOTE: A vessel must not be used in the permit area until the club have acknowledged in writing, a receipt of your registration certificate and insurance policy.

Allocation of NV Numbers for Club Site Use

In September and March of each year the committee will meet and decide on the number of new vessel registrations that will be made available. The committee decision will be based on the prior seasons usage of the permit area with the aim of optimising safe, quality boat parking at the river site.

Annual Renewals
After receipt of annual fees the member will be provided with a key for the gates, hut and container. All members may receive additional keys on payment of a small fee to cover the cost of the key.Following satisfactory inspection of boats and submission of insurance documents the member will receive a sticker indicating the year of renewal. This sticker must be prominently displayed on the transom of the registered vessel. All keys from the previous year must be returned before the new seasons key will be issued.

River Log

A diary is located in the hut at the river site. Each member is expected to enter their name and boat registration and also the names of any guests whenever attending the site. In addition to this, any information or comments regarding maintenance, illegal river use, suggestions or other items of interest for the newsletter.

Members River Privileges

As a member you have certain rights with regard to river use. If you do invite a group of friends to use the area with you, please respect the fact that other members pay for the right to use the club and give them preference.


Refer to current Victorian Boating Regulations.

WATERSKIING (Victorian Waterways)

Note that: (a) Any boat towing a water skier must have an observer who is at least 12 years of age; (b) A maximum of three water skiers at any one time; (c) Skiing only in the period from one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset; (d) A person water skiing is required to wear an approved life jacket/buoyancy vest/flotation device/garment (or appropriate PFD) at all times.


Each year the club provides a scholarship to two deserving junior members. This scholarship is a fully paid weekend at a ski school in Northern Victoria. The aim of the scholarship is to provide further formal training in skills and disciplines for our junior members, and will usually include the opportunity for the junior to attempt a slalom course, jumps and tricks, or any other discipline within the sport.

Competitor Assistance

Each year the club allocates the amount of $500.00, to be made available to club members in assisting
with these costs of competing in other disciplines, of the sport, outside the scope of club competitions. A competitor can apply to the club for assistance. The committee will grant funds in units of $100.00 at their discretion, for travel, accommodation or entry fees.


To operate successfully every club needs active members to participate and take the responsibility of office. As prominent members of the club these committee members should set an example and provide leadership for other club members to follow.
Committee members are required to attend at least 7 monthly meetings in addition to the duties required by office.

Committee Positions


Co-ordinate club development
Chair meetings
Chair Disciplinary Tribunal
Hold casting vote
Co-ordinate activities resulting from river log

Vice President/Working Bee Co-ordinator
Assist the president as required
Chair meetings in the absence of the President
Co-ordinate working bees

Take minutes at each mcnthly and committee meeting end to incoming and outgoing correspondence
Complete and return requirements for Corporate Affairs
Advise Council of Boat Registrations, Insurance and financial members list
Arrange appropriate insurance for the club
Act as Public Officer
Assist the President as required

Assistant Secretary
Assist the Secretary as required
Assist the President as required

Maintain the club financial records
Maintain the club bank accounts
Maintain the credit book
Pay and collect accounts

Membership Secretary
Prepare Annual Membership Renewals with regard to the fee credits system
Issue receipt, keys and boat stickers
Maintain insurance and registration logs
Assist the President as required

Fundraising Co~ordinator
Prepare a fund raising calendar for the year
Arrange fund raising activities
Organise sponsorships and prizes
Co-ordinate club merchandise
Assist the President as required

Social Secretary
Prepare a social calendar for the year
Arrange and organise social activities
Assist the President as required

Newsletter and Advertising
Produce and dispatch bi-monthly newsletters
Arrange sponsorship for the Newsletter
Gather items of interest for the Newsletter
Maintain club historical records
Co-ordinate club promotions
Assist the President as required

Local Liaison
. Foster good relations with key people and relevant organisations in Nagambie
. Assist the President as required

Boat Safety Coordinator
Check all safety equipment, insurance policies and boat condition before start of season.
Assist the President as required

Junior Development and Coaching
Arranging and running of club Point Score Days
Arranging and running of coaching clinics throughout the year.
Assist the President as required.

Club Site Managers
Installing, checking and maintaining slalom course at start of season and throughout the season.
Checking and maintaining slalom course equipment.
Removal of slalom course at end of season.
. Site Maintenance
. Gear Maintenance
. Working Bees
Assist the President as required

Web Site
. Set up and maintain the NWSC web site
. Assist the President as required

The above descriptions serve only as an indication of the main duties for each position. Other duties will arise from time to time and will be directed by the President.


To become a new member of the Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc. there are a few simple steps, which must be undertaken.
.Application form must be completed.
. The commitee will review the application.
. The successful applicant will be asked to pay the appropriate fee and will be issued with a receipt.
. At this time the new member is entitled to member privileges and should familiarise themselves with the club rules.It should be noted that any breach of the rules by a new member may result in cancellation without refund of the membership.
. Once the membership formalities have been completed the new member may apply for a Club boat Registration
As you may well be aware, over the last year a new format of membership and fees has been formulated and subsequently introduced.
Its aim was multi purpose;
To develop greater interest and participation by members.
To recognise the time, effort and commitment to the club by its current members.
Allow members to choose the method by which they contribute to the club, ie by a commitment of time or money, or a combination of both to service the cost of providing the club facilities for it's members.
Allowing flexibility to members whose circumstances change from time to time while retaining a close affinity with the club..
Also provide a means by which they can introduce "new members" to the facilities and activities which the club has to offer and to just entertain "Guests"..
The Prospectus is a formalisation of these ideas and provides each member a copy, which they can refer to. It also includes legal requirements for "any" Incorporated Club or adopted from "MODEL RULES" to suit our application..
With all changes and development of a club, 100% consensus is rare, but it is hoped for..
These changes reflect issues most recently raised in discussion, during previous meetings, and thus formulation of this Prospectus..