Club Rules

Code of Conduct

  1. Safety is the number one priority
  2. Do not ski past the signs indicating the start and finish of the permit area.
  3. Use of the permit area is permitted 365 days per year daylight hours from dawn to dusk.
  4. Respect the privacy and property of all land owners within the club area
  5. Respect the foreshore and the environment and remove all rubbish.
  6. Ensure your boat is fitted with all the appropriate safety equipment and is sea-worthy. Pay particular attention to noise levels.
  7. Registration numbers must be clearly and prominently displayed in accordance with Victorian Boating regulations.
  8. Boats engaged in water skiing may proceed at speed within 50 metres of another boat also engaged in water skiing
  9. Boats engaged in water skiing must slow to 5 knots when passing within 50 metres of a transiting boat.
  10. All boats leaving the club site should proceed upstream.
  11. Be extremely careful and do not spray passing boats and people on the bank. What may seem like a joke may result in loss of permit.
  12. Abide by all local Boating Authority Regulations and direction of Boating Authority Officers.
  13. All skiing activities must be within the guidelines of the Victorian Motor Boating Act.
  14. The Club advises that all members must maintain a zero blood alcohol limit whilst engaged in the operation of a boat and or water skiing, – i.e. Boat driver, skiers and observer. Any member or guest engaged in skiing whilst under the influence of alcohol or is operating in an unsafe manner will have their Membership revoked.
  15. Respect the property of the club and other members.
  16. Please make sure if using the BBQ that it is properly extinguished and the lockable lid is replaced when leaving the site.
  17. Ski tubes, ski biscuits etc. are permitted and the club strongly recommends that safety is the number one priority and should be maintained at all times, and their use be minimal during peak times!!
  18. Car and trailer parking is permitted on our site area, reverse parking along the (Down stream) northern side boundary fence only. Cars and Trailers can also be parked on the surveyed road leading down to the site. Please consider access for others when parking.
  19. The Club ski equipment is for the use and enjoyment of all members. Do not remove Club property from the site and ensure all gear is replaced in the container at the end of each day.
  20. Members may erect the trampoline. Please ensure children are properly supervised.
  21. At the end of the day if gear is left out then whether you used it or not it is your responsibility to make sure it is put away. This includes the trampoline.
  22. All Memberships must be renewed and all fees paid by the 1st of November each year.
  23. All members using the Club Site must sign visitors diary located in the Container.

Any breach of the above Code of Conduct items can result in memberships being revoked.