While the Goulburn River is the clubs major boating venue we must be aware that the river is not solely for our use. Whilst we have use of the river for water skiing, the river can be used for through traffic in the form of fishing boats, canoeists, rowers and personal watercraft.

In recent years in Victoria, there have been no fatalities involving boaters wearing life jackets and over 50% of boating fatalities have involved people boating alone. I would encourage boaters to make sure that life jackets are within easy reach, and that people wear them at the first sign of any safety concerns, particularly when boating alone.

Please read this guide carefully and enjoy safe boating.


1. Members Rights

2. Members Responsibilities

3. Classes of Membership and Fees

a. Full Member with and without Boat

b. Annual Fees

c. Meetings

d. Work and Fund Raising Activities

River Use

a. Code of Conduct

b. Breach of Code of Conduct

c. Boat safety Checks

d. Insurance

e. Site keys

f. Members rivers privileges

g. Enviromental Policy

5. Age Limit for Power Boat Operations

6. Scholarships

a. Competitors Assistance

7. Club Committee

a. Committee Positions

New Members


As a member you have certain rights, entitlements and privileges.

  • You have the right to attend general monthly meetings
  • You have the right to attend and participate in club functions and activities.
  • You are entitled to use the club amenities at the Goulburn River Site.
  • As a member, juniors become eligible for club scholarships.
  • You have the right to nominate or be nominated to the club committee and stand for election at Annual general Meetings

If elected you have the right to hold a committee position within the club


  • As a member you are responsible to familiarise yourself and your associates with the rules of the club and abide by them.
  • You are required to remain a financial member and ensure all dues, permits, fees etc, are paid promptly and within the specified time.
  • As a member you should represent the club in a manner not unbecoming and to actively promote and foster the sport of water skiing.


Membership Definitions:

Primary Member – Single Membership:

Registered boat owner of the vessel authorised for use at NWSC.

Full Membership Fees Apply.

Primary Members – Dual Membership:

Registered boat owner of the vessel authorised for use at NWSC.

Nominated dual boat owner of the vessel authorised for use at the NWSC.

Full Membership Fees Apply to both owners.

Dual Memberships are limited to a maximum of 5 (five) memberships at any one time and must be approved in writing by the NWSC committee.

Associated Family Members:

Immediate family of Primary Members only.

Full usage of NWSC facilities – Nil Membership Fees Apply

Memberships cannot be transferred or assigned to another person by any member without the written approval of the NWSC Committee.

NWSC Annual Membership Renewal and Fees.

Unfortunately due to declining attendance at the AGM and the increasing demand placed upon the committee of the NWSC to pursue membership renewal, payment of fees and boat scrutinizing, all members are advised that annual membership renewal, payment of fees and boat scrutinizing must be completed no later than November 1 each year.

To encourage all members to attend the AGM or the first working bee, renew their membership, pay all relevant fees and self assess a safety check of their boat and equipment the following fee structures will apply.

  1. $350.00 per annum – renew membership, pay fees and fill out and lodge all relevant paperwork including current membership renewal, copy of boat insurance, copy of boat registration and self assessed boat safety check form at either the AGM or the first working bee.
  2. $450.00 per annum – renew membership, pay fees and fill out and lodge all relevant paperwork including current membership renewal, copy of boat insurance, copy of boat registration and self assessed boat safety check form before November 1 each year.
  3. Failure by any member to renew their membership and pay all relevant fees by November 1 each year will result in their membership being cancelled.



Members meetings will be held at various times as designated by the committee and advised in the calendar of events. Meetings are a forum for members to participate in the Club, exchange ideas, and provide an opportunity for new and prospective members to meet existing members.

Working Bees and Fund Raising Activities

The club holds working bees, raffles and fun ski days, in addition to other activities each year.

It is an economic reality that any club, in order to survive and flourish requires the input of its members with both time and money. For those members who cannot offer their time a financial input is needed. In order to keep the cost of membership down we need the active financial and or physical support of all members in either work assistance or supporting raffles and functions etc.

If everyone does their bit the Club will prosper well into the future.



The club has worked for many years to improve an area of the Goulburn River specifically for the use of the Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc members. It has been extremely difficult task to achieve. Now that the club has secured the site, it is equally important that we keep it.

Only NWSC members boats displaying the current years membership decals are allowed to moor boats at the Club site.

Decals must be displayed prominently on the bow of the vessel as near as practical to the registration number, and be current for the year of issue.

There are a number of important rules, which apply to the use of this area. It is important that all these rules are strictly adhered to both by members and their guests. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that the area is protected and maintained for the future.

The Code of Conduct items listed below covers club rules. Please ensure you read and abide by them at all times.

Code of Conduct

  1. Safety is the number one priority
  2. Do not ski past the signs indicating the start and finish of the permit area.
  3. Use of the permit area is permitted 365 days per year daylight hours from dawn to dusk.
  4. Respect the privacy and property of all land owners within the club area
  5. Respect the foreshore and the environment and remove all rubbish.
  6. Ensure your boat is fitted with all the appropriate safety equipment and is sea- worthy. Pay particular attention to noise levels.
  7. Registration numbers must be clearly and prominently displayed in accordance with Victorian Boating regulations.
  8. Boats engaged in water skiing may proceed at speed within 50 metres of another boat also engaged in water skiing
  9. Boats engaged in water skiing must slow to 5 knots when passing within 50 metres of a transiting boat.
  10. All boats leaving the club site should proceed upstream.
  11. Be extremely careful and do not spray passing boats and people on the bank. What may seem like a joke may result in loss of permit.
  12. Abide by all local Boating Authority Regulations and direction of Boating Authority Officers.
  13. All skiing activities must be within the guidelines of the Victorian Motor Boating Act.
  14. The Club advises that all members must maintain a zero blood alcohol limit whilst engaged in the operation of a boat and or water skiing, – i.e. Boat driver, skiers and observer. Any member or guest engaged in skiing whilst under the influence of alcohol or is operating in an unsafe manner will have their Membership revoked.
  15. Respect the property of the club and other members.
  16. Please make sure if using the BBQ that it is properly extinguished and the lockable lid is replaced when leaving the site.
  17. Ski tubes, ski biscuits etc. are not permitted and the club strongly advises against their use.
  18. Car and trailer parking is not permitted on our site area. Cars and Trailers can be parked on the surveyed road leading down to the site. Please consider access for others when parking.
  19. The Club ski equipment is for the use and enjoyment of all members. Do not remove Club property from the site and ensure all gear is replaced in the container at the end of each day.
  20. Members may erect the trampoline. Please ensure children are properly supervised.
  21. At the end of the day if gear is left out then whether you used it or not it is your responsibility to make sure it is put away. This includes the trampoline.
  22. All Memberships must be renewed and all fees paid by the 1st of November each year.
  23. All members using the Club Site must sign visitors diary located in the Container.

Any breach of the above Code of Conduct items can result in memberships being revoked.

Breach of Code of Conduct

In the event of a breach of the Code of Conduct that cannot be resolved amicably, details should be provided to the committee in writing, clearly stating details of the breach and the names of any witnesses. Members involved may be asked to attend a committee meeting where appropriate action will be decided.

Boat Safety Checks

The committee considers that correctly maintained and safe boats are paramount to the ongoing enjoyment and safety of members.

To assist members, the club has a mandatory requirement for members to self assess the safety of their boat and equipment and complete safety check form at the start of each new season and prior to the acceptance of membership.

Each Year boats must be safety checked by their owner and comply with standard safety requirements. For advice and assistance on safety checks, please contact the relevant committee member.

All new members must have their initial boat safety check carried out by a committee member, each year thereafter they will be responsible for their own self assessed safety checks.


If seeking membership with Boat, you must include copy of your boats insurance policy that includes skiers’ liability cover for a minimum of $5.0 million.

Site Keys

After receipt of annual fees each member will be issued with a key for the Club site gate and storage container.

Members River Privileges

As a member you have certain rights with regard club use. If you do invite a group of friends to use the area with you, please respect the fact that other members pay for the right to use the club and give them preference.

Enviromental Policy

NWSC recognises the need to properly manage the environment including but not limited to water quality, noise pollution and bank erosion.

NWSC will minimise and prevent adverse environmental impacts of our activities and comply with all relevant environmental legislation, standards, codes of practice and agreements.

To fulfil our environmental commitment NWSC will contribute a minimum of 5% of its annual membership fees towards revegetation and bank erosion within the ski zone.

Wake enhancing boats, ballast systems and Jet Ski’s are banned for use by NWSC members.

Boats with over transom exhaust pipes and or excessive noise levels are banned for use by NWSC members.

Refuelling of boats in the river is strictly prohibited.

Respect the foreshore and the environment and remove all rubbish.

Dangerous goods not to be stored in the NWSC container onsite.

Gas bottles for the NWSC barbecue to be stored, locked and secured outside NWSC container onsite.

Waste management bin to be emptied on a regular basis

Portable toilet to be exchanged on a regular basis.

Any breach of the above code of conduct may result in memberships being revoked


Refer to current Victorian Boating Regulations.

· Waterskiing ( Victorian Waterways )

Note that:

a) Any boat towing a water skier must have an observer who is at least 12 years of age.
b) A maximum of 3 water skiers at any one time
c) Skiing only in the period one-hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.
d) A person water skiing is required to wear an approved life jacket/buoyancy vest/ flotation device/ garment ( approved PFD ) at all times.


Each year the club provides a scholarship to two deserving junior members. This scholarship is a fully paid weekend at a ski school in Northern Victoria. The aim of the scholarship is to provide further formal training skills and disciplines for our junior members, and will usually include the opportunity for the junior to attempt a slalom course, jumps and tricks, or any other discipline within the sport.

Competitor Assistance

Each year the club allocates the amount of $500, to be made available to club members in assisting with these costs of competing in other disciplines of the sport, outside the scope of club competitions. A competitor can apply to the club for assistance. The committee will grant funds in units of $100 at their discretion, for travel, accommodation or entry fees.


To operate successfully every club needs active members to participate and take the responsibility of office. As prominent members of the club these committee members should set an example and provide leadership for other members to follow.

Committee Positions


· Coordinate club Development

· Chair meetings

· Chair Disciplinary Tribunal

· Hold Casting Vote

· Coordinate activities resulting from River Log

Vice President

· Assist the president as required

· Chair meeting in the absence of the President

· Coordinate working bees


· Take minutes at each monthly and committee meeting

· Attend to incoming and outgoing correspondence

· Complete and return requirements to Corporate Affairs

· Act as Public Officer

· Assist the President as required


· Maintain the club financial records

· Maintain the club bank accounts

· Maintain the credit book

· Pay and Collect Accounts

· Arrange appropriate insurance for the club.

Membership Secretary

· Prepare Annual Membership Renewals

· Issue receipt, keys and boat stickers

· Maintain insurance and registration logs

· Assist the President as required

Fund Raising Coordinator

· Prepare fund raising calendar for the year

· Arrange fund raising activities

· Organise sponsorships and prizes

· Co-ordinate club merchandise

· Assist the President as required

Newsletter and Advertising

· Produce and dispatch bi-monthly newsletters

· Arrange sponsorship for the Newsletter

· Gather items of interest for the Newsletters

· Maintain club historical records

· Co-ordinate club promotions

· Assist the President as required

Local Liaison

· Foster good relations with key people and relevant organisations in Nagambie

· Assist the President as required

Boat Safety Coordinator

· Check all safety equipment, insurance policies and boat condition before the start of the season.

· Assist the President as required

Personal Development Coordinator

· Arranging and running of Personal development records.

· Arranging and running of Personal development clinics throughout the year.

· Assist the President as required.

Club Site Managers

· Site Maintenance

· Gear Maintenance

· Working Bees

· Assist the President as required.

Web Site

· Set up and maintain the NWSC web site

· Assist the President as required.

Merchandise Coordinator

· Manages club apparel and merchandise.

· Maintains adequate stocks

· Assist the President as required.

Environmental Officer

· Develops annual site maintenance and development plan.

· Ensure compliance with site lease environmental issues

· Co-ordinates with local authorities on environmental issues

· Assist the president as required

The above descriptions serve only as an indication of the main duties of each position. Other duties will arise from time to time and will be directed by the President.


To become a new member of the Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc. there are a few simple of steps, which must be undertaken.

The membership secretary will assist you and provide appropriate forms and a copy of the prospectus.