Hans Bothe has taken the time to create a CD with the full history of the Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc.  He is interested in more photographs or information from years gone bye.  See the result of his hard work below.  Please contact him if you wish to have a copy of the CD.

This CD was compiled by HANS BOTHE
foundation Member and Life Member of the Nagambie Water Ski Club Inc.

All persons interested in forming a ski Club for Nagambie asked to attend at the Valley Hotel Nagambie at 8.00 pm. Meeting was not advertised & invitation extended to local people, owing boats, or keen skiers . 19 people advised of the meeting, 13 owning boats.

Meeting commenced at 8.15 pm.

Chairman Garry Cooke Assisted by Graeme Duffy & Peter Melligan

Present: 17 No  Allan Finnigan,  Tiny Finnigann,   Ian Wilson,   Fonzi Jaudzemis,   David Hannam,  Jim Gribbon,   Vic Stirling,   John Sanderson,   David Sanderson,   Wayne Bayne,  Trevor Pearce   Hans Bothe,   Malcom Hatley,  Trevor West,

Apologies  Marry Black,   Neville Black,   Ian Niske,   Terry Treble,   Tony Hubbard,  Terry Adams,   Reg Press,

Concluded that enough parties were interested in forming club.
Meeting commenced with general discussions as to what would be the Aims / objectives of any Club formed. Copy of the Vic. Police Ski Club Constitution was circulated. Decided that with a few alterations the Nagambie Ski Club could adopt this.
Discussion on size of Club.
Decided to be as large as possible.
Discussed the possibility of opening of a section of River for sole use of Ski Club or control of Lake.

Decided to approach the Council with this in mind.

Motion by Chairman that the Club be formed and office bearers elected.

Office bearers and Committee elected:

President Ian Wilson, Ph 942698 V-President Vic Sterling, Secretary Garry Cooke, Treasurer Graeme Duffy, 942569

Jimmy Gribbon,   Wayne Bayne,   Peter Meligan,   Hans Bothe,  Trevor Pearce,  Owing to the late hour (9.45) decided to hold a Committee meeting on Monday 17th November, then a general meeting on the 24th November. Constitution of the Police Ski Club to be adapted by Secretary and Treasurer and a Copy forwarded to all persons at the meeting for discussion and adoption on the 24th Nov. Meeting Closed—- Fellowship continued.

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