Membership to the Nagambie Water Ski Club is restricted in number due to the size of our site and the area of water available to us.   The club membership size has been capped to 55 boat memberships for 2017-18.

We give current members first chance to renew their memberships and then after a date set at the AGM we offer available places to people on the waiting list.  This date is usually about the 1st November. (To be confirmed each year)

We have instigated a waiting list for people who wish to join NWSC, as of the 1st November 2017, to maintain their position on or join the waiting list everyone will be subject to an annual registration fee of $50.00 which will also entitle them to attend the NWSC six event days at a PAID rate per person for that day at $10.00 per person participating, if vacant positions are available these will then be up for Full Membership, check website for dates and details.

All existing waiting list nominees who wish to maintain their position on the waiting list will be required to notify and pay the annual registration fee of $50.00 to the NWSC by the 1st of November each year thereafter, failure to do so will result in their removal from the waiting list.

Vacant membership positions will be offered first and foremost to waiting list nominees who show a genuine interest in the club by way of attending the AGM, working bees, and event days, vacant memberships will no longer be offered based solely on the chronological order on the waiting list.

If you desire to join the NWSC please click the link below and send me an email with a EFT payment of $50.00 into NWSC Account.

  • Account Name:  NWSC
  • BSB:                   063545
  • Account No:       10042305

Please email the remittance when sending through the request.

Please provide your Name, Email address, Suburb and Contact details. I will then put your name on the waiting list with a date and time that I received the email. This system ensures all is transparent and all can see where they are at.


Join the Waiting List

Email details to the address below

Please provide your , Name, Suburb, Ph No, and email address
(Only Name will go on the waiting list)

Safety Check Form Used by NWSC